How to apply for a visa for Australia

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If you are planning a trip to Australia, then one of the things you will require is a holiday visa. We have provided you with a step by step guide on how to apply for a visa for Australia. 

The first thing we need to consider is what visa will you require? There are so many options available, such as, a permanent residency visa, a skilled work visa, visitor’s visa, holiday visa, and more. In this post, we provide you with a step by step guide on applying for a working holiday visa, or a holiday visa to Australia.  

Firstly, we would like to highlight that we are no experts in this area! We do not help applicants obtain visa’s, and we do not work for the Australian border force. We are simply travelers who have applied for a working holiday visa to Australia. Our aim is to pass on our own knowledge and experience onto our fellow travelers.

Do not take this as formal or official advice, should you require further assistance in obtaining any other form of visa application, then please proceed through the relevant channels for such advice.

Secondly, when we applied for the Working holiday visa, we applied as British citizens, there may be different eligibility criteria for other nationals. 

Few, now that is out of the way, we can crack on….. 

Let’s start with 

A beach in Melbourne, you can visit Australia providing you have a visa. We provide you with a step by step guide on how to apply for a visa to Australia
A beach in Melbourne, along the Great Ocean Road, Australia

Holiday or visitor visa 

This visa is for someone who is looking for a holiday to Australia, be that sightseeing, travelling around Australia, or as part of an organized tour. There are two types of visas to apply, the eVisitor which allows you to visit Australia as often as you like within a 12-month period, with a stay up to 3 months each time you enter Australia. The second visa is the Tourist Stream, this allows a stay of up to 12 months, allowing you to visit as a tourist, as part of a cruise or to see family and friends. The visa fee is varied between the two applications, but these range from free to Aus$140.00

Tourist Stream  

This is a maximum stay of 12 months, unless stated in the grant letter. There are some exclusions when applying for the visa. These include, work’s not permitted, and all applicants must be out of the country when applying.

Mind the kangaroo sign, beside the road near Ayres Rock, in Australia
Mind the kangaroo sign, beside the road near Ayres Rock, in Australia

How to apply 

  • You will require a valid passport 
  • Proof of name change (if this applies) 
  • You may need to undergo health examinations 
  • Additional documents – you are likely to need to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds for the trip, a letter from your friend or relative to invite you to visit, what your plans are whilst in Australia, and evidence that you have reasons to return home, e.g. a letter from employer confirming your return, proof that you will be returning to study, that you have immediate family back home, and proof you have assets in your home country. 
  • All non-English documents to be translated into English,  
  • You must log into Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website to apply for a visa.

You will be notified in writing of the outcome. If you are granted a visitor’s visa, the letter will confirm any restrictions which may apply. It is recommended that you retain this letter whilst travelling in Australia.

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Rock formation in the Northern Territory, Australia. To see this you will need a visa, follow our steps on how to get a visa to Australia
Rock formation in the Northern Territory, Australia


This is a visa for up to 3 months, with the exclusions of working. You must be outside of Australia to apply for this visa. 

How to apply 

  • You must log into the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs Website to apply for this visa. 
  • A valid passport 

You will be provided with written confirmation of their decision. We would recommend retaining the letter whilst travelling in Australia. 

We are more familiar with the working holiday visa, but much of it has changed since we applied many years ago.  

Sydney Opera House, from Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney Australia
Sydney Opera House, from Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney Australia

Working holiday visa 

You must hold a valid passport and be between the ages of 18 and 30, and will be valid for a maximum of 12 months. The visa aims for short term work, whilst funding your travels around Australia. If you carry out specific work whilst on your visa, you could be eligible for a second visa allowing a further 12 months. You can work for any employer for up to 6 months, and you are allowed to carry out any role. The applicant must be without dependants travelling with them or apply for this visa, this includes family members or children. The fee applicable for the application is Aus$45.00, and you may require health checks to be carried out, police certificate, and biometrics. 

Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney, Australia

How to apply 

  • You will require your passport, along with your birth certificate showing both your parents’ names 
  • Documentation to support your name change (if this applies) 
  • You must show you have sufficient fund for your trip around Australia, this equates to about Aus$5000.00 and a valid return ticket, or sufficient funds for a return ticket 
  • You may get asked to provide a police certificate, from your country of residence, or the country you have spent 12 months in within the last 10 years. Any military records or discharge records. 
  • All non-English documents to be translated into English, 
  • You must log in to apply online 

You will be informed of the outcome in writing, and will be required to keep this with you whilst travelling in Australia. 

Australia is a beautiful country to visit, they have beautiful beaches, the way of life is so much better, and a vast land to cover.   

If you would like more information on applying for a visa for Australia, or would like to apply, then please visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

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How to Apply for a Visa to Australia
How to Apply for a Visa to Australia
Visa to Australia
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