Do you ever wonder how people travel so often? Or how people travel the world full time? That’s simple! Travellers like us, plan, research and budget our holidays. Do you want to travel as much as possible or full time? All you have to do, is follow our simple tips on how to travel on a budget. 

You may find budgeting a challenge, yet it is very important to do so! You’ll want to spend the least amount of money, but still have an adventure. Whilst you may find this a challenge, we have simplified it, so you can follow your dreams by travelling more, if not full time.  

We are budget travellers, that don’t want to miss out on an adventure. We will therefore book budget friendly accommodation, eat at budget friendly places, and will walk where ever possible, reducing the amount of money spent on public transport. Making cut backs to keep within our budget, but at the same time, not going to affect our ability to travel and allowing us to visit more attractions along the way. 

We have visited some of the most expensive cities, such as London, New York, Las Vegas and Paris, just to name a few. But we are still able to visit these places without breaking our bank balance. 

We want you to follow your dreams and travel as much as possible but staying within a budget. 

How to travel on a budget 

Budgeting comes down to what you feel is a reasonable value to spend on an entire trip and a little bit of maths.  

Some people may feel £500.00 spending money is reasonable, yet another may feel £200.00 spending money is their budget. 

When we talk about travelling on a budget, we will be sharing our tips on how to travel as cheaply as possible, but still having an adventure as we go.  

Firstly, you need to have some idea on where you want to travel and when you want to travel. 

You’ll then need to research where to stay and how much you intend to spend per person, per day for meals. 

If you plan your holiday before you travel you may even be able to make some cut backs and reduce your budget somewhat. To reduce your budget some more but still have an adventure, try some of these techniques: 

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Travel off Season

Travel prices are often at their lowest during the off-peak season. Save some money by booking your holiday during this period. 

Off peak season, is often the winter months, when the weather is at its coldest and with the least number of tourists. 

You should also avoid school holidays. Holiday prices are often more expensive.  

If you have a family and can only take holiday during school holiday, book trips away to budget friendly locations such as Poland. We love Poland and found that everything is so inexpensive with plenty to see and do.  

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Book your flights and accommodation mid-week 

To travel on a budget and save as much money as possible always try and book midweek dates. Weekends are more often the most expensive time to travel. 

As mentioned above, if you have a family with children, that prevents you travelling during mid-week, then you should think about travelling to budget friendly locations. 

Why not a short staycation during the off-peak season, you’re still going on holiday, but you’re discovering some of the most beautiful places in your home country.  

Register with airline for airmiles 

Each time you make a purchase with an airline, you’ll collect airmiles. As you collect the miles, you could apply these points to future trips, upgrades and even free flights. 

Have you got a Sainsburys Nectar card? You can now collect points on your Nectar card and convert these points to Avios points with British Airways. 

The more points you have, the more you can travel, the more money you’ll save in the long run. 

Yes, Airmiles points, take a while to build up. But just by ordering your food shop with Sainsburys the quicker these points could add up.  

Credit cards 

This links with the above point. 

Certain credit card providers will offer points on Airmiles when you make purchases on the credit card. 

The more money you spend, the more points you’ll accumulate. The more you can travel. 

You can even get travel credit cards. So, when you travel, you use your credit card for everything, the more points you could then earn too.  

Flights and accommodation can be expensive, using the airmiles points, should help you to save money, but still travel on a budget. 

Plan your holiday in advance  

When you plan your holiday in advance, you could save some money along the way. 

What are the free attractions in the city, town of village that you’re travelling too? Check if there’s any discounted tickets when you book online. Are there any 2for1 deals or discounts when you purchase two tickets for two or more attractions. 

For example, you’re visiting London for a few days. London can be a very expensive city to visit. But if you really wanted to you could visit London on a budget.  


You could firstly purchase a London Pass, with a variety of day packages available. You pay a one-off fee per person, which allows you entry to over 80 tourist attractions in the city. 

There’s a choice between 1 day pass and up to 10-day pass. Allowing access to historic landmarks, walking tours, museums and more.  

If you are staying out of London, some train companies offer 2for1 tickets. This permits access to a number of tourist attractions, museums, Westend shows, etc.  

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Free classes 

Are there any free classes in the area that you might be interested in? 

You might like to get involved in a free Yoga class or a dance class that’s happening in the area. 

This is a great way to dive right into the culture of the country, but for free. 

Where you stay will impact you travelling on a budget 

Luxury accommodation doesn’t come cheap, but do you need to stay in luxury accommodation? Of course, you don’t. 

The cheapest accommodation are hostels. Hostels are a great way to meet new people. When I was travelling in Australia, I loved staying in a hostel, I met so many new people along the way.  

But hostels are not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially if the hostel is lively and sharing a room with 6-10 or more people, does make it less private. 

If hostels are not your thing, then do some research on what accommodation’s available in the area you’re travelling too. 

You could easily pick up a bargain by staying in a nice little B&B or hotel.  

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Public transport 

In some countries, public transport could cost you a couple of $s, but in some places, it could cost you far more. 

There is a free way of getting around a city or town. And that’s on your own two feet and walk from one place to the next. 

Walking costs you nothing. It is the healthiest way to get around AND it’s environmentally friendly.  

But walking from one city to the next will not be practical. 

Travelling by bus in most countries is the least expensive way of getting from one place to another, but can take hours. 

Trains on the other hand, are far quicker but will be more expensive. 

Consider these factors when travelling on a budget. 

Places to eat on a budget 

We have also mentioned this before, but research will save you money in the long run. 

Once you have a destination in mind, check out all the places to eat in that location. Check their menus and price list before you travel. 

Once you have found a place you want to eat, that’s’ within you budget, then include this in your itinerary. 

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Make sure you have a set budget in mind, for what you are prepared to spend per person per meal. 

But why spend money on eating out? 

The cheapest and most effective way to stay on a budget, is to purchase food from the local supermarket. Create a food plan and make the food up the night before. Pack this on the day you’re out sightseeing. This will stop you from eating at overpriced restaurants and cafes for every meal. 

You’ll find that it will work out far cheaper and will last longer than eating out for every meal.   


The key to budgeting is research, simple equations, and setting a figure that you will not exceed and keep to it. After you have set your budget, there is one last element you may need to consider, and that is to save money before you travel, so you have the available funds before you go. You have to be practical, there is no point budgeting for a trip but not having enough money to travel, or having saved money and not budgeting. If you don’t do either element, you risk being at a financial loss or potential debt.  

Travelling really doesn’t have to be expensive, we have implemented these simple steps to allow us to still travel but have that adventure, and you can do the same.

Do you have any tips on how to travel on a budget, that we haven’t mentioned? Do you travel on a budget? Let us know, leaving a comment below.

How to travel on a budget
How to travel on a budget
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