Before travelling to Poland

Before traveling to Poland

Poland has suffered from war and invasions over the last century, but the Polish have overcome this with determination and have some wonderful cities to explore. Poland has some stunning castles, some amazing old market squares and churches. Surprisingly enough, you can stay very wealthily in Poland, so this makes it a perfect time to visit.

When to travel

The best time to travel is in the spring or autumn, in the spring the country is warming up ready for the summer, with the least amount of rainfall. The month of July sees the most amount of rainfall. We visited Krakow in July and for the four days we were there it rained the entire time. The autumn sees the least amount of rainfall.

Booking the tickets

There is a various method of travelling to Poland, we flew to Krakow when visiting Poland from London England. It all depends on where you are coming from as to how you can travel around Poland.


This is the most convenient and quickest way to get to Poland, with all major cities having an airport. We flew to Poland which only took us about 2 and a half hours via Ryanair. There are many European and international airlines which fly in and out of Poland regularly.


It is possible to drive in and around Poland, there are parking restrictions in some places as with anywhere. Depending on where you come from it is possible that you could encounter a long drive. As we come from the UK we would have to either take the Eurotunnel or ferry before travelling through France and Germany to get to Poland. Sometimes driving can be a convenient way of getting around.


It is possible to take a bus to various locations in and around Poland. If you are wanting to take an international bus, then you would need to take it from the Capital of Poland. When we visited Krakow we took a bus to get to Auschwitz, which is about 15 km outside of Krakow and is a very cheap way to travel.


There are a few cities such as Krakow and Warsaw which travel to an international location, but otherwise, there are many train services in and around Poland. The train is very cheap, we took the train from Krakow Airport, which is a direct Train to Krakow Gtowny, and for two people it cost 18 zt. The journey would take no longer than 1 hour to get from the airport to Krakow train station.


There are a few ferry services which connect the country with Scandinavia.


It is not required for any medical vaccinations to visit Poland, but it would be advisable to ensure you are up to date with the standard measles mumps, rubella, tetanus etc. Before any travel, it is always best to seek a local medical practitioner 6 weeks prior to your travels. 


Eu citizens or passport holders do not require a visa to visit or live in Poland, however, if you are from the outside of the EU and hold a non-EU passport then it is worth checking the visa requirements. Some countries will be exempt from needing a visa to visit Poland for up to 90 days, these countries are the USA, Canadian, Australia, New Zealand etc.


In Poland, the currency is the Polish Ztoty! It is always advisable to take with you cash but in emergencies always take credit or debit cards. We prefer to use cash, as paying with credit or debit card, charges us for the transaction. We took with us £200 worth of Ztoty to Krakow with us, which was plenty enough for 4 days. We found that the money went a long way because food, drink etc was very cheap even in the tourist location where prices are more expensive, but it still worked out to be inexpensive. Purchasing food in the large tourist location of Krakow was about 20-30 ztoty for a dish which is about £7, which is half the price to what we would get back in the UK, and was a decent portion size. In the non-tourist areas, food is normally about 10-20 Ztoty which is about £5.


Poland during the summer months can be very warm but is wet, yet in the winter it becomes bitterly cold with snow. As Poland has quite a high rainfall certainly in the summer, it is highly advisable to take wet weather gear. We were so inexperienced with the weather in Poland that we didn’t think to take any wet weather clothing with us and found the whole time we were there that it rained. This left us having to purchase an emergency poncho and umbrella. This didn’t cost us a lot of money at only 30 ztoty for the poncho and umbrella, but we would highly recommend a waterproof jacket and trouser to escape getting wet.

In the summer you can get away with wearing shorts a T-shirt, dress etc, but in the winter months a jacket, thermal clothing, gloves and hat are highly recommended to prevent getting cold.You may wish to also take waterproof shoes with you, as again we just wore trainers which got soaked through and had to use the hair dryer to dry them out as much as possible.


This may sound like an unusual one to mention, however, to use public toilets in Poland, there is a small fee, normally you would pay about 1-2 ztoty for the use which you can’t escape. Therefore it is best to keep any small change for this use.

Should you need any help or advise with travelling to Poland, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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