If you have a couple of extra days in Melbourne, why not get out of city and explore some of the other incredible places that’s there to be discovered? Need some inspiration on where to visit that’s out of Melbourne? We recommend some of these magnificent day trips from Melbourne.  

We have asked some experience travellers of Australia to recommend some of the many day trips from Melbourne, to get you out of the city and explore more of what Australia has to offer. 

Australia is known to have some of the most amazing beaches, exotic wildlife, scenic drives, unbelievable hikes, wonderful landscapes and many more, just waiting to be uncovered. Why miss out on an adventure of a lifetime, when you could be scout out more of what Australia could offer.  

Best Day trips from Melbourne 

Let’s get out of the city and explore some of the incredible things you could get up to on a day trip from Melbourne: 

Halls Gap

Halls Gap is around 3 hours away from Melbourne in the western districts of Victoria Australia. The town is located in the magnificent Grampians National Park. From the flat semi-arid countryside to the step rising mountains with their rock faces and alpine vegetation, the Grampians are amazing. For your visit to Halls Gap, you will find no shortage of things to do in the town and the surrounding area.

Nature walks to Waterfalls, exploring lookouts and hiking are the most popular activities in the region. Some of the best waterfalls include McKenzie and Silverband falls. Those looking for a view head to the Pinnacles with its all-encompassing views of the western districts.

Halls Gap
Halls Gap

You will find a number of wineries where you can try the local varieties and eat some world-class food. The local brewery, Papers, Scissors, Rock in Halls Gap serves some great craft beer and bar food while the Spirit of Punjab serves some of the best Indian food west of Melbourne.

Looking for something fun to do try the Grampians Adventure Golf, the self-proclaimed best mini golf course in Victoria. Further afield you can explore Stawell and even some of the silo trail. 

Contributed by Mark from Wyld Family Travel

Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance is the capital of the Gippsland lakes located 322 kilometres east of Melbourne. The 90 Mile Bech runs parallel to the lakes system allowing you to access both the lakes and the ocean. Lakes Entrance is aptly known because it is the only place on the coast that the ocean meets the lake via an entrance. This makes Lakes entrance a hot spot for ocean creatures.

You will regularly see seals and Dolphins. The Burrunan Dolphins are not found anywhere else on Earth besides the lakes system of Gippsland.  walks along the waterfront, dinners in local seafood restaurants and drinking wine at the Wyanga Park Winery are perfect for a weekend away.

Lakes Entrance
Lakes Entrance

The Lakes are popular for boating, fishing and all types of water sports. There are day cruises that can take around the Gippsland lakes or even up to the winery. The other nearby towns on the lakes system to visit include Metung and Paynesville. The famous Raymond Island Koala walk is easily accessed from Paynesville. You will be able to find plenty of things to do in Lakes Entrance on your romantic weekend away

Contributed by Bec from Travels in Gippsland

Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is one of the best day trips from Melbourne, especially for wine lovers. It was the first wine-growing area in Australia and has been making wine since 1838. Yarra Valley is now home to 70 wineries that produce mostly Chardonnay, sparkling wine, and Pinot Noir. 

This gorgeous wine tasting area lies a little over an hour’s drive from Melbourne. You can opt to rent a car and drive yourself, hire a driver, or go on an organized tour. I highly recommend taking a tour as it was a no-stress way to visit multiple wineries and you will not have to plan anything. 

Yarra Valley near Melbourne
Yarra Valley

The main attraction of Yarra Valley is its wineries. However, there are also a couple of popular breweries you can visit as well that serve some great food options. Another major highlight in Yarra Valley is the Yarra Valley Chocolatierie. Here you can sample some delicious homemade chocolate, eat some ice cream, or grab some of their chocolatey desserts. You can also opt to eat there as well. 

Another popular stop is the Yarra Valley Dairy, which produces some fresh and delicious cheeses. Some of the best cheeses I have ever had came from the Yarra Valley Dairy. Yarra Valley is the perfect day trip from Melbourne for couples or a group of friends. It is a great mix of delicious food and drinks.

Contributed by Francesca from Homeroom Travel


Daylesford is a lovely easy day trip from Melbourne and is often called the spa capital of Victoria (and even Australia!). Daylesford is only a one-hour drive from Melbourne so you’ll have plenty of time to explore this quaint little city situated at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Having your own car is the easiest way to get to Daylesford, however, there are busses going there as well. 

There are lots of things to do in Daylesford, from relaxing in one of the many spas, exploring the lovely city center and its beautiful historic buildings or having a picnic at Lake Daylesford.  


If you happen to visit on a Sunday, you are in luck! Daylesford Sunday Market is one of the most popular markets in Victoria and with good reason. With 90+ vendor stalls selling everything from delicious local produce to clothing, art and souvenirs you’ll be spending at least an hour or two here. 

Getting hungry? Head to Cliffy’s , one of the most beloved places for lunch (and also breakfast or brunch). For dinner, Harvest Café is a good option and if you are looking for a fancy restaurant there is no better place than the Lake House Hotel.  

If you do plan to spend the night in Daylesford, Daylesford Hotel is a great and very affordable place to stay.  

Contributed by Lotte From Phenomenal Globe Travel Blog 

Grampians National Park

Looking for waterfalls, hiking and a retreat in the wilderness? The Grampians National Park is the day trip for you. Head off early and choose a day hike or a mix of driveable panoramic scenic lookouts to make the most out of your time here. 

For hikers, there is a huge variety of fantastic hikes, such as the Hollow Mountain Walk, Pinnacles Hike or Mount Abrupt. Alternatively, The Balconies is an easy, 1km hike with amazing panoramic views over the landscape below. Baroko Lookout, pictured, is another must-do that’s only a few minutes from the carpark. And in Winter, there are plenty of snowy escapes such as Mt William, where you can enjoy an unexpected Australian Winter Wonderland. 

Waterfall chasers won’t want to miss Mackenzie Falls, a highlight in The Grampians. Follow the staircase down to the falls (it’s only a 2km return walk, but fairly steep), and enjoy walking over the stepping stones in front of the 35-metre tall falls. 

This day trip isn’t for the faint-hearted, it’s a 3-hour drive from Melbourne. Thankfully, in my experience the drive was the best part – driving back to Melbourne at dusk, I saw hundreds of kangaroos as the sun set. I also saw emus and a brown snake in the park too! 

Contributed by Cassie from Cassie The Hag

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is located around two hours from the city centre of Melbourne and makes for the perfect day-trip for all types of travellers. It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy nature and see Australia’s incredible wild-life. Phillip Island is known for its penguins, of course, which you can most commonly encounter in the evenings. You could also take a boat tour to see seals or even whales. Phillip Island is also fantastic for hiking and exploring. The coastline is quite beautiful with plenty of opportunities for swimming or relaxing. Definitely stop by Maru Koala and Animal Park to see Koalas and other wildlife up close. This is a very environmentally conscious park which is animal-friendly and more of a sanctuary than a zoo.

Phillips Island near Melbourne
Phillips Island near Melbourne

Another great activity to try on Phillip Island is to try surfing or kayaking. This area is fantastic for water sports and there are opportunities for both experienced and beginner surfers around the island. After an exciting day of activities you should stop by the Churchill Island Farmers Market. Come here for fantastically fresh produce and plenty of snacks and foods to try. Afterwards make sure to visit the Phillip Island Winery for some much-needed drinks and maybe even a bottle or two to take home.

Contributed by Victoria from Guide Your Travel

Travelling with children? You may also want to consider doing these 5 days out in Melbourne with kids.


While you’re in Melbourne, why not get out of the city to explore some of these wonderful day trips from Melbourne. We have a varied selection to choose from, so you can get out and explore all the different things that the country has to offer.

What was your favourite day trip from Melbourne? Is there a specific place you can’t wait to explore? Just let us know, by leaving a comment below.

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The Best day trips from Melbourne
The Best day trips from Melbourne

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