If you’re planning an amazing trip to Las Vegas, then this 3 days in Las Vegas Itinerary is just for you. We share with you, all the highlights of the city packed over 3 amazing days, including day trips to the Grand Canyon, how to visit Las Vegas on a budget and more. 

A city that’s built in a desert, is packed with great entertainment, live shows, gambling, drinking, food and so much more. Plus, the only airport you’ll see slot machines. If you didn’t get enough gambling done before you leave, then here’s your chance. 

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3 days in Las Vegas Itinerary 

3 Days in Las Vegas is sufficient time to explore everything you need in Las Vegas, plus a day trip to the Grand Canyon. 

Budget travellers will find this sufficient with keeping costs to a minimum, but still having an amazing adventure. 

If you do wish to stay longer, then 5 days is plenty enough time. You really won’t need longer, unless you’re looking for relaxation beside the pool or to gamble for longer. 

So, let’s get into your 3 amazing days in Las Vegas Itinerary. 

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How to get to Las Vegas 

The nearest airport to Las Vegas is McCarran International Airport. 

Domestic and international flights arrive and depart from the airport regularly. 

On our last trip to Las Vegas, we flew from New York to Las Vegas via Spirit Airlines.  

Spirit Airlines are a budget airline, with very cheap domestic flights.   

Where to stay in Las Vegas 

Where you stay in Las Vegas is key. 

With only 3 days in Las Vegas, we would recommend staying on the strip. We stayed at Bellagio Hotel, which is in the perfect location to get around Las Vegas.  

Here are our recommendations on where to stay in Las Vegas: 


A Pricey hotel on the strip, but in a very good location as everything you’ll want to see is directly on the strip. 

The rooms are a great size, with large bathrooms with a bath and a separate shower. 

If you don’t want to leave your room, to see the Bellagio fountain, then either book a room with a view of the fountain ($45.00 extra per night for the privilege), or switch the tv channel to Bellagio fountain to watch it from your bed. 

Only a short walk from your room to watch the fountains with the crowds. 

The facilities at Bellagio are outstanding. With over 10+ restaurants, cafes and eating establishments, you certainly won’t go hungry. The pool is a good size with cabanas and sun beds waiting for a relaxing day by the pool. 

We enjoyed our stay at Bellagio and if you can splurge out on staying here, then you’ll definitely enjoy visiting Las Vegas. 

But here are some other options on places to stay in Las Vegas:

Bellagio Hotel
Bellagio Hotel

Day one of your amazing 3 days in Las Vegas 

Start bright and early, as this will be the quietest time to explore Las Vegas. And this will be a long day wandering from hotel to hotel on the strip. 

Las Vegas Sign 

Cost: free 

Start at the most southerly tip of the strip at the Las Vegas sign. Get here very early, as you could be in a queue waiting to take your picture if left any later. 

Built in 1959, with the most famous part of the sign at the front “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” while the opposite side of the sign reads “Drive Carefully, Come Back Soon”. 

Take some pictures and some selfies of you with the sign. 

You shouldn’t need to spend too long here. 

Make your way to Mandalay Bay, it will be a 10-minute walk from there.  

Las Vegas sign
Las Vegas sign

Mandalay Bay 

Walk about 10 minutes back to Mandalay Bay and explore the hotel and casino, but remember not to spend too much. 

Opened in March 1999 and famous for holding some of the best shows including the Broadway show Chicago, followed by Mama Mia, then the Lion King and now hosts Michael Jackson: One took over.  

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson, then book a show with prices starting at $69.00. 

Travelling with young children? Take them around Shark Reef Aquarium, they’ll love it. Well, you adults will also love the experience. Prices for adults start at $29.00. 

Things to do in Mandalay Bay: Casino, Michael Jackson Show, Shark Reef Aquarium, restaurants, bars and clubs. 

Only spend a couple of hours here, as we have plenty to do on day one. 

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Catch the free tram from Mandalay Bay to Luxor. 

Take a step to Egypt, with the colossal pyramid. 

Wander the hotel and casino spotting the multitude of Egyptian statues and exhibits that are fascinating and educational. 

The main two exhibits at the Luxor are, the Human Body and The Titanic Artifacts. 

Prices start at $32.00 for the Titanic Artifacts. The original artifacts are on display over 25,000 square feet of space.  

On display are some of the passenger’s luggage, the ship’s whistle, floor tiles from the first-class smoking room, an unopened bottle of champagne with a 1900 vintage, just to name a few. 

Pulled up from the bottom of the North Atlantic Sea, is part of the Titanics hull.  

Experience what it may have been like in the full-scale re-creation of the Grand Staircase, plus the new expanded outer Promenade Deck, where you can feel the freezing temperatures felt on that fateful night. 

The exhibition will take you on a journey. 

Learn more about our human body at this exhibition. Admission starts at $32.00.  

Real bodies on display. Providing you with a close look inside the skeletal, muscular, respiratory and circulatory systems. 

After a long morning, it’s time to have lunch. 

Things to do in Luxor: The Titanic Exhibition, The Human Body exhibition, casino, bars and clubs, restaurants and cafes.  

Feeling hungry after a long day, then check out these places to eat in Luxor: Pyramid Café, The Buffet at Luxor, Backstage Café. 

New York New York 

It’s pretty clear why this is the New York New York Hotel and Casino.  

When you walk into the hotel, you’ll no longer feel like you’re in Las Vegas, but in New York.  

Enjoy the New York skyline with the replica Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and Statue of Liberty. 

If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker, then make a point of taking on the rollercoaster, that will wiz you around New York.  

If taking on a rollercoaster isn’t your thing, then enjoy the Big Apple Arcades.  

Only spend a couple of hours here, before taking the tram to your next stop. 

Things to do in New York New York: The Big Apple Rollercoaster, The Big Apple Arcade, casino, bars and clubs, restaurants and cafes.    

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The famous Bellagio hotel that featured in Oceans 11 movie. 

What makes the hotel stand out, is that large water fountain at the front of the hotel, that’s synchronized with music.  

A popular attraction, with throngs of passers-by watching the fountain spray the water up in the air to music.  

Get there before the next show, as it becomes very crowded.  

Enjoy the interior of the hotel with stunning glass blown flowers hanging from the ceiling. Wander around the Bellagio botanical garden, with different themes throughout the year. 

Time for a bit of gambling either at the tables, or at the slot machines. It certainly gets the adrenaline pumping, even winning a couple of $s on the slots. 

Take on a Cirque du Soleil show, with the aquatic show ‘O’ at Bellagio.  

It’s been a long day, enjoy something to eat at Bellagio Hotel, relax before heading back to your hotel to get ready for a night on the town. 

Don’t stay up too late, as you’ll be up extra early for your day trip to the Grand Canyon. 

Things to do in Bellagio: Bellagio Fountain, Cirque du Soleil ‘O’, casino, bar and clubs, restaurants and cafes. 

Places to eat in Bellagio: The Buffet at Bellagio, Noodles, Sadelle’s. 

Casino in Bellagio - something you must do on your 3 days in Las Vegas
Casino in Bellagio – something you must do on your 3 days in Las Vegas


Tonight’s the night to experience Las Vegas nightlife. 

Visiting a thumping club, or just enjoying a few drinks beside the pool.  

Bars and clubs to visit in Las Vegas:  

Caesars Palace: Alto Bar, Numb Bar & Frozen Cocktails, Omnia Nightclub, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, Vista Cocktail Lounge 

Paris Las Vegas: Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop. 

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Day two of your amazing 3 days in Las Vegas 

Today is going to be early rise and a long day, with a day trip to the Grand Canyon. 

Grand Canyon 

Get up early and be at the pickup point. 

Depending on which tour you have booked and to which rim, you’ll be taken by your guide to two points. 

Make the most of this time to really enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon. The bright colours of the rock are layered depending on when they were formed over the years. 

The Grand Canyon is a whopping 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, at a depth of 1 mile and the Colorado River flowing between the 2-million-year-old canyon. 

At each stop on the rim, you’ll have the chance to admire the view and take photos, before meeting your guide to take you back to your hotel. 

This is a very long day, but worth it. 

Unless requested otherwise, you won’t be provided with an evening meal. 

On your return, have some food at your hotel, before you head out for your final day in Las Vegas. 

You can book a Grand Canyon tour here:

Great day trip to the Grand Canyon
Great day trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Day three of your 3 days in Las Vegas 

After a long day yesterday, take the morning to relax by the pool. 

In the afternoon, explore the remain hotels in this itinerary.  

Caesars Palace 

One of the older hotels on the strip compared to the hotels we have visited over the previous days. 

This is the place to see some of the very best shows including Adele, Usher, Sting, Van Morrison and the comedian Jeff Dunham. What a line up. 

The main entrance to the hotel represents the Coliseum, while the pool area is modelled as Roman Baths, so don’t get confused with your location. You’re definitely not in Italy. 

Explore the hotel and admire the statues on display, many of them have been imported from Italy. Look out for the main statue of Julius Caesar, with other Roman emperors on display. 

Enjoy a bit of gambling on the tables or the slot machines, before you take your connecting flight. 

Retail shopping is necessary at Caesars Palace before your impending return. 

Things to do in Caesars Palace: Shows, gambling, casino, bars and clubs, restaurants and cafes. 

Places to eat in Caesars Palace: Forum Food Hall, Pronto by Giada. 


Another Italian style hotel, but this one is based on Venice with gondola rides and Venice landmarks.  

Kids will love the minus5 degrees ice experience, for those adults that’s not played poker before, then take up a lesson. That way, you should hopefully win a few hands, when placing a bet at the tables. 

Buy some souvenirs at the shopping mall at the Venetian, or stay fit with a Canyon Ranch Fitness workout.  

There’s plenty more to do here, that will keep you entertained for an entire day. But sadly, you do need to move on, so pick the best things you want to do in the Venetian, on your final day. 

Things to do in the Venetian: Gondola ride, minus5 degree experience, nightlife, Gaming lesson, Shopping, fitness class, rock climbing, spa treatment, Madame Tussauds, Virtual Room, casino, restaurants and cafes. 

Paris Las Vegas 

The last hotel to visit in our last day of our 3-day Las Vegas itinerary.  

Take a romantic stroll in Paris and climb the Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe. Don’t worry there isn’t as many stairs compared to the real thing. 

A more relax hotel vibe and so much to do in the hotel, despite it being right on the strip. But still worth exploring. 

Don’t spend too long here, before heading back to your room to relax and pack before catching your flight home. 

Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas
Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas

How to visit Las Vegas on a budget 

So, we have provided you with the 3 days in Las Vegas itinerary, but we haven’t got into the most important part of this. How much will it cost me to visit Las Vegas for 3 days and how to visit Las Vegas on a budget. 

Firstly, Las Vegas can be expensive! Especially when you calculate your hotel stay, cost for any flights you might need to take, eating out in Las Vegas. What about the shows and gambling, it will all add up and before you know it, you have spent more than what you were expecting. 

But it really doesn’t have to be expensive. It is simple to actually travel to Las Vegas on a tight budget. Check out our post on How to visit Las Vegas on a Budget. 

We break everything down, so you can set a tight budget and how you can keep to it. 

When to visit Las Vegas 

In our experience, you can visit Las Vegas at any time of the year. 

During the summer months, it can get really hot and busy, while the shoulder months of spring and autumn and the winter months are far cooler and less crowded. 

Of course, travelling during the shoulder months and winter months are cheaper too. If you’re looking to visit Las Vegas on a budget, then this is when you’re best to travel. 

Families may prefer travelling during the school holidays. 

Before you travel, check if there’s any big events happening in Vegas. Not only will this determine the price of accommodation, as prices will increase, but is it an event you will want to see? 

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Packing list 

When you travel will ultimately determine what type of clothing you’ll need to pack. 

But it’s not just clothing you’ll need to consider. You’ll need to include all relevant documents for your travel such as passport, tickets, visa’s etc. 

Check out our comprehensive guide on what to pack for a trip to the USA. We have everything you need to pack.  


This simple 3-day itinerary to Las Vegas, is packed with so much to do in such a short time. But we have taken all that stress of planning away. All you now need to do is book your flights and accommodation, pack your suitcases and just think about the wonderful experience you’ll have in Las Vegas. 

If you find that 3 days isn’t enough time for you, why not extend this to 5 days and just spend more time beside the pool, or enjoy a pool party or two. 

We hope you love Las Vegas as much as we do and hope to see you there the next time we go. 

Have you visited Las Vegas? How long did you stay? Is there somewhere you visited in Las Vegas that you feel should be included in this itinerary? Then let us know, by leaving a comment below. 

If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it. 

3 Days in Las Vegas itinerary
3 Days in Las Vegas itinerary
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