23 Best beaches in Australia

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Australia is famous for their beaches, with white sand and clear cool waters, perfect for a relaxing day beside the seaside, or a family fun day in the sun.  

But with thousands of miles of coastline and your only visiting Australia for a short period, you’ll want to choose to visit the best beaches Australia has to offer. 

Being British, we don’t have a lot of choice when it comes to beaches and the weather isn’t always predictable. Don’t get us wrong, we do have some lovely beaches on the west coast of the UK. But where I grew up, it is more a seaside resort, with a shingle beach.  

So, when I had the chance to visit Australia on a gap year, I fell in love with the beaches in Australia. I visited some of the most famous beaches, such as Bondi Beach, beaches on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in Queensland. This was so much better than relaxing on our beaches back home.  

If you are keen on watersports, such as surfing, swimming and other water sports, then Australia is perfect for that too. Go diving or snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, before it’s too late. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s explore some of the best beaches in Australia! 

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Best beaches in Australia 

For such a large country, it would only be practical to break each beach location into their respective states. This will help you to plan a trip to the beach.  

Best beaches in Western Australia 

Sadly, I never made it over to Western Australia, but there are some amazing beaches that I would love to visit, maybe the next time I am in Australia: 

Lucky Beach in Esperance

If you are searching for the whitest sand in Australia then look no further than Lucky Beach in Esperance, Western Australia.

This beach is officially home to the whitest sand in Australia and the white sand also means that the water here is a ludicrous shade of blue. As it is located in Cape Le Grand National Park. It is completely surrounded by untouched nature making it such an epic beach to visit in Australia.

We have travelled the whole way around mainland Australia and Tasmania and Lucky Bay is easily one of the best in the country.

As well as being stunningly beautiful to look at, another reason we love this beach so much is that the local kangaroos spend their days hopping up and down the beach and lying in the sand, baking in the sun.

They are so used to people being around that they will often come right up to you so they can get a better look at you. It’s an incredible experience to see these wonderful animals up close and with such a pretty backdrop.

Beach in Esperance, Western Australia
Beach in Esperance, Western Australia

To make the most of your experience we recommend camping in the campsite that overlooks Lucky Bay. Waking up in the morning to these views is special and, just like on the beach, you’ll see kangaroos hopping through the campsite all day.

It gets booked out quickly in the summer so you often need to book months in advance.

While the beach can get quite busy, especially on the weekends, it is so large that if you are willing to walk for a few minutes you will find your own secluded spot on the beach.

This is a truly magical place and an absolute bucket list destination in Australia

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Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay is 60km north-west of Exmouth in Cape Range National Park in Western Australia.

Undeniably, it is one of the best beaches in Australia, and it is open all year-round. At Turquoise Bay, you will find beautiful blue, warm water, and fine white sand. It feels like you are in paradise because there are usually little to no crowds to relax on the beach.

Other than relaxing, the best thing you can do is snorkel because Turquoise Bay is within swimming distance to the incredible Ningaloo Reef. The Ningaloo Reef is a sanctuary zone, and you need to take extra care when visiting.

It is one of the best land-based snorkelling sites in the world.

Turquise Bay has white sandy beaches, making this one of the best beaches to visit in Australia
Turquoise Bay

Therefore, this beach is Australia’s best-kept secret because it proves you do not have to pay for a boat tour to witness sensational coral.

If you are lucky, you may be able to see turtles, squid, reef sharks, as well as over 500 species of colourful fish. However, one thing you do need to be aware of is the strong current.

It is a good idea to start your drift snorkelling experience at the southern end and let the current take you to the northern part and exit before the sandbar.

The best time to visit would be between April and November before the summer heat kicks in.

What’s more, if you visit between April and June, you may be able to see the Whale Sharks that migrate to this area. You will not be disappointed with a visit to Turquoise Beach.

It is regularly named one of the best beaches in Australia. Can you understand why?

Contributed by Rachel from Average Lives

James Price Point

Broome is probably most well known for its famous Cable Beach, however just 45 minutes north of Broome you will find a beautiful spot that is off the usual tourist radar.

James Price Point, located off Cape Leveque Rd, has become iconic on social media for photos of its towering red pindan cliffs along the beach.  

Relatively unknown a few years ago, it is now becoming more popular as a spot for day trips and free camping.

Picture long stretches of virtually empty beaches, with rockpools, fishing spots and opportunities for snorkelling galore. The beach is stunning, with the red cliffs giving way to soft white sand, untouched apart from the occasional 4wd track along the sand.

If you time your visit right too, you might be able to see whales migrating along the coast around September.

James Price Point
James Price Point

To access this area, a 4wd or 2wd SUV is recommended as the road down to the Point is unsealed. However if you drive sensibly and watch out for the corrugations you should be able to get there in almost any car.

As James Price Point is completely undeveloped, you will need to bring everything with you for your beach or camping trip. Pack a picnic, your snorkels, beach towels and plenty of water and make a day of it.

All in all, James Price Point is a natural wonder and one of those few places left that are truly undeveloped and untouched by humans.

James Price Point is definitely worth a visit on your next trip to Broome in Australia’s North West.

Contributed by Tess from Tessomewhere

One of the best ways to explore Australia, is on a road trip. Not only are road trips adaptable, but it’s a great way to explore more of the country and some of the best beaches in Australia. Why not take a road trip around WA South West, with this 9 day road trip from Perth.

Best beaches in South Australia 

Visiting South Australia? Then head to these best beaches: 

Blowhole Beach

Nestled between rolling hills, you’ll find Blowhole Beach 90 minutes south of Adelaide on the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula. It is not the easiest beach to access but adventurous travellers will be rewarded with a beautiful beach that feels secluded and has wonderful views.

Blowhole Beach is in the Deep Creek Conservation Park, and park fees apply.

Deep Creek is characterised by rugged coastal scenery and has over 20 walks that take you to everything from forests and waterfalls to great beaches – like Blowhole Beach.

Part of Blowhole’s fun is getting there. If you have a 4WD you can take a steep track down to the beach carpark otherwise it is a 3km return walk from the top car park. The walk down is ok but getting back up will get you puffing!

Blowhole Beach is surrounded by rolling hills but easy to access making this a great beach in Australia
Blowhole Beach

Whether you walk or drive, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of nearby Kangaroo Island and plenty of wildlife. Kangaroos graze on the hills and by the side of the track to the beach. Look out for dolphins in the bay and, in winter, you might spot a whale.

The beach is popular for surfing and rock fishing. You can swim and snorkel but brace yourself for cool water and watch for currents.

Really, this is one of those beaches where you’ll just want to relax on the sand and take in the views. If you visit outside of school holidays, you’re with a good chance of getting the place to yourself.

Other walks pass through the beach. A longer hike down to the beach and through the adjacent gullies starts at the top carpark. South Australia’s famous 1200km Heysen Trail also passes through.

The only facilities are a picnic ground at the top car park; you’ll need to bring everything else you want with you. Because it is a national park dogs are not permitted. There is a campground near the top car park too. 

Contributed by Natalie & Steve of Curious Campers

Vivonne Bay

Located in South Australia, Vivonne Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on Kangaroo Island.

KI, as the locals affectionately call it, is known for its stunning natural landmarks. No matter where you go, you will be blown away by the beauty of all these places. 

But when it comes to stunning white sandy beaches, it doesn’t get any better than Vivonne Bay.

It’s situated in the southern part of the island, between Little Sahara and Flinders Chase National Park. The best way to get there is by car. 

As you’re driving on the main road, you will see a sign indicating the beach. Turn on to the small dirt road until you reach the car park. From there, walk down the little sandy path and you will be on the beach.

You do not need a 4WD to reach the beach but if you are driving a 2WD make sure to drive slowly and be careful.

Vivonne Bay
Vivonne Bay

Although it’s a fairly small beach, it is absolutely stunning. The sand is white and soft and the water is incredibly blue. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

It’s completely safe to swim there and the water is pretty shallow which makes it perfect for families. 

It’s also a popular spot for snorkelling and fishing. You should be able to spot some locals fishing on their boat. 

The amenities are very limited so make sure to bring food and water. If you like camping, you will be in for a treat. Vivonne Bay campground is one of the best camping spots on the island!

Contributed by Pauline from BeeLove City

Best beaches in Victoria 

These are just some of the best beaches that you can find in Victoria: 

Cape Conran

Cape Conron is located 401 kilometres east of Melbourne in Far East Gippsland.

Cape Conron is one of the more unknown Gippsland attractions.

Cape Conron is an area of rugged coastlines, turbulent seas and pristine sand beaches. It’s split into 2 different areas with beaches at both East Cape and West Cape.

The facilities are basic at best with a car park and toilets at each location. The nearest town and shop is 30 kilometres away in Marlo.

The beaches at Conron are popular with surfers looking to catch some quality waves and fishermen who cast a line off the beach chasing Salmon and sometimes bigger prey.

Cape Conron
Cape Conron

The white sand beaches on Conron seem to stretch on as far as the eye can see. On most days (besides school holidays) you will be one of only a handful of people on the beach.

The conditions of the water change dramatically from the east to west capes. It can be rough at East Cape and calm at the West Cape.

The ocean has a mostly sandy bottom and is good for swimmers with some ocean experience.

Cape Conron beaches are not patrolled by surf lifesavers. This gives you the feeling of having the place all to yourselves, there are not many places in the world this beautiful, this isolated and this uncrowded. 

Contributed by Mark from Wyld Family Travel

Beach Number 16, Rye

Australia is filled with beautiful and unique beaches. Many beaches have barely been touched and whilst some appear to be on the beaten tourist route, they’re relatively unknown.

The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria is well known to locals and tourists but there are many beaches that are still considered hidden gems and Beach Number 16 in Rye is one of those beaches.

At first glance this beach seems similar to other beaches in the Mornington Peninsula beautiful colours, natural rock pools and soft white sand.

However, if you look a little closer you will see the stunning Dragon’s Head. This is what really sets this beach apart. And yes, it is a rock formation that looks just like a Dragon’s Head.

Beach Number 16, Rye
Beach Number 16, Rye

The secret to visiting the Dragon’s Head is to visit an hour or so after low tide. If you visit at low tide you will be a little early but if you visit at high tide you will miss the magic of this beach.

A little after low tide the waves begin to rush over the rock platform on which the Dragon’s Head sits and creates the most beautiful waterfall around the Dragon’s Head.

The best thing about the evening low tide is it fits in with sunset and you are provided with the soft golden hour lighting and water cascading over the rock platform creating an ocean waterfall.

Beach Number 16 is relatively isolated and there are no shops or food places within walking distance so, grab the beach umbrella, a picnic and your camera and settle in for a perfect summer’s afternoon.

Besides swimming, one of the best things to do at the Dragon’s Head is to explore the rock pools and the reefs that are hidden within!

Contributed by Fiona at Travelling Thirties

Best beaches in Queensland 

I use to live on the outskirts of Brisbane, during my year in Australia. 

I was perfectly placed between the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Both offer amazing beaches along the eastern coast of Australia.  

But there were so many other beaches I missed out on while I was there. Needless to say, we haven’t excluded them from these best beaches in Queensland.  

Nude Beach – Fitzroy Island

Found in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Nudey Beach is a tropical haven.

Located on Fitzroy Island, off the coast of Cairns, this beautiful destination has it all. The beach itself is made from coral skeletons, swept in from the Great Barrier Reef so it’s a good idea not to leave your shoes too far from the waterline, as it can be quite sharp on your feet.

Surrounding this unique beach is a dense tree line making you feel like you are on a deserted island.

But what Nudey Beach is best known for is its marine wildlife. Just a few feet into the water and you are on the Great Barrier Reef.

We visited the Great Barrier Reef from quite a few areas but, this was probably one of our favourites. It was teeming with life and had so much colour, which surprised us because of how close it was to the shore. At one point, we even saw a harmless reef shark.

Nude Beach Fitzroy Island
Nude Beach Fitzroy Island

While you’re here, you can also rent a kayak or paddleboard to explore the area in a different way.

The island does guided-tours, or you can go off on your own to see what you can find around the island.

We would also recommend visiting one of the local bars to grab a spot of lunch if you can pull yourselves away from all the fun.

To get to Nudey Beach, you have to catch a ferry from Cairns to Fitzroy Island. It is best to pre-book this to make sure you get a space.

Once you reach Fitzroy Island, you will be overwhelmed by the number of things to do. There is a map as you walk off the jetty to help locate where you want to go, and there are also desks dotted around, so if you need any help just ask.

Nudey Beach is only a short walk from the jetty, but you may get side-tracked by all the breath-taking sights along the way. Give yourself a minimum of 1 day to explore this beautiful place as you don’t want to be rushing it.

Contributed byNesha at Niche Travelling

Fraser Island

When the topic of “best beaches in Australia” comes up, one must mention the largest sand island in the world—Fraser Island, or K’gari in the indigenous language. Quite literally, the entire island is one giant beach.

Giant sand dunes intertwine with freshwater streams, mangrove trees, and white sand beaches melting into turquoise water.

June and July are the coldest months–at a “frigid” 22°C/72°F— Fraser Island area is a year-round beach destination.

Fraser Island
Fraser Island

Although not a part of Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach is on the mainland just south of the island and is considered the island’s southern gateway.

The beach gets its name from the rainbow-colored sand that illuminates beautifully when the light hits it just right.

Rainbow Beach also offers horseback riding, scuba diving, and skydiving, as well as more laidback activities like fishing and kayaking. 

Once you have arrived on Fraser Island, you’ll more than likely be aware of 75 Mile Beach. 75 Mile Beach is known for being the island’s “highway” for off-road vehicles.

Along the way, you’ll come across the Maheno shipwreck, the multi-colored sand cliffs known as The Pinnacles, and Champagne Pools.

While 75 Mile Beach is gorgeous and exciting, it is not the safest for swimming, due to strong currents, jellyfish, and sharks. Alternatively, Champagne Pools offers a nice place to relax in the ocean’s sea bubbles. 

A much safer, and very unique, beach option on Fraser Island is Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora).

As mentioned, Fraser Island is a sand island. That means even the center of the island has sandy beaches. Lake McKenzie is a crystal-clear freshwater lake surrounded by white, silica sand.

It is also left fairly undisturbed by rubbish because no food or drink are allowed near the lake due to resident dingoes.   

Fraser Island
Fraser Island

Finally, my favorite part of Fraser Island—the beaches of the remote west coast. Now I may be just a bit biased here. The west coast has some sentimental meaning to me.

The west side of Fraser Island, just north of Kingfisher Bay Resort, is where I proposed to my wife while we were studying abroad during our university years (she said, “yes”). 

Several years later (2019), we were able to bring our three daughters to Fraser Island for an epic adventure. 

There is the option to book a remote adventure on the west coast that includes whale watching—and in the right conditions, the opportunity to swim with whales.

We were some of the lucky ones and spent some time in the water with our fellow mammals. Then we relaxed a bit laying on the pristine, untouched beaches and kayaking in freshwater streams. 

The English translation of “K’gari” is “paradise”. No matter which side of Fraser Island you’re on, or even if you’re smack dab in the middle, the magnificent beaches make it easy to see what those who walked on its shores so long ago saw. Paradise, indeed!

Contributed by Jeramie Eginoire at The Wondering Firefighter

Snapper Rocks

Located on Queensland’s Gold Coast, at the southern end of Rainbow Bay to be specific. Snapper Rocks is a point break forming the first part of the Queensland’s man-made Super-bank, which extends from Snapper Rocks Point, through Rainbow Bay, Greenmount Point, Coolangatta Beach, and Kirra for 1.5 miles (2 km), creating one of the longest wave rides in the world, a must-do for experienced surfers.

Snapper Rocks was created about 20 millions years ago thanks to a volcano eruption, which used to accumulate the sand and deposit it along the coastline.

In 1995, a system that dredges the deposited sand from the river was installed, pumped it to the other side and creating, little by little, the previously mentioned super bank. 

The Superbank sandbar is well known as one of the most consistent breaks in Australia, and the location of the annual World Surf Leagues’ Quicksilver and Roxy Pros.

Despite the amount of people that visits, it still offers a lot of fun in the water, especially for surfers, thanks to its barrels, aerial rams and wave faces. 

It is also a popular beach for swimming, thanks to its protected location, as well as for fishing. A nice place to watch the sunset over the Gold Coast of Australia.

Contributed by Selene at she is wanderlust

Main Beach

Main Beach is located on the northern end of Australia’s Gold Coast. 

There are dozens of beautiful beaches along the south-east Queensland, northern New South Wales coastline; but Main Beach is special.

Because it gives visitors, and locals, the opportunity to experience everything from quiet beach time to more adrenalin pumping activities like jet-boat rides and parasailing.  

If you’re looking for a pristine experience, then take the beach walk leading to the Gold Coast Seaway.  On one side there’s the rolling surf coming off the vibrantly blue Pacific Ocean; on the other side you’re flanked by the olive green of the coastal Casuarina Trees. 

It’s the only beach on the Gold Coast that isn’t completely dominated by high-rise buildings.

Main Beach
Main Beach

Then return along the Federation Walk Coastal Reserve track behind the dunes to see and hear the local wildlife.  You’ll see wrens, and if you’re lucky, the odd kangaroo.

The beauty about Main Beach is its close proximity to the Broadwater; which is a large, protected area of calm water that’s great for kayaking and swimming all year round. 

Definitely good for families with younger children.

Sea World is nearby, with theme park rides, shows and an opportunity to see sharks, rays, dolphins, seals, penguins and a whole range of sea life up close. 

When you’re there, make sure you see the Shark Bay exhibit with its magical display of tropical fish, sharks and other reef dwellers.

Those looking for a bit more action, there are jet-boat rides, scenic helicopter flights and parasailing along the Broadwater.  

Top of the ‘must-do’ activities is the Aquaduck Tour.  This large amphibious vehicle takes visitors along the road to the boat ramp and then drives into the water to emerge a few kilometres away.  Definitely a unique experience.

There are a number of dining precincts within close distance of Main Beach. For the best alfresco dining head to Tedder Avenue, with Domanis Café Restaurant and Bar worth a stopover.

Just down from Sea World, there’s Mariner’s Cover Marina with world class seafood restaurants like Omeros Brothers Seafood Restaurant.  The barbeque Moreton Bay Bug Tails is their signature dish.

Main Beach
Main Beach

If you’re not into 5-star dining, there’s always Peters Fish Market; an institution on the Gold Coast. No frills! You queue up, put an order in, grab a bench and enjoy the freshest, tastiest fish and chips ever.

Next time you’re in the area, don’t pass up an opportunity to experience all that Main Beach has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Contributed by Keith at Travellin Lite

Palm Cove

The Sunshine State of Queensland is home to some of the best beaches in Australia. From turquoise blue waters to the Great Barrier Reef almost touching the sand’s edge, you can’t go wrong when choosing a beach to spend the day at in Australia.

Although Australia is home to over 10,000 beaches, there are a few that make the best beaches list, and Palm Cove in Tropical North Queensland is one of them. 

Palm Cove
Palm Cove

Located 30-minutes north of Cairns, Palm Cove is a beach like no other. With palm trees lining the beach and esplanade, whether you want to lay in the sun or lounge in the shade, you can definitely find a spot underneath the gorgeous palms.

Although this beach is located in Tropical North Queensland and is known to have resident crocodiles and stingers, there are nets you can swim in to keep you safe.

The weather can get very warm in Tropical North Queensland so it’s hard not to go swimming at this awesome beach!

Now, swimming isn’t the only fun thing you can do here. If you want an adventure, head to the north end of the beach, hire a kayak, and paddle out to Double Island and marvel at the underwater world that is Double Island Reef and Haycock Reef from above!

Contributed by Jasmine at Kiwi Talks Travel

Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach is the ideal Australian beach for families and those looking to enjoy peaceful waves.

As one of the only north-facing beaches along Australia’s awe-inspiring coastline, Noosa Main is located just across the boardwalk leading from Hastings Street in Noosa Heads.

With gentle waves brushing up against the scenic shore, Noosa Main Beach is the best place around the area for beginners to learn how to surf.

All year round, this Australian beach’s waves remain safe for swimming, but just in case you are worried, Noosa Main Beach is patrolled every day during the year.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy this magnificent beach, including swimming, fishing, surfing, sipping cocktails, or meandering into the neighboring areas.

Noosa Main Beach
Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach sits only steps away from the hustle and bustle found along nearby Hastings Street. Here you can explore the picturesque town popular for its shopping and eating scene.

If you are planning to stay in the area, you can find plenty of accommodation options along Hastings Street as well.

Because of its beauty, this beach can become crowded during the summer months.

However, Noosa Main Beach and the surrounding area’s charm will make your refreshing beach adventure worth it no matter what time of year you visit.

To avoid the crowds, arrive early in the morning or late afternoon when you can enjoy a spectacular sunrise or sunset.

Contributed by Ellie from Ellie’s Travel Tips

Whitehaven Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, and even across the world, is Whitehaven Beach. 

Located on Whitsunday Island, the largest of the 74 islands in the Whitsunday region, you’ll find over 7km of soft white sand beach surrounded by perfect turquoise water at the famous Whitehaven Beach.

What makes Whitehaven Beach so special is its distinctive swirling sand pattern which can best be viewed by climbing the ~10 minutes up to Hill Inlet Lookout.

Being located on an island off the main coast of Australia and yet a very popular area to explore, there are a lot of ways to visit Whitehaven Beach. The easiest and most affordable way is to take a day trip to the Whitsunday Islands from Airlie Beach.  From Airlie Beach you will find plenty of options from snorkeling trips to simply cruising around this perfect island. 

Keep in mind that Whitsunday Island is uninhabited and fully protected by its National and Marine Park status.  This not only helps keep Whitehaven Beach truly pristine, but also limits extended stays at the island.

Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach

If you have more time and a higher budget, you can also consider taking a multi-day adventure to explore more of the beautiful Whitsunday islands. There are a lot of cruises and private charter options available from the mainland. 

No matter which option you choose, you will not want to miss the stunning Whitehaven Beach. 

Contributed by Julia at The Cure for Curiosity

Mooloolaba Beach

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is blessed with a coastline of beautiful beaches, and there’s a beach suitable for all kinds of travellers.

If you’re looking for a beach with excellent facilities, fantastic surf and one that’s suitable for families, Mooloolaba Beach is a top choice.

Mooloolaba Beach is across the road from Mooloolaba Esplanade, a popular shopping, dining and accommodation strip.

One of Mooloolaba Beach’s advantages is the apartment blocks are set back from the beach, allowing everyone to see and enjoy the ocean even if you can’t afford to stay right on the beach.

Restaurants and bars cater to all budgets, and those on a tight budget can take advantage of the beachfront barbeque facilities. 

Mooloolaba Beach
Mooloolaba Beach

There are plenty of self-service apartments on the strip, making it convenient to step out of your unit, take a few steps and be down at the beach. 

One of the reason why Mooloolaba Beach is one of the best Sunshine Coast beaches is because the surfing conditions are excellent. 

The beach is the home turf of the Surf Club in Mooloolaba, where lifeguards are on patrol. The Surf Club has an excellent modern Australian bistro where you can dine while gazing at big ovean views.

It’s also a popular destination for locals to go to listen to live music over a few drinks.

Between the sand and the road, there is plenty of seating for a family barbeque, a playground for younger children, and a public toilet with the best view in Queensland, known as the ‘loo with a view’. 

Not far from the beachfront, a shaded timber walkway leads to Mooloolaba Spit, where there is a quieter strip of beach and several seafood eateries that sell fresh seafood straight of the trawlers. Make sure you try some Mooloolaba prawns.

Contributed by Christina at Travel 2 Next

Best beaches in New South Wales 

There are some famous beaches in New South Wales and I spent many days down at Bondi Beach, soaking up the sun.

Bondi Beach is only a short distance from Sydney, making it a perfect day trip from the city.

But there are other famous beaches, which we include: 

Manly Beach

Sydney is surrounded by some of the best beaches in Australia, including the very well-known Bondi Beach. Of course a visit to this beach and a swim in the famous Bondi Icebergs should be on everyone’s bucket list, but have you heard of Manly Beach?

Here are recommendations for Manly Beach and things to see, eat, and do in Sydney! 

Located in the Manly neighborhood of Sydney, about 30 minutes north of the city center, Manly Beach is one of the most underrated beaches in Australia.

First, along the beach is the quaint neighborhood of Manly, full of tons of restaurants, bars, and shops. The charming cafes and stylish boutiques here make Manly the perfect day trip. There’s also impressive street art everywhere.

Second, the beach is 1.4 km long and full of some of the whitest sand in the northern beaches, making it ideal for events. I watched a USA Women’s Volleyball tournament on this beach once.

Manly Beach
Manly Beach

Third, the tree-lined promenade along this beach is the perfect place for a walk or bike ride. If you’re interested in visiting Manly, the best way to do so is by ferry from Circular Quay in Sydney.

The ride is about 30-40 minutes long and is very scenic as you’ll pass the Opera House and Sydney Harbor.

Be sure to add a trip to Manly Beach to your Sydney bucket list next time you’re looking to visit a beach in Australia!

Contributed by Nicole from The Abroad Blog

Bronte Beach

Located around 10 km from Sydney CBD in the eastern suburbs is a beautiful gem of a beach called Bronte Beach that needs to be in everyone’s Sydney Itinerary.

It is favored by both locals and tourists. It has become a lot popular in a few years but it’s still not too crowded.

Bronte Beach is a small beach surrounded by Bronte Park with amazing views, sandstone cliffs, and a rock Pool. It’s a perfect place to relax, have a sunbathe or even go swimming/surfing. 

While swimming in the ocean, be careful of the currents as they flow faster at low tide and stay between the flags.

Bronte Beach
Bronte Beach

One of the biggest attractions at Bronte Beach is a rock pool, Bronte Bath. People who are not a fan of swimming in the ocean can take advantage of this rock pool with an amazing view of the ocean.

The best part about it is that it’s completely free and open 7 days a week.

The sandstone cliffs around the rock pool offer stunning vistas upon climbing and is a great place for hanging out and setting a picnic with no one else.

If you are driving to get here, visit early as Parking is not abundant.

One of the best things to do while you are at Bronte Beach is to do Bronte to Bondi coastal walk/trail.

The Bronte to Bondi coastal walk is one of the beautiful walking trails that offers a stunning panorama over the pacific ocean, Tamarama beach, and a busy cafe scene.

Contributed by Suvarna at Suvarna Arora

One Mile Beach Forster

One Beach at Forster on the NSW mid-north coast is famous not for its length but its huge dune found at the southern end of the beach.

According to locals we chatted to, the beach is a little longer than a mile and was named for its distance from the towns post office. 

Before you hit the water, take your boogie board, or a large piece of cardboard for a glide down the sandhill. I guarantee you will want to do this more than once!

The dune also provides a great spot to capture photos of the beach. Early birds might like to pack a picnic breakfast and head here to watch the sunrise, it’s one of our favourite ways to start the day. 

A coastal rainforest backs the beach from the middle to the northern end. Developed by local volunteers, there is plenty of signage to describe the unique vegetation here, and the short walk provides some welcome shade in summer. 

One Mile Beach Forster
One Mile Beach Forster

The beach is family-friendly with a playground in Palmgrove Park at the southern end where you will also find BBQ areas.

Its dog friendly from sunrise till 9am and from 5pm till dark. If you fancy a surf, the northern end is where it’s at.

If hunger strikes, there is a small kiosk at Cape Hawke SLSC that makes a fine coffee. 

Patrolled in Spring and summer/holidays and weekends, if you decide to swim here stick to the area between the flags as there can be strong rips along parts of the beach.

When no flags are up stay at the southern end for the safest water. 

The quiet, clean beach with its crystal-clear water is one you will remember long after your visit.

Contributed by Paula at Australia Your Way

Bondi Beach

Arguably one of the most famous beaches in the world, Bondi beach in Sydney should be on anyones bucket list of Australia. With amazing surf, cool cafes nearby and countless things to do in Bondi itself, it’d be easy to lose a few days hanging out here!

Start your visit to Bondi beach with a dip in the ocean. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards year-round so it’s perfectly safe to go swimming or surfing here provided you stay within the patrolled area!

If you’ve never surfed before, Bondi is definitely a great place to learn as the waves are rarely flat and there are countless surf schools in the area. 

Bondi Beach by Paula at Australia Your Way
Bondi Beach by Paula at Australia Your Way

Once you’ve had enough of surfing and sunbathing, head out on the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, one of the most popular things to do in Sydney! This walk shows off the beauty of Bondi beach and its surroundings, and is very moderate.

Overlooking the beach, you’ll find the Bondi Icebergs pool – the most photographed swimming pool in the world! It’s well worth going for a swim here, which costs $9, but the water is deceptively cold – even in summer!

Bondi is easily one of the best beaches in Australia, and it’s super easy to get to from central Sydney – the bus journey takes around 30 minutes.

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Stockton Beach

A beach that you can’t sit on and that you might not want to swim at because it’s regularly visited by sharks might not sound like an obvious nomination for the best beach in Australia.

But as your 4WD bumps down the 19km mile-long stretch of sand that makes up Stockton beach and realise all you can see for miles is sand, sea and sky you realise it completely deserves a mention.

Stockton Beach and the towering sand dunes it backs on to are actually the Southern Hemisphere’s largest shifting sand mass measuring an incredible 32 km.

Standing on the dunes is one of the most incredible feelings in the world. It’s like a golden carpet stretching in every direction and most of the time you won’t see another soul.

But admiring the natural beauty is only part of the fun of visiting Stockton beach – there are so many organised activities on offer on the sands. 

You can sandboard down the dunes, ride across the beach at sunset on a camel and halfway down the beach you’ll also find the amazing shack-based settlement of Tin City which has to be seen to be believed.

Stockton Beach
Stockton Beach

If you want to drive down the beach in your own vehicle (4WD only) you’ll need to pick up a beach permit. All the details are available here. Don’t try and drive a normal car down here, you will get bogged and have to be rescued!

Ask a local about what happened the day the Maserati tried it.

Stockton Beach is located a short drive from the city of Newcastle and the holiday spot of Port Stephens and makes a great half-day trip from either destination. The jumping-off point to the dunes is at Anna Bay where most of the tours depart. 

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Palm Beach

Palm Beach has to be one of the most popular – and easy – day trips from Sydney. In fact, it’s just an hour drive up the Northern coast.

Palm Beach itself is a beautiful place to enjoy the day, with its stunning 2.3kms of white sands and great surf.

One of the best and easiest things to do here is the 800m walk up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. The path is steep but the fantastic views over Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park on one side and back over Palm Beach on the other make it more than worth it.

It has to be one of Sydney’s most photogenic places and best sunset spots. The Boathouse Palm Beach is a lovely place to relax. 

Palm Beach in Australia
Palm Beach

If you’re after a more ambitious walk (and even more beaches) take on Sydney’s Great Coastal Walk.

For a chilled day, there are many cute, healthy cafes to enjoy in the area. The Palm Beach area is also well-known as one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches on TV, since they film parts of Home and Away here. (You can take a tour if you’re a soap fan!)

For swimming, there’s a beautiful ocean pool or the ocean itself to choose from.

To complete your day, take a ferry ride to The Basin, kayak over Pittwater or find a campsite to stay the night.

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Best beaches in the Northern Territory 

These are just some of the best beaches that you can find in Northern Territory: 

Mindil Beach

Mindil Beach is easily one of the most special beaches in Australia. Located in Darwin in the Northern Territory, this stunner of a beach is often forgotten about by travelers – which is such a shame! 

Mindil Beach has fine white sand, is surrounded by tropical jungle, and the water is calm and beautiful.  

The only downside to Mindil Beach is that it isn’t always safe to swim there. During the wet season, stingers frequent the water so it’s best to stay out.

Then in the dry season, while some locals do swim here, it isn’t 100% recommended because of dangerous saltwater crocodiles.  

Mindil Beach
Mindil Beach

However, that doesn’t make the beach any less worthy to visit!

One of the absolute best things to do in Darwin happens at Mindil Beach twice a week during the dry season. Every Thursday and Sunday evening from May to October each year Mindil Beach turns into the best place to be – it’s the famous Mindil Markets!

There are dozens of food trucks, market stalls, street performers, live music, and so much more!

It is vibrant and exciting.  

After grabbing something to eat, sit on the beach and watch one of the most epic sunsets you’ve probably ever seen. 

Mindil Beach offers the perfect place to watch the sunset over the water. An insider tip is to bring a cheeky beer or wine with you, this is one of the few beaches in Australia where you can legally drink alcohol! 

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Best beaches in Tasmania 

These are just some of the best beaches that you can find in Tasmania: 

Wineglass Bay

Nestled on Tasmania’s east coast lies one of the most beautiful, and most photographed, beaches in Australia: the famous Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park.

Visitors to the park can enjoy stunning vistas of the bay’s turquoise water lapping up against white sand, all while perched on the granite hills overlooking the bay.

If you want to get some sand between your toes, though, that is going to require a little bit more effort.

You’ll need to descend the short hike to the beachfront to actually touch the water at Wineglass Bay, but the trouble is worth it as the hike keeps the crowds at bay.

You might even have this little slice of paradise to yourself if you’re lucky. Just be prepared for the fact that water – even in summer – is definitely on the chillier side. 

Wineglass Bay
Wineglass Bay

If you’re looking to stay overnight, consider adding a night camping at Coles Bay in Freycinet National Park to your Tasmania itinerary.

Or, if you aren’t the camping type, you’ll find accommodation options ranging from hostels to bed and breakfasts.

Whatever you do, you are sure to agree that Wineglass Bay has one of the most unique beaches in Australia! 

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What to pack for a day trip to the beach 

Whether you intend to spend a day beside the seaside or a few days soaking up the sun, you’ll want to make sure you’re all packed and have everything you need.  

Families may wish to bring some beach games, or a group of friends could pack their volley ball and net. 

Australian beaches are well renowned for their awesome water sports, especially surfing and swimming. So, you might want to pack your board, or hire one from the local beach shops.  

However you wish to spend down at the beachside, you’ll want to pack some essentials and we have that covered, with these essential things to pack for a trip to the beach. 

You can’t leave home without these. 

Best time to visit the beach in Australia 

The great thing about visiting Australia and the beaches, are that any time of year is ideal. 

During the winter months of June, July and August, you could head to Queensland or he Northern Territory, to soak up the warm sun. And the heat in the north during winter in Australia is ideal for a warm winter getaway. 

During the summer of December, January and February, the beaches in the south of Australia are ideal. The north can get very hot during summer, so heading south with a mildly cooler sun, makes it more bearable to relax on a golden sandy beach. 

Even during the spring and autumn months, the sun will be far cooler and far more comfortable to relax on one of these best beaches in Australia. 

Whenever you decide to head to visit these awesome beaches in Australia, you won’t be disappointed. 

Weather can be unpredictable. What will you do if you plan a trip to the beach but the weather or water is cold? Weather changes doesn’t stop you from visiting the beach, with these fun activities for a trip to the beach during winter. 


Well, there we have it, some of the best beaches in Australia handpicked by experienced travelers who have visited these locations. 

I would highly recommend Bondi Beach of course, but would also love to visit many of the famous beaches. But there are a few beaches on this list that are not as famous.  

As you plan your winter or summer holidays or maybe a staycation, you should include a stop at these stunning beaches in Australia. 

What was the best beach you visited? Is there a beach that you visited but wasn’t mentioned? Maybe you have always wanted to visit a specific beach in Australia but not yet got there? Tell us about it, by leaving a comment below. 

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