Christmas Markets – Winter Wonderland in London Hyde Park

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Theme Park rides that whizz you around the sky, ice skating, stalls, twinkling Christmas lights and mulled wine. There is no better way to get into the Christmas Spirit than visiting Winter Wonderland at London Hyde Park. 

Ideal for families, group of friends, couples or solo travelers just wanting to take in the atmosphere of one of the largest Christmas markets you will find in the UK.  

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Winter Wonderland in London 

The largest Christmas Market in London has something for everyone. Young kids can still be spun round on small rides, while the adults can take on the large adrenaline rides that fly around the London sky.  

We have everything you need to know, to have the best day out at Winter Wonderland London. 

Opening Times 

Winter Wonderland opens from the middle of November to beginning of January. 

Admission times daily between 10am and 10pm, except Christmas Day. 

In previous years, the Christmas market was free to enter. It’s a shame that you now need to purchase a ticket prior to arrival. 

Cost of an entry ticket is between £5.00-£7.50 depending on the time of arrival. Entry tickets need to be purchase online on the official Winter Wonderland website.  

How to get to Winter Wonderland in London? 

Winter Wonderland is located in Hyde Park, London.  

Take the tube to the closest stations at Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge. Alternative, buses, taxis and coaches will stop outside Hyde Park.  

Leave the car at home! With great transport links and limited parking, don’t even think of driving.

There are four entrances into Winter Wonderland, red, gold, green and blue. 

The red gate is normally the family entrance. 

Things to do in Winter Wonderland 

With plenty to do, Winter Wonderland will definitely keep the entertainment flowing. 

Ideal for families, couples an anyone who is looking to get into the Christmas spirit.  

Check out these things to do at Winter Wonderland, we have included ticket prices and how to purchase tickets for each attraction: 

Ice Skating 

Cost: Adults from £10.50, Children: from £7.50, Families: from £30.00, Concessions: from £9.50 

Puchase tickets online, or in the ticket booth located around the park 

The most popular and iconic thing to do during Christmas.  

No matter your ability, enjoy a fun packed 50-minute skate under the canopy of twinkling lights.  

Inexperienced skaters can use a skating aid, but these are limited and can be hired for an additional £5.00 on the day. 

Don’t worry, ice skating shoes come within the admission price; the experienced skater can bring their own blades. Speed skates are not permitted. 

Book tickets in advance to prevent disappointment, especially since this is a popular attraction at Winter Wonderland and definitely one not to be left out. 

Magical Ice Kingdom 

Cost: Adults from £8.00, Children: from £6.50, Families: from £24.00, Concessions: from £7.00 

Purchase tickets online, or at the ticket booths located around the park 

Wrap up warm as the temperatures within the Magical Ice Kingdom are kept at about -10 degrees Celsius.  

Ideal for all ages, as you escape the ordinary and be taken into a world of animals, plants, wizards, elves and dragons.  

Lighting on the sculptures bring the characters to life, with a bit of mystery. How many characters do you spot from famous movies? 

We spotted a few from the Chronicles of Narnia.  

The ice sculptures inside the Magical Kingdom
The ice sculptures inside the Magical Kingdom, at Winter Wonderland, London

Ice Bar 

Cost: Adults from £14.00 

Puchase tickets online, or in the ticket booth located around the park 

Step into the hip cocktail bar where everything inside has been crafted from ice, even down to the glasses you drink your cocktail from.  

This is the chance for the adults to have a little fun, relax back on the ice stools, while sipping a cooling cocktail. 

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available. Don’t forget to wrap up warm, as temperatures are stored at -10 degrees Celsius.   

The first drink is within the entry price and only 20 minutes allocated stay, so you need to drink up quick and take any pictures within your allotted time. 

Although children are welcome, it has an adult vibe about the bar. 

The Giant Wheel 

Cost: Adults from £8.00, Children: from £6.00, Families: from £24.00, Concessions: from £7.00, Private Pod: from £42.00, Fast Track: from £5.00 

Puchase tickets online, or in the ticket booth located around the park  

Take the 10-minute relaxing and calm ride up over the park, offering amazing views of London City Skyline.  

Watch the twinkling lights from above, when you take a dusk and evening ride.  

Unlike other rides, tickets are not time specific. Once you have purchased your ticket, take your time and turn up whenever you like.  

It is a good idea to ride The Giant Wheel at quiet times, or upgrade to the fast-track ticket, to skip the queues. As queues are loooooong. 

The view from the Giant Wheel at Winter Wonderland, London
The view from the Giant Wheel at Winter Wonderland, London

Christmas Markets 

Cost: Free 

No tickets required 

Take a wander around the beautifully decorated Christmas Markets. The wooden chalets, decked out with bright lights and all manners of wonderful Christmas gifts, handmade Christmas decoration and delicious foods. A perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. 

You should be able to pick up a lovely gift for a family and friend, or treat yourself to a little gift, you deserve it. 

The Christmas Market stalls
The Christmas Market stalls, Winter Wonderland, London


For those adrenaline junkies that like to fly around on a rollercoaster, then you won’t be disappointed. 

Winter Wonderland has a number of big rollercoasters, from the Blizzard (aptly named as part of Winter Wonderland’s entertainment), XXL (now that sounds scary) and the Hangover, just to name a few. 

Don’t have the stomach for rollercoasters, or you want to get your little ones into it, there are some tame rides, such as the Christmas Tree Ride, that just takes you up into the heights of Hyde Park, but at a far slower pace.  

Another ride at Winter Wonderland, London
Another ride at Winter Wonderland, London
A Christmas Tree ride,
A Christmas Tree ride, at Winter Wonderland in London

Food and drinks stall at Winter Wonderland, London 

You won’t go hungry at Winter Wonderland in London, with plenty of food and drinks stalls. Eat, Drink and be merry. 

Street Food 

Indulge yourself with affordable street food, choose from sweet or savoury or even both. 

A choice of over ten street food vendors, you really can’t go wrong here. 

Bavarian Village 

Head to Germany at the Bavarian Village. Enjoy good food, beer and entertainment in the form of live music.  

Join friends and family for a few pints and a warming German meal, in a social environment. 

We would recommend the hotdog from Mr Bratwurst sausage grill. Not only does it taste good, but it’s friendly on your wallet. Especially if you have spent too much on the attractions, drinks and gifts.  

As we ate our hotdog, covered in curry sauce, it took us back down memory lane, to when we had currywurst for the first time in Cologne Germany. The hotdog wasn’t quite the same as currywurst, but definitely had flavour. 

While you are in London, why not visit other Christmas Markets in the city, another of our favourites is the Southbank Centre Christmas Market. The Southbank Centre comes alive with decoration and wooden stalls selling delicious foods, gifts and crafts. Warm yourself on a cold night with a delicious mulled wine. Yum. 

A ride at Winter Wonderland, in London
A ride at Winter Wonderland, in London


Winter Wonderland will keep you entertained for the entire day, with all the thrilling rides, ice skating, live music and more.  

But the one thing that you really can’t go without, is a hot mulled wine. It will keep you nice and warm on a cold winter’s night, plus it’s tradition.  

We hope Winter Wonderland gets you into the Christmas spirit and takes away some of that stress that comes with Christmas planning, even if it is for one night.  

Have you visited Winter Wonderland? What was your highlight? Did you try any of the rollercoaster rides? Let us know, in the comments below. 

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Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland in London
Winter Wonderland in London