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We are Beverley and Shamila aka Bev & Shams. We are passionate explorers, dedicated to share our travel experience, knowledge and budget travel tips with you.  

If you’re looking for travel inspiration, itineraries and budget travel tips, to help you travel more without breaking the bank, then you’re in the right place. 

Embark on this adventure together 

What makes us stand out from the rest? Well, imagine having a travel savvy friend who has been there, done it and is itching to share all their knowledge and experience with you.  

That’s us! We have been travelling as a couple for over 15 years and visited 4 continents all around our full-time jobs. We’ve learnt so much from our experience and now we want to pass on this knowledge with you.  

About Bev & Shams Adventures
Bev & Shams Adventures in Germany

What you’ll find here 

We have created a community of like-minded travellers, sharing destination guides, budget tips, money saving hacks, packing hacks and so much more.  

Bev & Shams Adventures isn’t all about us, it’s also about you. We want to hear from you! Share your stories, ask questions, have a conversation with us, we would love to hear from you.  

A Little Backstory 

Our love affair with travel started with curiosity, adventure, experiences and learning. From the hustle and bustle of large cities to serene landscapes. We have discovered the magic of travel. 

Beverley – Just an hour and 30 minutes south of London is a small village that I grew up. Travel has always been a passion, with Australia in my sights from a very early age.  

In my early 20s, my dream of visiting Australia finally came true. With a working holiday visa in hand, I ventured off on my first solo adventure, which took me to living and working in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Northern Territory.  

My adventure came to an end after 10 months, when my visa expired, but on my return, I met Shams and have been travelling as a couple since.  

Shamila – Colombo was Shams home during her youth. An opportunity of a lifetime came up, during Shams 30s, which took her to England, to study until she met me on my return from Australia. 

She comes from a dancing background but also loves photography, videography and fitness.  

We have been travelling as couple since.  

Join the journey 

Travel enthusiasts join our community and let’s embark on a journey together. Don’t miss out on exclusive tips, jaw-dropping photos and the occasional travel blooper – because not every trip goes as planned.  

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Let’s travel this wonderful world together.  

Thanks for being part of the Bev & Shams Adventures family. Here’s to budget-friendly adventures and a lifetime of stories! 

Shams CEO and founder of Bev & Shams Adventures
Shams CEO and founder of Bev & Shams Adventures
Bev CEO and founder of Bev & Shams Adventures
Bev CEO and founder of Bev & Shams Adventures