Staying safe while travelling is so important, especially if you are travelling solo, or as a solo female traveller. It’s for this reason, that you should follow some of these tips on how to stay safe while travelling, so you can have an amazing holiday, make memories along the way and crucially stay safe. 

The majority of countries you’ll visit will be safe. But this doesn’t mean to say you should take it for granted and drop all vigilance. You’ll still need to be careful! With these tips on how to stay safe while traveling, you will return home safe and sound, leaving only memories. 

Tips on how to stay safe while travelling 

Always make sure that you keep in contact with a family member or a friend throughout your trip and provide them with your itinerary. If something happens to you whilst you are travelling and they don’t hear from you, then your family member or friend can raise the alarm with the authorities. 

Always research the safe and unsafe areas of the country or city you are visiting. You don’t want to be walking through a gang related area risking your life (unless you’re up for an adventure). 

Make sure you keep all your personal belongings safe, including your passport, money, important documents, etc., A bum bag is a valuable bit of equipment while travelling! You can keep your belongings in your bum bag, around your waist and beneath your clothing, which will prevent them from being stolen.  

Take photographs of any important documents, for example your passport, debit or credit cards, travellers’ cheques, and other documents you may need while traveling. Keep one copy on your person, and one in your luggage. Having copies, will allow you to present these to the local authority or embassy, should they be lost or stolen.

Only take small amounts of cash with you for the day, and leave the remaining in the safe back at your accommodation. By taking only small amounts of money with you for the day, will protect you from losing all your cash if your personal belongs were lost or stolen. You don’t want to be left in a position where all your money is stolen, and you have no money for the remainder of your holiday. And you don’t want to be calling upon family or friends to bail you out, by sending you money.  

Be careful when it comes to tourist scams and tourist traps. Do research on any scams or traps that could put you out of pocket or put you in danger. 

Drink responsibly! Yes, that’s right, a holiday is a time to have fun and party on a night out. But don’t compromise your safety by drinking so much that you cant make your way home. Never leave your drink unattended and always watch it being made. It is still possible to have your drink spiked!  

On a night out, try and travel with others or as part of a group. Not only will you be able to share a taxi, but you can all look after each other. 

If you are getting a taxi, make sure you book the taxi in advance and make sure a friend or family member has the date and time, including contact details for the taxi firm.  

Take a cheap mobile phone, and purchase a cheap sim card. This allows you to stay in contact with family and friends while you’re traveling. 

Trust your instincts, most of the time they are right. If something doesn’t feel right, get out of the situation. It could save you from being in a difficult or unsafe situation.  

If you maintain a common-sense approach, along with all our tips on how to stay safe while travelling, there’s no doubt that you’ll have so much fun, but crucially staying safe, bringing back memories that you’ll share for a lifetime. 

Have you got any tips on stay safe while travelling? Just leave a comment below! 

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