Best places to Eat in Krakow – For cheap Polish food

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Krakow is a small city, that captivates its visitors, with its history, the Old Medieval Town and beautiful royal castles. But the food in Krakow is just as delightful as the city. To enjoy Polish food at its best, we have recommended some of the best places to eat in Krakow.  

If you want a variety of cuisine, we have included a few additional options on cheap eats in the city.  

Our favourite dishes in Krakow are the traditional Polish food, namely Pierogi or Barszcz z Uszkami. More on what these traditional Polish dishes in a moment. 

For you first time visitors to Krakow, that’s never tried Polish food before, you have come to the right place, with this awesome selection of places to eat in Krakow. 

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Traditional Polish food

First things first, what is pierogi and barszcz z uszkami and what other Polish food should I eat? 


The pierogi is a national dish in Poland and one of the things you must try on your visit to Krakow. 

This small dumpling, can be filled with either sweet or savoury and look very similar to gyoza or ravioli.  

It is actually believed that the pierogi may have originated from the far east, as it resembles a dumpling you’ll find in East Asia.  

These flavourful sweet or savoury dumplings are delicious, that it is a must eat in Krakow. 

Barszcz z Uszkami 

This bright red beetroot soup with dumplings jumps right off your plate and into the mouth.  

This tasty soup will keep you warm on a cool or wet day in Krakow. 

Poland is definitely renowned for its good food and there are plenty of other Polish dishes you must try.  

The best place to try good Polish food, is with a food tour. We have included a couple of food tours that you can go on while in Krakow.  

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Best Places to eat in Krakow – enjoy cheap Polish food 

We have selected a wide range of places to eat in Krakow that’s budget friendly and kind on your wallet.   

Best Cafes in Krakow

Cheap eats in Krakow, then check out these cafes:

Cafe Botanica

Location: Bracka 9, 31-005 Kraków

One of the best places to eat in Krakow is Cafe Botanica. Suited well with its name, Cafe Botanica is full of plants, flowers and colourful wall murals to add to the unique dining experience. Located just off of Krakow’s main square, down a quiet side street, it’s the perfect place to have a chilled lunch break or a morning coffee!

The food is all freshly prepared and has a big range of vegan and vegetarian options. Whether you’re looking for a meal with a cocktail, pancakes for breakfast or just a slice of cake with your tea, it’s well worth seeking out and visiting.

Meal prices range between 15-25 EUR, meaning you can dine in with a budget of around 30-40 EUR. It might be a bit more on the expensive side, but you’re paying for the experience. It really is a hidden gem in Krakow!

If you visit, be sure to try the Greek tortilla with feta and tzatziki. It’s amazing!

Written by Jennie | Jennie Wanders

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Vegan Restaurant 

Whether you vegan or just enjoy eating plant based food now again, here are some great selections of vegan restaurants in Krakow:

Veganic Restaurant

Location: Karmelicka 34, 31-124 Kraków, Poland

Tucked just outside of Old Town in the hip little neighborhood of Dolne M?yny is one of Krakow’s best vegetarian restaurants, Veganic (90% of their menu is vegan).

No details are spared, from the flavorful plant-forward dishes to the trendy décor; this is one spot that you will want to keep visiting!

Their menu features a mix of globally-inspired dishes from plump dumplings to BBQ jackfruit burgers and house-made desserts (make sure you save room!). All of which pair well with their herbal cocktails and mocktails — don’t miss their namesake, “Veganic” it’s a mix of sweet Riesling with arugula, apple syrup, and lemon.

Delicious Vegan food, servers in this trendy vegan restaurant in Krakow
Veganic Restaurant in Krakow

One other bonus is that their menu is very gluten-free friendly.

Veganic is open Monday – Friday from 12 – 9 pm and 9 am – 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday (open for breakfast on the weekends). It is also very affordable — on average dishes are between $7 – and $9 (28 – 39 PLN).

Recommended by Rebecca | Veggies Abroad

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Middle Eastern Restaurant in Krakow

Enjoy some Middle Eastern cuisine in Krakow, with these great restaurants in Krakow:


Location: 41 Miodowa Street

When you’re out for a walk in the atmospheric Kazimierz district, come visit Hamsa. This modern restaurant serves delicious Jewish food. Venue’s name “Hamsa” is drawn from a well-known Middle Eastern amulet of good luck.

Once the friendly staff welcomes you in, you’ll feel really lucky to have found this place, with a great vibe and friendly service. The restaurant, which sits between two streets, is surprisingly spacious and tasteful, with enough room both indoors and out. They accept walk-ins, but if you have a larger company – it’s advised to book a table in advance.

Lunch for two costs around 100 PLN/person, which is average to a high level in Krakow. Breakfast costs around 30 PLN/person (without drinks). Do yourself a favor and try the bedouin coffee. This is a traditional middle eastern coffee that’s brewed in a cezve (a small long-handled pot). Served right from the cezve, this freshly-brewed coffee looks and smells absolutely delicious!

Hamsa Restaurant in Kazimierz district of Krakow
Hamsa Restaurant in Kazimierz district of Krakow

Hamsa’s menu follows the traditional middle eastern food tradition – think hummus, shakshouka, baba ganoush, labneh, falafel, and other mouth-watering treats.

You can’t leave without trying one of their sweets! Malabi dessert is to die for. Hamsa also serves some very well-mixed menu options, with plenty of dishes for vegetarians and vegans, and has gluten-free and lactose-free menu sections. They also serve Israeli wine, cocktails, and beer.

Hamsa is a great place to refresh and recharge before you walk around the Jewish neighborhood, or maybe even go hiking.

Contributed by Leslie | Backpackers Thailand.

Best Polish Restaurants and cafes in Krakow

Eat traditional Polish food, at these best restaurants and cafes in Krakow:

Marchewka z Groszkiem

One of the top traditional Polish restaurants to eat at during a trip to Krakow is Marchewka z Groszkiem.

Located in Krakow’s Jewish Quarter, Marchewka z Groszkiem is a cozy, candlelit restaurant that is perfect to dine at if you’re visiting Krakow, Poland in December!

From pierogies to potato pancakes, everything is cooked and prepared homemade style at Marchewka z Groszkiem. You can also enjoy soups, salads, fish and meat plates as well as pasta dishes.  There are also a variety of vegetarian options at this wonderful spot!

Open everyday from 11am to 7pm, Marchewka z Groszkiem welcomes diners for an unforgettable lunch and dinner! You can also enjoy Polish beer, wine and other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages at this Krakow restaurant.

Not only can you savor a heartwarming Polish meal at Marchewka z Groszkiem during your time in Krakow, Poland, but everything on the menu is also affordable! A plate of potato pancakes with cream is 12.50 Polish Z?oty, which is around $2.81 USD; pork pierogies are 19.50 Polish Z?oty, which is around $4.39 USD and a trout dinner is 32.50 Polish Z?oty, which is around $7.32 USD.

Not only is Marchewka z Groszkiem a charming spot to visit in the winter, but the restaurant has outdoor seating during the summer months!

Written by Taylor | Brown Eyed Flower Child

Food tours in Krakow 

We have recommended some excellent little spots to eat in Krakow, while you’re out exploring the city. 

But we also love taking on food tours in a new city too. 

Joining a food tour, is a great way to taste some of the local cuisine. Depending on the tour, you will be taken around a selection of places, where you’ll be served different dishes.  

The guide in some places can give you more information about the dish, how it is made, etc. It’s also a good time to ask any questions you may have. 

You can join any one of these great food tours in Krakow Poland: 

Alcohol in Krakow 

Fancy a little tipple on holiday? Poland is well known for its Vodka or Wodka in Polish. They have produced it since the Middle Ages. You could drink all manors of flavours and colours. 

Beer is another popular alcoholic beverage in Poland. 

What better way to try a good Polish drink than with a drinking tour around Krakow. 

Now, we are not a couple that drink alcohol, but of course we had to try some beer and it was very nice and cooling on a hot summer’s day. 

Here are a couple of beer, Vodka and wine tasting tours you could take in Krakow: 

Conclusion to Best Places to Eat in Krakow

So, there we have it, some of the best places to eat in Krakow. 

We found it so cheap and the Polish food was delicious. You don’t need a big budget either, you can easily find great little Polish places, serving dishes for as little as €5.00. In the tourist areas, such as the Old Town, you will expect to pay more.  

It really is quite easy to eat like a king or queen in Krakow and not break the bank. 

Have you visited Krakow? What did you eat while you were there? What was your favourite dish? Is there somewhere you would recommend that we haven’t included. Maybe you haven’t visited Krakow yet, but needed some ideas on where to eat in Krakow? Let us know, in the comments below. 

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Best Places to Eat in Krakow
Best Places to Eat in Krakow