Interesting Things To Do In San José & Must-See Attractions

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The city of San José is where you’ll land in Costa Rica if you cross the border from the US. If you’re new to the city, the first thing you’ll notice is the chaos: packed streets, cars and buses spewing diesel fumes, dusty sidewalks, and so on and so forth.

You will quickly come to the decision that you must take refuge in your hotel, to some it all up this, however, is a misinterpretation! There are also quieter nooks, markets, and historic areas to discover in San José, all of which are worth further exploration. 

Another reason to visit San José is that it is located in the center of Costa Rica, allowing visitors to explore the country for days at a time while surrounded by breathtaking scenery and animals.

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The best things to do and see in San José, Costa Rica’s capital city, are listed here!

The region is home to a variety of wildlife

Beautiful butterflies may be seen in abundance in Costa Rica. Indulge your passion for animals by taking a nature trip, where you may spend time with a variety of fascinating species.

There are also a variety of gardens open to the public, such as the Spirogyra Butterfly Garden, where visitors may learn more about Costa Rica’s natural heritage and the living relationship between butterflies and their environment.

There are also gorgeous plants and hummingbirds to admire for a genuine botanical encounter!


As part of Corridas a la Tica, a long-running tradition in Costa Rica, the Ticos put their prowess to the test. There’s no need for bloodshed or the usual forms of murder in this context. They’d rather tease El Toro in an arena, where 150 improvised bullfighters struggle for position to avoid being crushed underfoot by the savage creatures.

They will touch the bull’s back as they pass until it pursues them, similar to the Camargue race that took place in France centuries ago.


In Costa Rica, there are several volcanoes that are currently erupting. There isn’t one within easy driving distance of San Jose, so consider taking a day trip or a longer vacation to one of these destinations.

As one of Central America’s most breathtaking sights, the Arenal Volcano is best seen at night when lava spews into the sky.

The mountains of Turrialba, Irazu, and Poas are all within striking distance of San José (one of the most active). Visit as early as possible to avoid having your view obstructed by clouds since this happens almost every day.

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As a national park and reserve, Tortuguero National Park and Preserve

Tortuguero is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about the region. Nature lovers will be delighted to know that this rainforest shelters several species of turtles, amphibians and reptiles as well as a wide range of other animals and plants.

From its banana plantations to its quiet beaches, this amazing protected park invites you to discover one of Costa Rica’s most stunning faces as you sail through the tropical waters.

Located at the National Theatre, there is a cafeteria

Located in the heart of San José, the National Theatre has been the pride of Costa Ricans since its opening in 1897. Locals and visitors alike congregate here to take in the performances and admire the beautiful architecture.

A wonderful café is located within the National Theatre, though. Customers may have a free taste of the national beverage inside the building while taking in the artwork on display.

The San José’s Old Town Historic District

Soledad, Amon, Coca Cola, and Otoya are among San José’s oldest and most interesting barrios, and they’re also some of its most historically significant. The downtown market, parks, zoos (including the Simon Bolivar Zoo), and architectural icons are all good sites to begin your San José holiday.

Consider hiring a local guide for a really authentic experience; there’s no better way to get to know a city than from a person’s viewpoint!

Visit the famed Testarossa Winery in Napa Valley for a wine-tasting

The Jesuits developed the Novitiate Winery near Los Gatos in the late 1800s, making it one of the state’s oldest wineries.

On Thursdays through Sundays, you can enjoy wine and cheese tastings and live music at Testarossa in the building’s spectacular basement.

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One of the favorite restaurants in Manresa.

One of the few three-star Michelin restaurants nearby is Manresa, a restaurant in Los Gatos. An amazing dining experience is created by Chef David Kinch’s masterful transformation of the finest seasonal ingredients: When preparing your dinner, think Hokkaido sea urchins, Riesling-poached pears, and stewed squab.

A delicious chocolate croissant and exquisite sandwich bread may be found at his other bakery, Manresa if you can’t secure a reservation.

Small opera performances and three-Michelin-starred restaurants may be found within walking distance of some of the world’s best-known and most innovative corporations.

In the Nutshell

Well, mesmerized huh? By reading this article about interesting things to do in San Jose, you should plan a hassle-free trip to San José with AirlinesMap and explore this heaven on Earth..!

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Interesting things to do in San Jose & must see attractions
Interesting things to do in San Jose & must see attractions