Christmas Markets in Paris

The festive season is approaching, but are you feeling festive yet? If not, what better way to get festive, than wandering around the Christmas Markets in Paris. Not only will you get to see some of the sights, but the Christmas decorations, and Christmas Markets are sure to get you in the mood. Some Christmas … More Christmas Markets in Paris

Packing list for UK

Are you planning a trip to the UK (United Kingdom), but not sure what you should pack? Are you getting stressed about over packing on unnecessary items? We have broken it down into the essential items to pack, including a free packing check list, to alleviate stress and ensure you pack everything you need for your trip to the UK. … More Packing list for UK

How to book your trip with DFDS, and get cheap travel

We, as travelers, are not made of money, and are always on the lookout for cheap fares and accommodation. We’re also aware that many of you travelers are looking for ways to find cheap holidays. Just by following these simple steps and advice on how to book your trip with DFDS (Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab), and you could also snap up cheap travel. … More How to book your trip with DFDS, and get cheap travel

Top 7 places to visit in Co. Wicklow in Ireland

The County of Wicklow is known as the garden of Ireland, and we can see why, with rolling hills and stunning views. This is certainly a hiker’s paradise, but the most important site here is the Monastic Site, in Glendalough. Here are just some of the things to do.  Enniskerry  In the area of Enniskerry there are three main … More Top 7 places to visit in Co. Wicklow in Ireland

Driving in the UK

Driving in the UK is slightly different, and have different rule to other parts of Europe. If you have not driven in the UK before, you will find it very different to what you are used to. We found it very unusual driving in France for the first time, but here are some tips on … More Driving in the UK

Rye, England

Rye is a medieval village on the south east of England, with cobbles streets, smugglers that were once prominent in the area, and ghost stories. It feels like being in a time warp, as the village hasn’t changed, all that has is the people that live and visit. Facts The town of Rye is located … More Rye, England

London, Part 1

We love London, and the history behind it. There is so much variety within this city, from high rise building, skyscrapers, to museums, Palaces, and Parks. These are just some of the reasons many people visit London and that includes us. Facts London has not always been the capital of England, at one point Colchester … More London, Part 1

Krakow, Poland

The one thing which excited us about visiting Krakow was the history behind Wewal Castle, Cathedral and the main Old Town. As we flew into the airport, we flew across Krakow, and watched out the window to have a glimpse of Krakow before we arrived. The castle and the outline of the trees around the … More Krakow, Poland


This historic town of Dover is seated right on the coast were England meets France, only a short section of the English Channel separate the two countries. The castle sits nicely on top of the hill watching over the town and the ocean below, and has been a very important defensive structure over the many … More Dover