7 Cheap places to visit in UK 

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With so many possibilities for your next travel adventure, for us the United Kingdom is a standout. Not only is it our home, but also a country we love exploring.  

The capital is our favourite, where history and contemporary collide. But head out of London and enjoy quaint villages, bustling cities and stunning landscapes.  

You can’t escape the iconic landmarks of Big Ben or the mysteries behind Stonehenge.  

But this all sounds like a dream, when the UK is one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit.  

We will share the cheap places to visit in the UK and practical tips on how to turn those dreams into reality without breaking the bank.  

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Cheap places to visit in UK 

We take you on a journey of the cheap places to visit in UK, from charming villages, historic castles, big cities and beautiful landscape.  


A city that needs no introduction, yet there is plenty to see and do here.  

First time tourists to the UK, should visit the top tourist attractions such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, just to name a few. 

When money is tight in this extravagant capital city, include the free things to do in London, that will not only get you off the beaten path, but will take you on a discovery of unique hidden gems.  

We fell in love with St Dunstan’s in the East. Located in the City of London, just a short distance from the famous St Paul’s Cathedral. A free park in the heart of the city and packed with so much history.  

Once a church, until it was severely damaged in the Great Fire of London in 1666 and then further damaged during the Blitz between 1939 and 1945. It is now a public garden. A chance to get away from the hustle and bustle. 

Many of the world class museums and art galleries, such as The National History Museum and the British Museum are free to visit. 

Get out of the crowded city centre and head for hipster neighbourhoods such as Camden Town and Notting Hill.  

Opportunities are endless in London and must be at the top of your list of places to visit in the UK. 

The London Eye, top tourist attraction in London
The London Eye, top tourist attraction in London

Cheap things to do in London: 

Budget tip:  

For affordable accommodation options, choose cozy hostels or hotels further out of the centre, to find the best rates. Shoreditch and Brixton are still within easy reach to the main attractions but offer affordable stays. 


Oxford is a fantastic day trip from London and another beautiful place to visit in the UK. 

The city of dreaming spires is a destination full of architectural wonders, historic buildings and inspiration for literary lovers.  

It is said that C.S Lewis, Alice in Wonderland author, got much of his inspiration from around the city. Take a stroll down St Mary’s Passage and you’ll spot a sculpture on the door, that resembles Mr Tumnus.  

Get an insight into university life, with a free tour around many of the colleges and Universities in Oxford.  

Stop at the many famous landmarks of Oxford, such as The Radcliff Camera, University Church of St Mary the Virgin and the Bridge of Sighs.  

There are plenty of cheap or free things to do in Oxford. 

The City of Dreaming Spires, view of Radcliff Camera from The Church of St Mary the Virgin
The City of Dreaming Spires, view of Radcliff Camera from The Church of St Mary the Virgin

Things to do in Oxford: 

Budget Tip:

Head to the Covered Market for a range of budget friendly bites and diverse cuisine.  

Hiking the Seven Sisters 

Outdoor enthusiasts or hikers should head down to the southeast coast of England, for a moderately challenging hike. You’ll be rewarded with rolling landscape and wildlife. 

The Seven Sisters, near Eastbourne is just an hour’s drive away and somewhere we visit 4-5 times a year. 

The South Downs National Park stretches gracefully along the Sussex coastline, the Seven Sisters offer spectacular coastal views, chalk cliffs and secluded beaches.  

Start your hike in either Eastbourne or Seaford, the route is about 13-15 miles and should take about 5-8 hours to complete. Ideal for a tranquil day away from the humdrum of city life.  

Avid hikers may want to increase the distance and complete the full 100-mile trek from either Eastbourne or Winchester and cover the entire South Downs Way.   

Gone hiking in the Seven Sister near Eastbourne
Gone hiking in the Seven Sister near Eastbourne

Things to do in the Seven Sisters: 

Budget tip:

Pack snacks and food that will fuel you on the trip and keep you to a tight budget. 


This is where I grew up and have seen it change over the years.  

It is the birthplace of television and was put on the map by William the Conqueror who won the famous battle of Hastings back in 1066. 

This seaside town weaves history, culture and the coastal allure together.  

Take a wander through history, as you stroll through the Old Town. Gaze up at the tall fishing huts, that are like no other. Learn about fishing in Hastings at the Hastings Fisherman Museum. 

Take the funicular ride up the East Hill, for epic views of the Old Town and Hastings.  

Take a leisurely stroll along Hastings Pier, one of the Victorian masterpieces, that has withstood the elements and fire.  

Hastings is a dream beside the seaside.  

Visiting the historic seaside town of Hastings
Visiting the historic seaside town of Hastings

Things to do in Hastings:  

Budget Tips:  

Indulge on a good old classic of fish and chips. You won’t find it anywhere better than at the seaside. Enjoy fish and chips along the seafront.  


This beautiful seaside town, located on the southeast coast of England, blends Victorian elegance with pristine beaches.  

Eastbourne is another seaside town that we make a point of visiting a couple of times a year. Perfect during the summer months, as the seasonal town comes to life. 

On a warm summers evening, take a leisurely stroll along the seafront and watch the tide crashing against the shore. Spot the Victorian splendour along the way and make a point of walking along the pier, enjoy cream tea at the Victorian Tea Rooms. 

With its proximity to the Seven Sisters, why not get adventurous and go hiking for the day. If you still want to savour the stunning landscape of the Seven Sisters without enduring the hike, then catch bus 12x from Eastbourne to Seaford and you’ll cover the route without breaking out into a sweat.  

Seven Sisters in Eastbourne
Seven Sisters in Eastbourne

 Things to do in Eastbourne: 

Budget tip:  

Enjoy a creamed tea for less than £10.00 for a pot of tea or coffee and 2 warm scones.  


This large town is known unofficially as the LGBTQ capital of England. Well known for its small LGBTQ community, bars, clubs and pubs.  

Plan a night out on the town or just a relaxing day on the beach soaking up the sun.  

Take a wander along Brighton Pier for free, although there is plenty of entertainment, if you have a small budget. Have some fun in the vibrant arcade, have a few drinks in the pub, or keep it simple with sea views.  

The narrow streets and alleyways known as The Lanes in Brighton, is where you’ll meet quirky shops and vintage finds. This is the place for curious explorers.  

Head to Brighton in August for the bright and colourful Brighton Pride. Watch local businesses, public services and the large LGBTQ community come to celebrate history with a pride march through the town. This is a celebration you don’t want to miss out on.  

Brighton Pavilion a must visit on your trip to Brighton
Brighton Pavilion a must visit on your trip to Brighton

Things to do in Brighton: 

Budget tips:  

Pack a picnic for the family or a couple and enjoy the day on Brighton beach.  


Unlike the beaches in Sussex, Margate beach is sandy with a touch of retro charm.  

Safe for families, with the sandy beaches and tidal pools, for those who want to swim in the sea. 

Looking for a bit of an adventure, then head to Dreamland, the famous amusement park and arcade. The oldest wooden rollercoaster still whizzes tourists on its ride for over 100 years.  

If you are anything like us and prefer the quite life, without the adrenaline, then head to the mysterious Shell Grotto. the purpose of the grotto is unknown, but with millions of shells decorate the walls of the tunnels under ground. 

The Shell Grotto in Margate
The Shell Grotto in Margate

Things to do in Margate: 

Budget tips:  

Take a free coastal walk along clifftop paths, that will reward you with stunning views of the sea and town. This is a budget friendly way to explore the coast and get a bit of exercise along the way.  

The Cotswolds 

Oh wow, the Cotswolds is like stepping into a story book landscape, with honey-coloured villages, rolling hills and medieval charm.  

The Cotswolds is an area that covers several counties, mainly Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, with enchanting villages to hop between.  

Thousands of tourists’ flock to the Cotswolds which has been name an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for a reason. Join in and enjoy the wonderful quaint villages along the way.  

Quaint village in The Cotswolds
Quaint village in The Cotswolds


While the UK might be an expensive country to visit, it’s still not only worth visiting, but possible to do on a small budget. 

The quaint villages of the Cotswolds might be a trek from London but well worth the journey, Margate’s adventurous Dreamland and lovely sandy beaches are great to get out of the capital for the day.  

Head south to the bright colours of Brighton or spend the weekend in Eastbourne stepping back in time to the Victorian era, before hiking the stunning landscapes around the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head.  

The highlight of the UK and one that can be done on a budget is London. Visit the top tourist attractions, discover hidden gems, many of which are free to visit.  

Make the UK possible to visit no matter your budget. 

Best places to visit in UK
Best places to visit in UK
Cheap places to visit in UK
Cheap places to visit in UK
Cheap places to visit in United Kingdom
Cheap places to visit in United Kingdom