Things to do in Niagara Falls from the USA side

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We departed from Washington DC after breakfast, with the journey to Niagara Falls taking about 7-8 hours via coach. We arrived at Niagara Falls in the late afternoon. The Falls can been seen from both the USA and Canadian side. We personally viewed the Falls from the USA side. We have heard that the views from the Canadian side is better than the USA side. We can’t comment on this as we haven’t been to Canada yet, however the USA side was amazing. We visited the Falls twice, once in the evening and into the night when we arrived, and then again the next day. This was amazing to be able to see it in the different lights of day. When we arrived late afternoon, it was growing dark. The first thing we noticed was the rushing water flowing over the ridge. The water seems different when seeing it when the light is growing darker. The detail of the water flowing is so easy to see, yet so hard to comprehend how that is even possible with the light conditions. We personally would advised to stay their till sundown and into the night like we did. The night time is lovely and gives the first insight of the falls at dusk and into the night. The light beams from across the water onto the falls, gives it a different feel. It seems to give of a more relaxing surrounding.

Niagara Falls

As we were on tour, they took us back to the falls the following day, for the boat trip and to see the Falls in day light. Now the mist can be seen bouncing upward as the water falls over the ridge of the falls. We would advising taking the trip on ‘The Maid of the Mist’, the boat gets you up close to the falls including the arch. Ponchos are given out when boarding the boat and this really is a must unless you are happy to get wet.

The Canadian side also do ‘The Maid of the Mist’ and as we have been told the views are better. From our understanding, it is also possible to walk under the Falls. When we do travel Canada, we will be visiting Niagara Falls again. We would recommend visiting Niagara Falls, be it from the USA side of the Canadian side.

Niagara Falls

Getting Around

There are buses and trains which take you close to the falls. The services do run regularly. We went through a tour group, in which we covered Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Niagara Falls. if you can budget for this, we would suggest this being the better way to see it, as it is all organised for you.

Niagara Falls

Food and drink

There are only a few places to eat from pub food, Indian, and pizza around the falls area.

Places to stay

Niagara Falls offers a few places to stay from B&B’s and hostels to luxury hotels. America have any a motel, which are great to stay in. We stayed in a varied accommodation which were 3 star motels. These are reasonably cheap and a comfortable stay, and some can be better than expected. The size of our motel room, consisted of two double beds, for three of us to sleep.

We have heard the views of Niagara Falls are better from the Canadian side, and whilst you are there admiring the views, why not explore Toronto with this 3 day itinerary.

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Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls