Where to stay in Krakow: cheap and budget friendly

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Where to stay in Krakow, when you’re planning a short trip to the city? 

Most tourists stay near the Old Town, due to its close proximity to the main train and bus station. It’s also the most beautiful place to be. During the day, the streets come to life with tourists and locals, looking for good food and to visit the popular historic buildings, such as the Cloth Hall. 

The most expensive places to stay, are the tourist spots, especially the Old Town. 

There are some other great areas to stay in Krakow, such as Kazimierz and the less touristy locations. 

We have selected some of the best places to stay in Krakow, from cheap and cheerful hostels, to lovely apartments that are cheaper to stay in than a hotel.  

If you have a little bit of money saved up, we have included a couple of hotels too. 

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Where to Stay in Krakow 

Find your ideal hotel or accommodation in Krakow: 

Where to stay in Krakow – Cheap Hostels 

Hostels are the best way to stay on a really cheap budget, they’re also great way to make new friends, as you travel. 

When I travelled through Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, I stayed in a hostel, not only did it keep my budget to a minimum, but I met so many new people from around the world.  

Here are some awesome hostels to stay, on a trip to Krakow: 

Hostels in the Old Town 

We have a selection of hostels located in the Old Town of Krakow: 

Let’s Rock Party Hostel 

The cheapest hostel in Krakow, located south of the Main Square in the Old Town and a short walk from Wawel Castle.  

As the name indicates, it is definitely a party hostel with its inspiration from rock music and other music genre.  

The bright colourful rooms, a mixture of dorms and rooms with shared bathrooms, with a locker to store your belongings. Plus, continental breakfast is included.  

If you like a party, then Let’s Rock Party Hostel is definitely a place to stay in Krakow. 

Check rates and availability

Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel 

A vibrant hostel located within the Main Square in the Old Town. You’re in a prime location for all the sightseeing and only a few minutes’ walk from the main train and bus station. 

If you like to party, check into their daily pub crawl, have a few beers in the bar, or attend one of their special events and concerts. 

The rooms are shared dorms with shared bathrooms, with a locker for storage.  

There is a common room, to relax and get to know your fellow travellers, or to just watch some TV.  

Enjoy breakfast and dinner that’s included in your booking. 

A good hostel to return too again and again. 

Check rates and availability

Hostel u Kmity 

This basic hostel right in the heart of the Old Town, is a relaxed and quieter than the other previously recommended hostels. 

There is a choice of dorm or private rooms, with shared bathroom facilities. Two kitchens with basic facilities, for any cooking you might want to do.  

The Dorms consist of bunk beds, ranging from 4-8 beds, or a private room from twin, double or triple rooms. 

Hostel u Kmity is the ideal place to stay if you’re looking for somewhere that is cheap and in a great location. 

Check rates and availability

Hostels in Stradom 

Stradom is south west of the old city walls and about 30 minutes’ walk from the main train station. 

We have a selection of hostels located in Stradom area of Krakow: 

Evergreen Hostel Krakow 

This very basic hostel, is in a prime location, just outside the old city walls and only a few minutes’ walk from Wawel Castle.  

Facilities include, shared rooms and bathroom, a small kitchen that offers some appliances should you decide to cook.  

All dorm rooms include bunk beds, sleeping between 4-8 people. Curtains around the bed help with privacy, while you’re sleeping. 

Relax in the communal lounge before heading back out into the streets of Krakow.  

This eco-friendly hostel, is ideal place to stay, if you like to stay in sustainable and environmentally friendly places. 

Check rates and availability

Piasek Polnoc 

Located north of the Old Town and about a 20-minute walk from the main train station, is Piasek Polnoc. 

We have a selection of hostels located in Piasek Polnoc area of Krakow: 

Lorf Hostel&Coffee  

This bright and colourful hostel located in Piasek Polnoc area of Krakow, is just a short walk from Krakow Main Square and the Barbican.  

Choose between a private room or a dorm room, with a fully equipped kitchen, should you decide to cook on your stay.  

The dorms are a mixture of bunk beds, in a mixed room, or same sex room. With a small selection of double rooms, twin rooms, or family rooms.  

Some private rooms include private bathrooms, but there are some with shared bathroom facilities. 

Lorf Hostel & Coffee even offer its guests a breakfast in the morning, to start your day. 

This very affordable hostel on the outskirts of Krakow Old Town, is an ideal spot for a short trip to Krakow. 

Check rates and availability


Kazimierz is located on the southern tip of the Old Town and close to Wawel Castle.  

We have a selection of hostels located in Kazimierz area of Krakow: 

Royal City Hostel Old Town  

Only a short distance from Wawel Castle and a little further to the Main Square in the Old Town is this basic hostel. 

Every room is accommodated with a shared bathroom, desk and kitchen. Breakfast is served every morning for the guests.  

Check rates and availability


This lovely little hostel, in a great location in Kazimierz, only a short distance from Wawel Castle and the Old Town. 

Private rooms are available with a double bed, while the dorms consist of 4-10 bed mixed bunk beds. 

The reviews are great, making this an ideal spot to rest your head after a long day visiting Krakow. 

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Check rates and availability

Alternatively, check out these hostels, hotels and apartments in Krakow


Where to stay in Krakow – Hotels 

If you don’t like staying in a hostel, you could stay in a hotel in Krakow. They are a little more expensive than a hostel, but you at least have a room and private bathroom.  

Here are some recommendations on places to stay in Krakow: 

Hotels in Kazimierz 

We have selected a few hotels in the Kazimierz area of Krakow 

Hotel Secesja  

This 3* hotel located in Kazimierz, is a short stroll from Wewal Castle and the other top tourist attractions in Krakow. 

Hotel Secesia offers private rooms with a private bathroom, TV, air conditioning and buffet breakfast every morning. 

Choose between a single room, double, twin or an apartment, with private facilities. 

A restaurant and bar are on site, serving both Polish and international dishes,  

This is definitely a great place to stay if you want to avoid hostels. 

Check rates and availability

Hotel Eden  

This is a super place to stay for history lovers. Hotel Eden is situated within an old 15th century building in the heart of the Jewish quarter. A former home to Isaac Jakubowicz 

Not only do you stay in private rooms with private bathrooms and standard room amenities. But the facilities include Mikveh (Jewish ritual bath), plus spa facilities, to relax away the long day in Krakow. 

You can even enjoy a sauna, spa treatment and the salt grotto, for you to enjoy. 

Full breakfasts are served, to kick start your day. 

This is definitely a place to stay in Krakow on a budget, with all the additional bonuses.  

Check rates and availability

David Boutique Hotel  

This stylish hotel offers great stays. 

Located in the centre of the Jewish quarter, with all the top tourist attractions within easy reach. 

Relax back in a private room, with a private bathroom, TV, air conditioning, fridge and electric kettle. 

Choose between single, double or twin rooms, with basic amenities. 

Check rates and availability

Alternatively, check out these hostels, hotels and apartments in Krakow


Where to stay in Krakow – Private apartments 

Staying in an apartment is far cheaper than staying in a hotel in Krakow and about the same price as a hostel stay. 

You get a whole apartment to yourself and with so many apartments on rent in Krakow, you can’t go wrong. 

Most apartments, will include basic kitchen facilities, private bathroom and in some cases a separate lounge space. 

We stayed in an apartment on our trip to Krakow, which was so cheap, private and a great way to stay in the city. 

Here are some recommendations on apartments in Krakow: 

Apartments in the Old Town 

Stay in a prime location, close to all the top tourist attractions in Krakow, then check these awesome apartments in the Old Town: 

Vintage Tomasza 25 Apartments  

Perfectly located in the middle of the Old Town only a few metres away from the Main Square.  

This vintage apartment boasts its own private space. A fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher, fridge and a cooker. Ideal for making your own food. 

A separate living and sleeping space with a TV and Wi-Fi to keep you entertained. 

You might be in the heart of Krakow, but you’ll feel worlds away from the city in this excellent apartment. 

Check rates and availability


A compact apartment in the centre of Krakow, consisting of a basic kitchen, comprising of fridge and dishwasher, TV and relaxing seating area. 

A separate bedroom and bathroom, with a fitted bath. 

This might be compact, but definitely worth a stay, especially if you’re on a budget. 

Check rates and availability


A selection of the best apartments outside the Old City Walls: 

Hotels in Kazimierz: 

We have a selection of hotels in the Kazimierz area of Krakow: 

Apartments on Miodowa  

A sophisticated apartment located in Kazimierz. A compact space, with a kitchenette, a fridge and cooking appliance. 

The shower room includes a washing machine, which is essential if you want to do some washing while you’re on holiday. 

This might come in handy depending on the weather during your stay in Krakow. 

A cosy bedroom space with a double bed, for resting the head after a long day sightseeing.  

Check rates and availability

Hotels in Stradom: 

We have a selection of hotels in the Stradom area of Krakow: 

Apartament Jastrz?bie Gniazdo  

This elegant little apartment has all you need for a stay in Krakow. 

The apartment boasts air conditioning, a bedroom, living space, TV and a kitchenette, with a kettle and a fridge. 

The modern and well-presented bathroom, includes a shower, basin and WC. 

It might be basic, but a good apartment for privacy. 

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Check rates and availability

Wesola Zachod area: 

We have a selection of hotels in the Wesola Zachod area of Krakow: 

PrivOffice4U Samurai – Old Town, Main Square, Main station  

The Japanese interior design, brings a vibrant vibe to your stay in Krakow. 

The apartment has everything you need for your stay. A small kitchen, with microwave, fridge and washing machine. 

The bedroom with a double bed is located on the upper floor, yet the shower room is very basic. 

On the more expensive side compared to some of the other apartments we have recommended, but still worth booking for your stay in Krakow. 

Check rates and availability

Piasek Poludnie Area: 

We have a selection of hotels in the Piasek Poludnie area of Krakow: 

BOUTIQUE 108 – old city, luxury apt. with a garage  

This luxury apartment, is ideal for someone on a road trip, especially with a garage to park your vehicle overnight. Although you do need to reserve the space at a fee of zt50.00. 

The appealing apartment has everything you will need for your stay in Krakow, from a small but basic kitchen, bathroom and double bed. 

Luxury comes at a price with this apartment, yet still affordable for you mid-range travellers. 

Check rates and availability

Piasek Polnoc area: 

We have a selection of hotels in the Piasek Polnoc area of Krakow: 

Old Time Apartments  

Another stylish and modern luxury apartment, with a balcony and garden. 

The rooms are to a high standard, with both a kitchen with all the amenities, from fridge, microwave and even a small cooking appliance. Plus, a kettle and coffee machine. Now that is luxury. 

The apartment includes, bedroom, TV, a private shower room and a continental breakfast for those on the go. 

If you like the luxury life, then Old Time Apartments is the place to stay. 

Check rates and availability


This budget friendly city has some great places to stay and we have selected a wide variety, from hostels to apartments. 

Hostels will always be the cheapest place to stay, especially if you like to meet like-minded fellow travellers. If you like the party life, then there’s a few hostels that will cater for your needs, especially with pub crawls events. 

But not everyone wants to party, some of us older budget travellers want to stay on the cheap, but stay in a quiet hostel. That can be impossible sometimes, so what about other places to stay in Krakow that are cheap? 

In our experience, booking an apartment in Krakow is just as cheap as staying in a hostel, but you get a whole apartment all to yourself. 

The apartment we stayed in Krakow had everything we needed and was so cheap. We actually enjoyed our little apartment and will happily stay in an apartment next time we are in Krakow. 

So, depending on your preference, you can easily pick up a good little place to stay, that’s affordable. 

Have you stayed in Krakow? Where did you stay? How was your stay? Did you stay in a hostel, hotel or apartment? If you haven’t yet visited Krakow, where would you look to stay? Let us know, in the comments below. 

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Where to stay in Krakow
Where to stay in Krakow