Things to do in Warsaw, Poland

Do you need inspiration for your next travel adventure? Or you may have plans to visit Warsaw, but need more information on where you should visit, or advise and tips on traveling to Warsaw? We have simplified this for you, we detail the things to do in Warsaw, Poland, with tips and advice we have learnt from our recent visit. … More Things to do in Warsaw, Poland

Krakow, Poland

The one thing which excited us about visiting Krakow was the history behind Wewal Castle, Cathedral and the main Old Town. As we flew into the airport, we flew across Krakow, and watched out the window to have a glimpse of Krakow before we arrived. The castle and the outline of the trees around the … More Krakow, Poland

Review on Ryanair

Are you planning a trip in Europe, and want to know which airline to use? You’ll be looking to use a reputable company, with a good service and one that’s reliable! We definitely won’t be holding back on our review on Ryanair. … More Review on Ryanair