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What to pack in your Hand Luggage

With any trip, we always take hand luggage with us, be it a short flight within Europe, or a long-haul flight. In our hand luggage we always make sure we have the essential things we need for our holiday.   But what do I pack in my hand luggage?  Table of Contents What to pack in your hand luggage …

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Best Hikes in Australia

While on holiday in Australia, why not get out into the great open air with one of the best hikes you will find.  Just imagine the beautiful scenery, fauna and flora, wild life and animals you could spot as you take one of the best hikes in Australia. Hiking can have its benefits, including the…

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The essential packing list for a trip to the beach

Will you be visiting the beach when you’re on holiday? If so, do you even know what you should pack? We have broken it down into the essential packing list for a trip to the beach.   You want to pack the right balance of things, you don’t want to pack too much, or not enough.…

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Best beaches in Australia

There’re thousands of miles of coastland offering incredible white sandy beaches and clear cool waters. But with so many beautiful beaches in Australia, it will take you years to explore them all. So how do you choose which are the best beaches to visit in Australia?  Firstly you could stop off at the famous beaches…

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