3 days in Las Vegas itinerary: Budget travel guide

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The glitz and dazzling city of Las Vegas is where the bright light of the strip meets the thrill of the desert. Sin City is one of the world’s most iconic tourist destinations, known for endless casinos, extravagant shows and fine dining. However, experiencing the best of the city doesn’t have to break the bank. 

In this carefully planned 3 days in Las Vegas itinerary and savvy budget travel tips, it is possible to spend less than $100 a day.  

From affordable accommodation options, cheap eats, to free or cheap attractions and budget-friendly entertainment, you’ll make the most of your time in Las Vegas on a budget. 

So, lets embark on an unforgettable journey through the neon streets of Sin City. 

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Is 3 days in Las Vegas enough? 

Spending 3 days in Las Vegas is enough to experience many of the city’s highlights and take a day trip to places such as the Grand Canyon or Death Valley.  

We spent 3 nights in Las Vegas, exploring the main hotels along the Strip and a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  

Depending on your interests, if you have the time and if you prefer to slow travel, then you could spend longer in the city. We would recommend 4-5 nights as sufficient.  

How to spend 3 days in Las Vegas on a budget 

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of visiting Las Vegas, is how much will it cost? 

We share our experience of visiting Las Vegas, with this 3-day itinerary which includes tips on how to visit on a budget, so you can travel comfortably without breaking the bank. 

Day 1: Explore the Las Vegas Strip 

A bright and early start is required, as not only will this help you avoid the crowds, but this is a long day. 

Most of today is on foot, as this is the best way to experience the Las Vegas Strip. 

Las Vegas Sign 

Cost: Free 

Opening times: 24/7 

Located at the southern end of the strip and becomes very busy during the day, so either arrive early or at dusk to avoid the crowds and get that Instagram worthy shot. 

The sign was built in 1959, greeting people with “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada”, while on the reverse as you leave Las Vegas, it invites you back soon “Drive carefully, come back soon”. 

This quintessential Las Vegas experience will be a memorable moment during your time and lets the world know that you have officially arrived in Las Vegas.  

Las Vegas sign
Las Vegas sign

How to get there:  

Depending on the hotel you stay, make your way either on foot or on the bus to the Las Vegas sign 

Mandalay Bay 

Cost: Free to explore, but a separate cost for playing in the casino or watching an entertainment show. 

Opening times: 24/7 

Located at the most southern end of the strip, Mandalay Bay is a luxurious resort.  

Spend some time in the casino, watching players play blackjack, roulette, poker or the slot machines. Join in with some games if you choose, but make sure you have set some funds to the side for any gambling you may wish to do. 

Although Las Vegas mainly features the casino’s, you can do other things. Mandalay Bay offers world class dining, from cafes to award winning fine dining.  

The resort features some impressive lineups in entertainment, from Michael Jackson ONE, Shark Reef Aquarium and many more. 

With 12 bars, clubs and pubs, you can entertain the night away.  

After a long flight, you may need a bit of a pamper, and their spa and salon is available to wash away any tension.   

How to get there:

Just under 1 mile from Las Vegas Sign, take a short walk to the hotel, which should take about 18 minutes. Follow the Las Vegas Strip in a northerly direction, staying on the left-hand side of the road. 


Cost: Free to explore, but a separate cost for playing in the casino or watching an entertainment show. 

Opening times: 24/7 

The Luxor is a beacon on the Las Vegas Strip, with its striking pyramid shape and towering sphinx at the entrance. The architecture is a resemblance to the ancient Egyptian Pyramids, making this just one of the amazing luxury hotels you will discover on your 3 days in Las Vegas itinerary. 

Be dazzled by the vast entertainment options for all ages.  

Watch a live show such as America’s Got Talent Superstars live, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, Bodies: The Exhibition, Discover King Tutankhamun tomb and so much more.  

A diverse array of dining and cuisines available, from international flavours to cafes and eateries, there will be something for all tastes.  

A smaller selection of bars, pubs and clubs to dance the night away, or enjoy a relaxing drink. 

If you need a bit of relaxation after a full day of exploring the Las Vegas Strip, then indulge in their facilities. Lounge by the pool, enjoy a pamper spa treatment or keep up your fitness at the gym. 

This was one of our top recommended spots to visit on day one in Las Vegas. So much to keep you entertained.  

How to get there:

The two hotels are adjacent to each other and should take no longer than 10 minutes on foot to reach. Just wander up S Las Vegas Blvd to reach Luxor Hotel.  

New York New York 

Cost: Free to explore, but a separate cost for playing in the casino or watching an entertainment show. 

Opening times: 24/7 

New York New York is a unique hotel in the heart of the strip. Inspiration was drawn from the city of New York, which gives the hotel its name.  

The first thing that stands out is the New York City skyline, complete with the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, skyscrapers and more.  

Experience the authenticity of New York Cities foodie scene, try the New York style pizza, deli sandwiches to steaks or seafood.  

If you’re an adrenalin junkie, then try out the rollercoaster that spins you around New York City.  

Check out a Cirque du Soleil show, head to an Irish bar, play in the Big Apple Arcade, or relax and unwind beside the pool or take a spa treatment.  

How to get there:

Just over half a mile, walk by foot to New York New York hotel. Continue up S Las Vegas Blvd to reach New York New York. 

Bellagio Hotel 

Cost: Free to explore, but a separate cost for playing in the casino or watching an entertainment show. 

Opening times: 24/7 

This famous hotel featured in Ocean’s 11 and the hotel we stayed in while visiting Las Vegas. 

The iconic fountain is popular among tourists. The fountain creates a mesmerising water show set to music and lights.  

With its popularity, crowds vie for a spot to watch the fountain show and it is an experience you must do on your 3 days in Las Vegas.  

The fountain show starts at 12pm, with regular intervals during the afternoon to late night.  

Experience fine dining at some of the most renowned chefs, to small cafes and restaurants.  

Take in a show by Cirque Du Soleil, wander Bellagio’s fine Art Gallery, enjoy the interior design with stunning blown glass flowers, admiring the beauty of the botanical gardens, there is entertainment for all budgets and ages.  

It’s been a long day, so head back to your hotel, relax by the pool, enjoy a spa session or just get ready to head out for a meal and a few drinks.  

How to get there:

Just under 1 mile, you could either walk, or catch the bus to Bellagio Hotel. Continue up S Las Vegas Blvd on foot or take DEUCE from MGM/Showcase and exit at Planet Hollywood. 

Day 1 – Places to eat on the Las Vegas Strip 

Las Vegas provides endless options of dining experiences to suit all tastes and budget. From fine dining with top Michelin star chefs to budget friendly fast-food outlets.  

We have selected the best places to eat while you’re in Las Vegas over your 3-day itinerary. 

Shake Shack 

This was our first time of visiting Shake Shack and for fast food, it was good.  

It is best known, for burgers and crinkle cut fries and creamy milkshakes.  

Stores are located across the US, but if you fancy a cheeky burger and fries, then head to New York New York Hotel and order your delicious helping. 

Choose from a selection of mouthwatering burgers, such as their classic or signature burger. Vegetarian options also available such as the shroom burger or crispy shallots burger.  

Include a side of crinkle cut fries on its own or with cheese and then wash it down with a milky milkshake. A variety of flavours available from the classic vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, too coffee and caramel. 

With it’s casual and inviting atmosphere, Shake Shack is ideal for grabbing a budget friendly bite to eat either on the go, or dine in.  

Day 2 – Day trip to the Grand Canyon 

In day 2 of 3 days in Las Vegas, we are taking a day trip out of Sin City, to the Grand Canyon National Park. 

Grand Canyon 

The Grand Canyon is around 18 miles wide and 277 miles long, so there is a large space to cover which isn’t possible in just 1 day.  

There’re a few vantage points or lookouts, either on the south, north, east or west of the canyon. We took a tour from our hotel to the South rim. But we would recommend choosing the right section of the canyon to view that is right for you.  

We visited the south rim, which included a short stay in 2 points. It gave us a chance to explore the 2-million-year-old canyon. Taking in the panoramic views, the bright colour rock formations, sheer cliffs and rugged terrain.  

The most convenient way to explore the Grand Canyon, is with a tour, there’re several different tours offering different stops along the rim.  

The advantage for us taking a tour, was not having to plan the logistics of how to get there, where to find food and drink or where to stop off.  

Although limited time, prevented us from spending longer here, but for us the tour was the ideal way to get out of Las Vegas and visit a once in a lifetime opportunity.  

We took a tour out to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and you can book onto the tour here Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim with lunch.

If you have longer than 3 days in Las Vegas or don’t want to do the Grand Canyon, then check out these other day trip ideas to include.  

In this 3 days Las Vegas itinerary, you can get for a day trip to the Grand Canyon
Great day trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Day 3 – Relax, shop or explore more of the Las Vegas Strip 

This is your final day in Las Vegas, take the morning to relax either by the pool, or take a spa treatment.  

If you have the time before heading off to your next destination or home, cover anything you missed in day 1, or wish to visit again.  

We would also recommend these things to do on your last day of 3 days in Las Vegas.  

Caesars Palace 

Cost: Free to explore, but a separate cost for playing in the casino or watching an entertainment show. 

Opening times: 24/7 

One of the oldest and iconic hotels on the strip, taking its inspiration from ancient Rome. Discover the grandeur of Caesars Palace Fountain, take an Instagram shot in Caesars Palace marquee and so much more.  

Caesars is the premier of entertainment, with star lineups, such as Celine Dion, Elton John and Mariah Carey.  

Current performers are Adele, The Killers, Garth Brooks and Rod Stewart. 

Caesars offers the best in fine dining, with the likes of Gordon Ramseys Hell’s Kitchen and so much more. 

Step into the luxury Roman Baths, with a splash in the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. 

How to get there:

Depending on the hotel you stay, make your way either on foot or by bus to Caesars Palace


Cost: Free to explore, but a separate cost for playing in the casino or watching an entertainment show. 

Opening times: 24/7 

The stunning architecture is recreated from the elegance of Venice in Italy. Explore the narrow streets or take a gondola ride as you would in Venice.  

The Venetian offers a vibrant nightlife, with a variety of bars, lounges and nightclubs. Enjoy a cocktail, or just a beer, while chilling to music, or dancing until the early hours of the morning. 

Indulge in world-class entertainment, with renowned artists such as Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, Jason Derulo and so much more.  

How to get there:

Just a short 10 minute walk north of the Strip to the Venetian. Or take the the DEUCE bus from north bound bus from Las Vegas Harras to the Venetian.

Paris Las Vegas 

Cost: Free to explore, but a separate cost for playing in the casino or watching an entertainment show. 

Opening times: 24/7 

Paris Las Vegas is a striking hotel, with its half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower, that rises above the Strip. At the top, enjoy panoramic views of the skyline, which offers a unique experience on your 3 days in Las Vegas. 

Take in the romantic atmosphere of Paris in Las Vegas, with cobbled streets, charming cafes, admire French landmarks, such as the Arc de Triomphe and get a feel of the hustle and bustle of Paris life.  

Relax beside the pool, with a view of the Eiffel Tower, or enjoy a spa treatment. Make the most of your last stop, before your onward journey. 

Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas
Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas

How to get there:

Walk south on S Las Vegas Blvd from the Venetian for around 20 minutes to Paris Las Vegas. Or take the DEUCE bus from south bound bus from Las Vegas Treasure Island to Las Vegas at Bellagio, cross the road to Paris Las Vegas. The journey should take about 10 minutes.

Make some saving on attractions in Las Vegas over the next 3 days, with this Las Vegas: Go City All-Inclusive Pass with 45+ Attractions. You could save on attraction prices and entertainment, with this 45+ all city attraction pass. You pay one fee that covers for 2,3, 4, or 5 days and allow you entery to attractions, entertainment shows, hop on and hop off bus and a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

This could save you money compared to purchasing individual attraction prices.

The all inclusive city pass, is worth it if you intend to visit several attractions, entertainment shows and a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Affordable places to stay in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas offers a wide range of affordable and luxurious accommodation options, that’s suitable for all budget types.  

For the budget conscious, we’d recommend staying in a hostel, but if this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, then staying in a luxurious hotel might be a suitable option.  

If luxury is where you plan to stay, then factor the cost implications into your budget. As these hotels don’t come cheap. 

We stayed in Bellagio, which was over our normal budget, but we wanted to splash out a bit for the experience. 

Here is our recommendation on affordable places to stay in Las Vegas, along with a few luxury options too.  


An expensive hotel, but we loved the experience and the accommodation.  

Stylish and comfortable rooms made our 3 days in Las Vegas very pleasant. Choose between a modern room or lavish suite, depending on your budget. Some rooms offer breathtaking views of Bellagio Water Fountain and views of the Strip.  

In our opinion, for the price of a room per night, it was a little disappointing to not have tea or coffee making facilities. If we wanted a cup of tea or coffee, we had to pay for the privilege at one of the cafes in the hotel.  

That said, our stay was outstanding, and we would recommend staying here on your trip to Las Vegas. 

You can book your stay at Bellagio here.

If you would like more options on where to stay in Las Vegas, then head over to our post on affordable places to stay in Las Vegas

We stayed at Bellagio in Las Vegas on our 3 days and this was a lovely room.
Bellagio Hotel

How to get around Las Vegas 

Navigating Las Vegas is simple and budget friendly. The monorail connects some hotels on the Strip for free and its ideal for walking between hotel and hotel.  

Here are our tips on navigating the hustle and bustle of Sin City on a budget. 


Many of Las Vegas’s main attractions are within proximity to one another, which makes walking the ideal way to get around on a budget.  

The busy roads, can be challenging to cross, utilise the pedestrian bridges and crossings to safely cross the busy Strip. 

Not only is walking free, but in our opinion, it is the best way to experience Las Vegas in 3 days.  


The Monorail connects with the MGM Grand Hotel with Sahara Hotel, offering convenient way to travel along the strip, with several stops at famous hotels and resorts.  

Price of a ticket starts at $5.50 for one ride or 1 –7-day pass, costing between $13.45 – $57.50. 

Stations are open between Monday to Sunday between 7am and 3am. 


Deuce and RTC (Regional Transportation Commission) buses run along the Strip and throughout Las Vegas Valley including famous landmarks such as Fremont Street, Las Vegas Strip, McCarren International Airport and Las Vegas.  

Tickets can be purchased at bus stops or from the RTC app. For further information on schedules and route information, you can check their website here.  

For a different experience you could take an open top bus tour of the Las Vegas Strip at night, or a hop on hop off bus tour. Here are our recommended experiences via bus:


One of the more expensive ways to get around, but with the likes of Uber, it is a convenient way to explore the city.  

If you do plan to travel by taxi, make sure you include this into your budget. 

Hiring a vehicle 

This is an excellent option if you plan to take a road trip around the USA or take a day trip.  

Most of the hotels, hostels and motels in Las Vegas include free parking or paid parking.  

Hiring a vehicle can provide flexibility and convenience, without relying on public transport. 


We often take walking tours or guided day trips to areas of interest. It is a great way to get a local’s perspective and knowledge of a city.  

A walking tour or guided tours, is a great way to learn to navigate a new city, that is unfamiliar.  

Here are some recommended tours in Las Vegas:

Affordable places to eat in Las Vegas 

Affordable places to eat in Las Vegas isn’t difficult to find. Choose places away from the Strip for lower prices, where you can still enjoy delicious meals.  

Diners, cafes and fast-food outlets offer affordable options. We enjoyed our first ever Shake Shack meal in Las Vegas. It was good food and affordable, keeping our budget to a minimum. 

We have written an entire post on where to eat in Las Vegas, so you can plan where you’ll eat over your 3 days. 

By planning your trip and choosing budget friendly options, you can enjoy a good meal in Las Vegas without breaking the bank.  

If you do wish to experience a luxury meal at one of the top restaurants, then include this in your budget.  

How to spend 3 days in Las Vegas on $100 a day or less. 

With some careful planning and budgeting, it is possible to spend $100 a day or less in this 3 days Las Vegas itinerary.  

As budget savvy travellers, we will break down the cost of a trip to Las Vegas and offer some tips on how you could make the most of the city on a limited budget. 


This is one of the biggest expenses of your trip. But by selecting budget friendly accommodation options off the Strip or downtown could save you some money.  

A hostel for the night will set you back around $28.00+ per night depending on the season of travel.  

Hostels offer dorm rooms in either a mixed, or same sex dorm. Some offer kitchen facilities to cook your own meals.  

Most rooms will include shared bathrooms, but there are limited private rooms with bathrooms for a price.  

If a hostel isn’t an option, you could consider B&B’s, motels or budget friendly hotels. These are more expensive, with a room starting at around $60.00 a night depending on the season.  

I loved my experience of staying in a hostel, not only because it kept costs to a minimum, but it was a very sociable atmosphere, sharing my experience with likeminded people.  

Budget – We would recommend setting a budget on accommodation for around $30.00 a night in a hostel  

Mid-range – $60.00 per night is ideal for a mid-range budget 

Food & Drink 

Choose budget friendly options such as diners, cafes and fast-food outlets. Breakfast and lunch are cheaper than an evening or dinner meal.  

Do some research on local supermarkets and their locations. Buy some groceries and make your own meals or picnics to keep costs to a minimum.  

Budget – An ideal budget on food and drink per person per day is around $30.00 

Mid-range – An ideal mid-range budget on food and drinks per person per day is around $40-$50. 


While public transport is exceptional in Las Vegas, the cheapest option to get around is on foot.  

The cities flat terrain makes it ideal to get out and walk between the hotels and tourist attractions.  

On our trip to Las Vegas, we walked everywhere, it kept our costs low and meant we could spend our money on other things, such as food and drink, accommodation or attractions.  

If public transport is the preferred option, then consider purchasing the travel card, which is available between 1 and 7 days.  

Budget – Set a realistic budget of $5.00 a day on transport.  

Mid-range – Set a realistic budget of $10.00 a day on transport 


Although Las Vegas is believed by many as an expensive place to visit, it is surprisingly budget friendly.  

Take advantage of free or low-cost entrance fees to many attractions and hotels, such as exploring the various hotels along the Strip, watch Bellagio fountain show, Bellagio Botanical Gardens,  

Set aside a budget for entertainment shows, museums and the casino.  

If spending money in the casino is an option, set a small limit and keep to that limit. 

Budget – $30.00 a day on entertainment 

Mid-range – $50.00 a day on entertainment 

Miscellaneous expenses 

We would recommend a small budget for miscellaneous expenses. This would include any unexpected or unplanned expenses.  

In the event of an emergency, you may need some extra cash, or you might take a spontaneous trip you hadn’t originally planned for.  

By having an emergency fund, or miscellaneous expenses, gives you some flexibility over your budget.  

Budget – We would recommend setting a budget of $5.00 a day for miscellaneous expenses.  

Mid-range – We would recommend setting aside around $10-$15.00 a day for miscellaneous expenses.

Need help with tracking your budget and spending in Las Vegas? Then download our FREE budget tracker. You can download it here.  

Estimated daily budget breakdown 

This budget is based on per person per day. 

Accommodation: $30.00 

Food and drinks: $30.00 

Transportation: $5.00 

Attractions: $30.00 

Miscellaneous: $5.00 

Total: $100.00 

So, how much will you need to save for a 3-day trip to Las Vegas? 

Not including flights, you should be looking at about $300.00 per person for 3 days.  

Providing you are mindful of your budget and how much you spend per day; it is possible to visit Las Vegas on $100.00 a day or less.  

Travelling from within the US or Europe? You will need to consider the cost of flights or how to get to Las Vegas. 

We travelled from New York City to Las Vegas, via a budget domestic airline. The flight was very basic with Spirit Airlines, but it was affordable.  

We would recommend using budget airlines and be flexible with your travel dates to find the best deals. 

Need more tips on how to travel on a budget and ways to save money while travelling? Then check out our detailed post on how to travel on a budget.  

You may find this also helpful, with planning your budget.  

Las Vegas Travel Costs

How much did you set as a budget? Did you manage to keep to the budget? Let us know how you got on in the comments below.  


It is possible to spend 3 days in Las Vegas on a budget, it just requires some planning and making savvy decisions.  

Being selective on where to stay, will save you money. Such as hostels or hotels off the main Las Vegas Strip, take advantage of free attractions and hopping between hotel and hotel.  

Walking will save on transportation costs and is far better for you and the environment. By saving $5.00 a day on transport costs, that’s $15.00 for the entire trip. Save this for further trips or use this on an experience. 

While Las Vegas has a reputation of a luxury travel destination, there are affordable options available. Explore the famous Strip, entertainment shows or just trying your luck in the casino, there is something for everyone on any budget.  

Don’t get deterred by the dollar signs, because you can still experience all that Sin City has to offer.  

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