Are you not able to travel at the moment? Yup, we know that feeling! We haven’t been able to travel since coming back from Sri Lanka in January, and then the Covid outbreak caused us to stay at home. Our saviour has been taking some of the best virtual tours!

Virtual tours have allowed us to still travel (although not quite the same) but from the comfort of our home. So, why don’t you join us, by taking a virtual tour or a few. We have chosen a variety of the best virtual tours, so you can feel like you are still travelling, but being at home.  

Best Virtual Tours 

We have chosen the very best virtual tours from around the world, from UNESCO World Heritage sites, to museums and more. 

Machu Picchu, Peru 

This has to be one of the best virtual tours in our opinion. It draws us back time and time again. 

This virtual tour, really feels like you are in Machu Picchu. The imagery of the area is superb, with great interactive features such as 360-degree views, video footage of the area, and audio, detailing the history of Machu Picchu.  

Machu Picchu is a 15th century Inca city about 2,430 metres in a mountain ridge, with great views of the surrounding landscape.  

We haven’t yet explored this UNESCO World Heritage site, other than virtually, but when we can get back out and travel, we would love to visit, and explore this beautiful scenic area. 

You can visit Machu Picchu Virtual Tour here.

The Louvre Museum, Paris 

This is another great virtual tour. It brings back so many memories of when we explored the Louvre Museum, exploring many of the rooms, and admiring the art work.  

The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum holding up to about 38,000 objects, and holds the most famous painting of all. The Mona Lisa! Sadly, a virtual tour of The Louvre Museum doesn’t include the Mona Lisa, but this doesn’t stop you from exploring the many other rooms on offer.  

The Louvre Museum, Paris
The Louvre Museum, Paris

What is fantastic about The Louvre Museum virtual tour, is the amazing art work displayed in good quality. There are good descriptions of art work to read at your own leisure, and what makes this so good, is that there’s no crowds, meaning you can spend as long as you wish in the rooms available.  

There were some negatives, one such being that the descriptions in French, and we couldn’t find the English option. But needless to say, it’s just as good as visiting the museum itself. 

You can visit The Louvre Museum Virtual Tour here.

When travel is possible again, then you could visit the Louvre Museum, and the many other things there are to do in Paris.

British Museum, London 

If you’ve not visited the British Museum in London then here’s your chance. In this virtual tour, you can explore a variety of rooms, exploring the many exhibits from ancient civilisations. Such as Ancient Egyptian, Asian and African antiques. 

If you have visited before, here is the chance to see the museum with no one around, exploring the exhibits at your own leisure. 

When exploring a museum, sometimes you just want to take your time admiring the displays, and reading the material provided to learn more. With a virtual tour, you can really sit back and take hours looking at just one thing. 

You can visit the British Museum Virtual Tour here.

Vatican Museums, Rome 

The Vatican Museums located within Vatican City, displaying a number of different works of art and sculptures. The most popular to look out for are the Raphael Rooms and Sistine Chapel, which happen to be just some of the rooms available on this virtual tour. 

The virtual tour consists of a 360-degree view of the individual rooms, and you can even select the rooms you wish to explore. The quality of the virtual tour is incredible, with so much detail and colour bouncing through your screen, it really feels like you’re in the Sistine Chapel. 

You can visit the Vatican Museum Virtual Tour here.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC

Do you love to learn about our natural history, from when time began and what impact we have in the future, or what about fossils and mammals? The National Museum of Natural History will one place you must visit. 

The museum covers 3 floors. We would recommend exploring the first floor, this floor covers Mammals from around the world, fossils, Humans, and the Oceans. Whilst the second floors highlights are Insects and Geology. 

Not only can you visit this museum, but you can cover all of this via their virtual tour, consisting of 360-degree views of the room.  

You can visit Smithsonian national Museum of Natural History Virtual Tour here.

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You might be thinking how can Mars be on this list of best virtual tours especially when we can’t travel to Mars yet! Well, you can still take a trip to Mars virtually of course. When they sent Curiosity Rover to Mars, it took 3D pictures of the surface of the planet.  

What NASA have done, is used these images, and created a fun packed 360-degree view of the Martian planet.  

Not only can you learn more about the expedition, what Curiosity Rover is made up of, and the landscape and surface, but you can learn more about what is known and found out from the mission. 

Whilst you haven’t been to Mars, you can now say you have virtually visited Mars. 

You can visit Mars Virtual Tour here.

Street Art 

If you like street art, then you’ll enjoy this virtual tour. Most of the street art virtual tours are based on Buenos Aires in Argentina, but our favourite street art tour was Artscape 2014. 

The quality of the virtual tour, was much better than the few others they have available.  

Street Art in New York
Street Art in New York

There’s great audio, providing small snippets of information on the street art, the creator, and the area. The negative with this tour, was the use of Google Maps which didn’t appear to be up to date. The audio would provide information on the art work, but the Google Maps image would have a blank wall, where the art work had been painted over, or wasn’t there at the time Google Maps took the image.  

You can visit Street Art Virtual Tour here.

National Park Hikes 

If you love to be in the outdoors, exploring the landscape, checking for wildlife, and hiking, then this is the one for you.  

This lovely National Parks Virtual Tour in the USA, has great audio, providing knowledgeable information, great sound effects, video footage and much more.  

Not only will this keep your itchy feet for travel at bay, but will help you plan for your next hike in the great outdoors. 

You can visit National Park Hikes Virtual Tour here.

Shakespeare’s Globe, London

The advantage with this virtual tour, is that you can visit in all weathers, but without getting wet or cold (unless you have a leak or no heating). Shakespeare’s Globe is an open-air theatre, that’s stood in London for hundreds of years. Just think of how many Shakespeare’s plays have been performed here.  

In this virtual tour, you can learn more about the theatre with its use of photography, audio clips, and video footage. Some of those audio clips of the original recordings from a Midsummers Night Dream is incredible to listen to. And as mentioned, all from the comfort of your own home. 

You can visit Shakespeare’s Globe Virtual Tour here.

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

Wow, this is one place that we have been longing to visit. If you don’t already know, we love to learn more about World War II, and the biggest element of that was a teenager by the name of Anne Frank. Anne Frank hid with her family, another family called the Van Pels and their son, and a gentleman by the name of Fritz Pfeffer. She wrote her famous diary while hiding in the attic. We have read her book a number of times, and still find it so educational. If you haven’t read the book, then you must before your visit to Anne Frank House. 

The virtual tour of Anne Frank House was good, with detailed information and video footage. The imagery of the rooms, are detailed and easy to navigate from room to room. You can go back to a room or skip a room if you wish.  

Whilst it could never be the same as exploring the secret hideout physically, but the virtual tour, gives you a great idea of what to expect when you do visit, with less crowds and for free. 

You can visit Anne Frank House, Virtual Tour here.

Want more virtual tours to explore? Then head over to Kenya, virtually of course


We know, virtual tours are not the same as visiting a location. But we have to make do with what we have, until boarders start to reopen, and travel becomes easier. We hope that these best virtual tours, from the comfort of your own home, helped to get you inspired, and ready for when we can get back out there. It’s certainly helped us! 

Have you done any Virtual Tours? What was your best Virtual Tour? Is there a virtual tour you did but we haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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