8 Best travel podcasts to listen to in 2023

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Over the last couple of years, podcasts have become very popular, with different genres available. Be swept away with travel stories and adventure, tips and advice, inspiration and so much more.   

Listen to a good podcast, on your way to work, during a gym session, or when you want a few minutes to yourself. It’s a chance to escape everyday life and be propelled into a different world. 

As travellers, we love us time, in which we get comfy on the sofa with a hot drink in hand listening to our favourite travel podcasts.  

Gathering travel tips, inspiration and listening to other experienced travellers, tell us their stories of being on the road.  

So, whether, you’re stuck in that grey office, hitting the gym, or sitting on the train on your way home, be whisked away to a far-off destination, dreaming of your next holiday, with these best travel podcasts to listen to in 2023.  

Best Travel podcasts in 2023 

We have picked the top travel podcasts, that share travel tips and advice, inspiration and adventurous stories.  

The travel podcast 

The travel podcast is one of the best travel podcasts out there. The creators Steve Witt, Juliet Heather, Matthew Butler, Lauren Roberjot-Clarke and Dave Pope discuss everything travel related. In each episode, they will share the latest in travel news, travel tips, inspiration and so much more.  

Travel enthusiasts like us, can’t put this podcast down and will be wanting more each week. 

Each episode is between 30 minutes to 1 hour, but every minute is worth listening to.  

With their experience of travel, they provide in-depth knowledge about the topic in question, such as, when is the best time to visit a destination, some of the best sights to see, tips on visiting a specific location, tips on food and drink tours and so much more.  

Whether you’re planning a short getaway, a staycation, or a trip to a tropical island, the travel podcast is a must listen to for 2023. 

They are that good, that we can’t stop listening to them and can’t wait for their next episode. 

The travel diaries 

Another great travel podcast brought to you by entertainer and travel journalist Holly Rubenstein. 

Holly and her guest stars really engage with their listeners. She asks her guests informal questions relating to everything travel.  

The engaging questions, bring out some of the best stories, from their first travel memory to how travel has shaped their lives. 

Holly has interviewed some big names, from Nadiya Hussain the winner of the Great British Bake off, Richard Branson, Ainsley Harriott a celebrity chef, dynamo the magician, to Lonely Planet’s founder Tony Wheeler and Hugh Bonneville the star from Downton Abbey and many more.  

Listening to other travel enthusiasts about their adventures, can only bring back memories of our own travel adventures.  

Zero to Travel Podcast 

If full time travel is your dream, then Zero to Travel is the podcast you must listen to. 

Jason shares knowledgeable tips and advice on ways you can travel for free, on a tight budget and long term. Along with interviewing experienced travellers, who have travelled most of the globe, on a shoestring budget or for free.  

Guest speakers share their experiences, tips and inspiration on how they went from zero to travel. 

There are some stand out episodes that we would recommend listening to, such as WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms), how to earn free travel with travel hacking, to walking across America and so much more.  

After getting tips and inspiration from each episode, put these tips to practice to plan your free or cheap travel adventures. 

Conde Nest Travellers podcast 

Save your money on a Conde Nest Travellers magazine, when you listen to their short travel stories on their podcast Escape Routes with Conde Nest Travellers.  

Listen to their best short travel stories, packed with adventures. Be transported straight to the destination, with authentic sounds and descriptions. This is an awesome concept, in keeping with the traditional travel theme, but portrayed in a different setting. 

With only short content of about 30 minutes, which is ideal from an avid traveller on the run, with little time to sit down and read. 

We have enjoyed listening to the various different stories from around the globe. 

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast 

Amanda Kendle, the creator of The Thoughtful Travel podcast, chats with avid travellers, about their best travel stories.  

Each episode is based around different topics, we enjoyed listening to foods in a foreign language, definitely a more comical episode. Other episodes to listen to are, getting lost, smashing stereotypes and many, many more.  

Limited on time, then this is the ideal travel podcast to listen to, with each episode running for about 15-30 minutes. 

Each episode is so diverse and draw the listener into the stories. 

Whether you can travel now or planning your next trip, this is good travel podcast to listen to. 

The Worst Traveller 

Left on a cliff hanger, waiting on baited breath for the next instalment of the Worst Traveller, just to find out what happened on Tom Pages adventure. 

After listening to a couple of his episodes, you’ll probably think he IS the worst traveller, Tom is definitely an adventurous traveller and certainly has a story or two to tell. Our favourite travel quote comes to mind “Travelling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. IBN Battuta”. 

Tom may come across as the worst traveller, but he is sharing his stories of adventure and mistakes you should avoid when travelling.  

What we have learnt from his podcast, are to research, plan, book accommodation in advance, ways to stay safe and so much more. By avoiding his mistakes, you are sure to have a trip of a lifetime.  

The Worst Traveller episodes are intense and one of the best adventure travel podcasts.  

Kinging – It 

Kinging-it is another great travel podcast worth listening to.  

Craig and Aimee bring light hearted comedy to each episode, while sharing their best travel advice, tips and stories.  

Not only do we learn so much from them, but we have a little giggle along the way.  

Kinging-It is definitely a stand out, from all the other travel podcasts available.  

If you can’t get enough of Kinging-It podcasts, they’re also on YouTube sharing their travel adventures.  

Armchair Explorer 

We have only recently started listening to this one and love how travel is brought to life, through storytelling, music and authentic sound effects. Let your imagination run wild as you stick the headphones on and be taken to another world. 

Each episode is in a documentary style, with music and sound effects that bring the experience to life. 

Take an adventure on the Trail of Oregon from Florence and follow Aaron Miller down the coast to Port Orford and beyond. Stop for sandboarding lessons and enjoy the landscape and scenery all from your armchair.  

Some other great episodes to listen to are, No Guidebook, No Google, No Clue: Togo, Wallis & Kyrgyzstan with Best-Selling Travel Author Brian Thacker, Below Another Sky: A Himalayan Adventure in Search of a Lost Father with Mountaineer Rick Ridgeway and many more.  

Many more adventures await, from the Armchair explorer. 

Places to listen to podcasts 

Podcasts are free to listen to and can be downloaded onto your device to listen to at any time, or when you don’t have internet connection.  

So where can you listen and download your free podcast. 

You can either listen from Apple iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and any Podcast app.  

As I have an Apple iPhone, I have the podcast app, which I can simply listen to from my phone.  

All of these podcasts are completely free, so you can travel for free from the comfort of your own home. 

When to listen to podcasts 

The options are endless when it comes to when to listen to a podcast. 

Want a bit of time to yourself, while you family run around you. Then simply stick your head phones on and listen to your favourite travel podcast and drift off to another world. 

Stick one of these popular travel podcasts on while you’re doing the housework, on the train, while waiting for your connecting flight to your next destination, or working out in the gym. 

Whether you have 5 minutes to spare, or an hour, these travel podcasts will keep you entertained, when you need it.  


These travel podcasts should keep you going for months if not years, consistently providing you with travel tips, inspiration and even comedy along the way.   

There’s a variety of lengths, depending on how much time you have available. Sometimes, after a long day at work, you just want to kick off those shoes and relax and escape to a far-off destination. And that’s just what podcasts can do.  

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we have.  

Have you got a favourite podcast you like to listen to? Maybe you haven’t listened to a podcast before? Or you listen to a podcast that we haven’t included? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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