With any trip, we always take hand luggage with us, be it a short flight within Europe, or a long-haul flight. In our hand luggage we always make sure we have the essential things we need for our holiday.  

But what do I pack in my hand luggage? 

What to pack in your hand luggage 

You need to be smart about what you should pack for your hand luggage. You do not want to be packing too many items, but neither do you want to miss anything. All you have to do is follow our simple tips on what to pack in your hand luggage, and you’ll pack just the right things for your next holiday: 

Our hand luggage packed
Our hand luggage packed
  • Back pack – A back pack is essential, because what will you place all your belongings in while you are out sightseeing? A back pack should be lightweight, but should be able to store everything you should need for the day. It is for this reason that we would highly recommend Osprey. We use this on a daily basis while travelling, and is ideal for every traveller needs. 
  • Water bottle – The worst time to suffer from dehydration, is when you are travelling. Having a reusable water bottle, will need to be packed, so you can refill it, as and when required.  
  • First aid kit – We always travel with a small first aid kit, with all the essential things that we may need should we become unwell, or suffer from a minor injury. Want to know what to pack in your own first aid kit? Then check out our post on What to pack in your DIY First Aid Kit
  • Medication – If you have any medical illness, that you need to take regular medication, make sure you pack enough for your trip. It is a good idea to have at least 4-5 days’ worth of medication packed in your hand luggage, while the rest packed in your main luggage. Always make sure you have an emergency supply in your hand luggage in the event your main luggage is lost. 
  • Electrical chargers – Make sure you pack all your electrical chargers, for your trip. This is so important; you don’t want to lose charge on your camera, phone or electrical device. 
  • Documents – These will consist of, your passport, airline tickets, hotel and car rental bookings. If you miss this from your holiday, you won’t be going, unless of course you are travelling within your own country, or you have the tickets stored on your phone. 
  • Valuables – Never pack your valuable items in your main luggage. Your travel insurance will not cover you, if you have packed your valuable items in your main luggage. Your valuables could be, a laptop, camera, kindle, iPad, etc. Always make sure these are packed in your hand luggage. And when going through security, you will need to take most of these items out of the bag for inspection. 
  • Phone – Using your phone will be the only way you can keep in touch with your family and friends while you are away. The latest phones will have access to maps, which you can download and use offline, allowing better navigation to your next destination.  
  • Kindle/book – This will come in handy to keep you entertained with a good book. 
  • Handheld electronic games console – One way to stay entertained during your flight, and the wait in the airport. 
  • Clothing – Spare clothing is a must to pack in your hand luggage. Not only will it come in handy if it gets cold, you’ll have layers to put on. But if your main luggage is lost, at least you’ll have a spare pair of clothes. In our experience, it is good practice to have at least 2-4 days’ worth of clothing, should your main luggage get lost.  
  • Toothbrush – Staying as fresh as possible while travelling will make you feel more comfortable. 
  • Snacks – If you get hungry on your travels, having some snacks with you will help you get through the hunger. It’s also a good idea to have snacks packed in the event of an emergency.  
  • Travel pillow – To aid with a comfortable sleep while travelling. 
  • Ear plugs – For a little bit of peace and quiet, these work very well.  
  • Hand sanitiser – To prevent the spread of germs, hand sanitiser is so important, and must be packed in your hand luggage. 
  • Deodorant – To keep you smelling fresh, a small travel size deodorant stick should be packed. 
Our hand luggage is all organised
Our hand luggage is all organised

Don’t forget when travelling through security, you must take out all electronic equipment out, and you must ensure all liquids are less than 100ml. With this in mind, you’ll need a good size hand luggage bag that fits the required airline specifications, along with fitting everything you need to take with you in the bag.  

In our experience, we have often taken a small carry-on case, and a back pack. The carry-on case, will hold our essential items such as clothing, toothbrush, deodorant etc, whilst the back pack will contain our valuable items, charges and important documents. Allowing us to navigate security with ease, and without having to pull all our devices from different bags. Being organised with your hand luggage is key, when it comes to packing.  It will allow easy transit as you travel. 

What have you got packed in your hand luggage? Is there anything you pack that we haven’t included? Let us know with a comment below.

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What to Pack in you Hand Luggage
What to Pack in you Hand Luggage

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