15 Best Souvenirs from London to Bring Home

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London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with visitors flocking to the capital to explore its rich history, culture and the famous landmarks.  

With something for everyone, there is no better way than taking a piece of those memories home with you, with a souvenir from London. 

Whether you want to purchase the classic keyrings, T-shirts and mugs, to British teas, Royal Family memorabilia or the quirky and unusual, London has it all with these best souvenirs.  

Souvenirs are not only an ideal trinket to remind you of your trip, but also a gift for a family member or loved one.  

So, capture the essence of your trip with these best souvenirs from London.  

Forgotten to purchase something in London? Then we have you covered with a variety London souvenirs on offer here.  

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Best souvenirs from London 

Buy the best souvenirs to remind you of your trip, or as gifts for family members and friends, options are endless with these best souvenirs to buy from London 

Traditional souvenirs 

Take something small and traditional home with you, with these traditional souvenirs from London. 


This is our favourite souvenir option; they are small and easy to pack and a wonderful reminder of our trip.  

Whether it’s the iconic red telephone box, a landmark of London, Union Jack Flag or a quirky design that catches the eye, it’s a simple yet effective way to bring a piece of London back home with you.  

Plus, they are great gifts for loved ones, who will treasure them for years. 

Miniature replica’s 

Another fun and unique souvenir to purchase is a miniature replica, which will look great on your desk or shelf on display. 

You can purchase the iconic phone booth or red post box, to red double-decker bus, black cab and London landmarks.  

These are great for the young and old.  

Tea towels with iconic London images 

While a tea towel may not get used as often, they are still a popular souvenir to purchase from London 

Different design and colours, from London landmarks, black cabs and red double decker buses synonymous of London, to Royal family memorabilia. 

A tea towel is a classic souvenir from London that will last a lifetime.   

Big Ben, although its official name is the Elizabeth Tower
Big Ben, although its official name is the Elizabeth Tower

Union Jack flag 

The Union Jack flag would be ideal to add to your collection of flags from each country you visit.  

Flags come in all shapes and sizes. Purchase a full-size flag, alternative a small Union Jack flag. Choose one that can be stitched to your travel bag or ironed on. Start a collection of flags from all the countries you have visited.  

Union jack flag cuff links, tie pin, key ring or fridge magnet is a cool souvenir from London.  

London themed mugs 

A London themed mug would pair nicely with traditional English tea and biscuits.  

Drink your English tea from Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament or Buckingham Palace mug or teacup.  

Relive the memories of your trip to London, every time you enjoy a hot cup of tea. Buy a set of London themed mugs and invite friends and family for an afternoon tea. 

Food Souvenirs from London 

Savor some delicious food and drinks from London back home. 


If you didn’t know, us Brits love our tea, so no trip to London is complete without indulging in some traditional English tea and biscuits. 

If you’re wondering what all the hype is about, enjoy an afternoon tea experience in London.

Check out these 2 afternoon tea experiences in London

Once you have enjoyed an afternoon tea experience, head to the luxury department store of Fortnum & Mason for a souvenir box of tea and biscuits.  

You can’t go wrong with buying your tea from Fortnum & Mason as they have been selling tea since the 1700s. Their signature blend and beautiful packaging make for a perfect souvenir gift. 

Don’t forget to grab some biscuits to go with your tea, such as classic shortbread. 

Pair your tea and biscuits with your London themed mug. 


Take a slice of Britain home with you, with some British chocolate.  

Cadbury is one of the most famous brands known in the UK. You can buy small bars of chocolate, or large slabs of the good stuff.  

Most people love chocolate and one of the best souvenirs to buy in London and gift to family and friends. 


Famous for its gin and there are many distilleries that produce London gin, including Beefeater and Tanqueray.  

Learn more about gin with a gin tour in London.  

Enjoy a little tipple back home, with a gin souvenir from London.  

Fashion souvenirs from London 

Look good in the latest fashion and accessories from London 


Souvenir shops are overflowing with London themed T-shirts, from Union Jack flag, Big Ben and the London Eye. 

These are a great souvenir to bring back home, they don’t take up much space or weight in your luggage and they are great gifts for the young and old.  

My dad brought back a T-shirt when he took a business trip to Chicago and I still have that T-shirt 30+ years on and it’s still in a good condition.  

We have started our own collection of T-shirts, we have T-shirts from Niagara Falls, Sri Lanka, Oxford and London.  

Some souvenir shops offer discounts. We brought 2x T-shirts from Oxford for £12.00, while other places charged £12.00 for 1 T-shirt. 

So, shop around for the best deal, and don’t buy something from the first shop you enter.  


Hoodies are cozy and a stylish way to remember your trip to London. Not only are they practical and comfortable, but they come in all different shapes, colours and sizes. 

Wear the hoodie leisurely to keep you warm, or while you’re out sightseeing. A hoodie is a practical souvenir from London that will remind you of your amazing trip to one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities.  

The London Eye, built at the turn of the century
The London Eye, built at the turn of the century


With the unpredictability of the English weather, an umbrella is a must.  

One minute it could be glorious and sunny, next it’s turned cloudy, and the rain starts to pour. 

A London themed umbrella will protect you from the rain and great to use back home.  

While umbrellas are great for protecting you from the rain, they are also great for protecting you against hot sunny days too.  

Umbrellas in the summer are not as frequently used as they are in the rain, but they do a good job of protecting you from the sun.

So, buying a themed London umbrella will protect you in all weather conditions.  

Miscellaneous souvenirs from London 

Looking for something different to bring back from your trip, then these miscellaneous souvenirs from London has you covered. 

Snow globes 

Snow globes are the perfect souvenir to gift to young family members.  

Young family members can enjoy shaking the snow around the London landmark of the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, St Pauls Cathedral and more.  

These are breakable, so make sure you have the snow globe of London packed well and given to a young family member of appropriate age. 

Harry Potter  

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Or you know someone who is? Then a Harry Potter souvenir from London is a must. 

You can find many souvenirs relating to the franchise in London, which include wands, robes and other memorabilia.  

Stop by the many souvenir shops to be rewarded with your Harry Potter merchandise.  


Who sends postcards in this current day and age? I don’t think I have received a postcard in over 20+ years. But they are still a great souvenir to send or take home with you.  

The last time I sent a postcard, was on my gap year in Australia back in 2006. I sent them to family members, which went down well.  

Pick a unique postcard of London, or traditional one. The options on postcards are endless, from postcards of the royal family, London landmarks, Union Jack, to famous Banksy artwork.  

Do you still send postcards? Let us know in the comments below.  

The iconic St Paul's Cathedral
The iconic St Paul’s Cathedral

Royalty souvenirs 

Are you a royalist, or love the royal family, then these royalty souvenirs are a must. 

Royal family souvenirs 

If you are anything like us and love anything to do with the royal family, then royal family souvenir is a must buy when you’re in London. 

You can buy anything from Jewellery at Kensington Palace to kitchen cloths, Chinaware, mugs, pens, books and so much more.  

You can buy books on the Kings and Queens of England, or recipes that are fit for a queen.  

Souvenir shops all over London and the country will offer royal family memorabilia but the best place to purchase royal souvenirs are from Kensington Palace or Buckingham Palace.   


London is a treasure trove of things to see and do in the city and what better way to remember your trip, than with a little trinket to keep those memories alive.  

Treat yourself to a classic British tea and biscuit, relive the quintessential afternoon tea experience. Or share this experience with friends and family on your return.  

Return home in style with a London themed T-shirt or hoodie and show off to your loved ones.  

There is something for everyone in this large city.  

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Londoner, taking home a souvenir is a must-do experience in this incredible city. 

Not only will it help you remember your trip for years to come, but it will also allow you to bring a piece of London’s unique culture and rich history back home with you.  

So next time you’re in London, be sure to set aside some time for souvenir shopping and get ready to discover some amazing treasures that will remind you of your trip. 

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