What to pack for Australia

Are you planning a trip to the Australia, but not sure what to pack? Are you getting stressed about over packing on unnecessary items? We have broken it down into the essential items to pack, including a free packing check list, to alleviate stress and ensure you pack everything you need for your trip to … More What to pack for Australia


Lastminute.com Review

Have you used Lastminute.com to book your flights and accommodation? Do you know if they are a reputable company or not? You may not have used them before, and wanted to find out more information before booking a trip through them! We answer these questions, in our Lastminute.com review. In our Lastminute.com Review, we tell … More Lastminute.com Review

Get to know more from – Journey beyond the Horizon

My name is Krasen. I am from Bulgaria, but currently live in China with my wife and travel mate Ying Ying. Now China is our travel “base camp” for our trips. We have traveled mainly in some countries between China and Bulgaria (Israel, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan), as well as Vietnam and Singapore in Southeast Asia. We have a lot … More Get to know more from – Journey beyond the Horizon

Get to know more from – My Own Way to Travel

I’m Nafisa Habib and a solo traveler from Bangladesh in South Asia. I enjoy exploring the natural beauty around us. I share my solo travel adventures with my travel blog My Own Way To Travel readers. I found even not so popular and honeymoon destinations also possible to explore solo. It’s all about enjoying the journey and … More Get to know more from – My Own Way to Travel

Get to know more from – Growing Up Two

Hi, I’m Sam Ozer and I run the family travel blog, Growing Up Two. I’m originally from Birmingham in the UK but, having travelled extensively on a solo and budget basis around much of Central America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, I finally chose Oludeniz on Turkey’s beautiful South West coast to call my home. It’s here that I’m based the majority of the time with my … More Get to know more from – Growing Up Two

Dunkirk, France

The beaches of Dunkirk were a saviour to many soldiers stranded during the war, but now it is a tranquil beach location with no signs of what happened many years ago. Facts In 1940, the allied troops were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk. A decision was made that these soldiers needed to be extracted … More Dunkirk, France