The festive season is approaching, but are you feeling festive yet? If not, what better way to get festive, than wandering around the Christmas Markets in Paris. Not only will you get to see some of the sights, but the Christmas decorations, and Christmas Markets are sure to get you in the mood.

Some Christmas Markets in Paris do not open until late December and run to the beginning of January. One Christmas Market in Paris we did explore and was open the first week of December was La Magie de Noel at Tuileries Garden.


La Magie de Noel at Tuileries Garden is the largest and most popular Christmas Market in Paris, with about 10 million visitors per season. It opens from the middle of November until the beginning of January.

You’ll expect to find fun entertainment for all the family to enjoy, delicious food and festive drinks such as mulled wine. Yum!

Bumper Cars, at the Christmas Markets in Paris
Bumper Cars, at the Christmas Markets in Paris

Main attractions

There are so many different attractions to entertain people from the very young with their families, to the old. Here are just some of the attractions at La Magie de Noel at Tuileries Garden:

Ice skating rink

Opening times: 11am – 11:45pm weekdays, 11am – 12:45am weekends.

No Christmas market can be without an ice-skating rink that’s decorated in the keeping of the festivities. This 500m2 rink can be enjoyed by the young or old.  There is a much smaller section for the young children to skate away from the fast-paced larger skating rink.

It is great fun whizzing around the ice-skating rink, swerving in and out of the many other skaters. Just watch for the other ice skaters who may also be whizzing around the ice-skating rink. We witnessed many clashes between skaters and younger children.

Have a look for Santa Claus flying through the Paris skies?

Fairground rides

Opening times: 11am – 11:45pm weekdays, 11am – 12:45am weekends.

If you are looking for entertainment and fun things to do at the Christmas Market in Paris, then the many fun fair rides will do just that for you. Race around in the bumper cars, and see how many you can hit, how about getting lost in the fun house, small roller coaster ride, or just watching everyone else have fun.

Christmas Gifts on sale
Christmas Gifts on sale

Ferris wheel

Opening times: 11am – 11:45pm weekdays, 11am – 12:45am weekends.

To get the best views of Paris and the festive decorations, then have a ride on the Ferris Wheel. The best time for riding the Ferris Wheel is in the evening, when the sun starts to set, and the city lights up. It is one of the calmer rides, and one of the best rides for the views.

Cabins with Christmas crafts and gifts

There are over 100 wooden cabins, selling all manner of crafts and gifts. We really enjoyed admiring many of the brightly coloured and beautiful things on sale.

If you’re looking for a souvenir or a Christmas Present for a family member or a loved one, then make time to explore these wooden cabins, although you may not pick up a bargain.

More Christmas Gift Ideas in the cabins
More Christmas Gift Ideas in the cabins


  • It’s free entry to La Magie de Noel at Tuileries Garden, but all the rides, food, drink, and gifts are an additional price
  • Take cash with you, as not all venders will accept card payment.
  • It can get very busy, so choosing off peak times such as early morning, or during the day, when it won’t be as crowded. During peak times in the later afternoon/evening can get very busy, and you have to fight through the crowds.

Food and drinks

When out for the day, refuelling is important, and with many shops, markets, street food, and bars on offer, you certainly will not miss out. So here are some places and what is on offer.


All drinks are found in various cabins dotted around La Magie de Noel at Tuileries Garden, serving hot and cold, to soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

We tried Vin Chaud which happened to be cherry flavour, and it was delicious. Vin Chaud is the French for fragrant and spiced mulled wine which is served warm or hot during the Christmas period. We love mulled wine, as it keeps us warm, and it’s a seasonal drink, that gets us into the Christmas spirit.

The cherry vin chaud was slightly different to the mulled wine we get back home. Cherry vin chaud has a sweet taste, and is really very nice, one you must try in Paris. It certainly kept us warm as we walked around the Christmas market in Paris during winter.


There’s wooden cabins dotted around La Magie de Noel at Tuileries Garden providing good hearty French food.

We had, sausages and onions, and a potato, bacon, onion and cheese dish, which was reasonably priced and tasted very good.

Other stalls sold sweet dishes, and we couldn’t not have a pudding to follow. We enjoyed our waffles, with ice cream and marshmallows.

Walk around all the food stalls and take in their aromas, before choosing the right place to eat and drink.

How to get there

The quickest and easiest in our opinion to get to La Magie de Noel at Tuileries Garden is via metro. The closest metro stations are Concorde and Tuileries, alternatively you can take buses 24, 42, 72, 73, 84, 94.

More to do in Paris

If you are staying in Paris for the weekend, then why not visit other Christmas Markets in the city such as, Paris Notre Dame Christmas Market, Paris Christmas Market at Hotel de Ville, or Saint Germain des Pres Christmas Market, just to name a few.

Paris is known for its shopping and big shopping brands, so to complete your Christmas Shopping why not take in the lights and the shops along Champs Elysee.

The Louvre Museum is only a few minutes’ walk from La Magie de Noel at Tuileries Garden, so why not get some sightseeing in. Even if you only have 24 hours in Paris, you should visit some of the top tourist spots.

We really enjoyed walking around the Christmas Markets in Paris, we enjoyed eating the different foods especially drinking the vin chaud, watching people having fun, and it got us into the Christmas spirit.

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