Hiring a car can often be a great way to travel around a country; its more convenient, can sometimes work out cheaper, and you don’t have to rely upon public transport. This more so when travelling outside of the city, and into the rural area, with limited or no public transport. To make things easier for you to choose if Sixt is right for you, then read on for our review on Sixt Car Rental. 


Sixt Car Rental’s reception is based in a prime location within the arrival’s hall of Dublin Airport, although Sixt do have other such branches around the country including Dublin city center. With this prime location, it makes it easier, and quicker to pick up the rental and be on your journey.  

When picking up the rental vehicle however, Sixt Car Park isn’t at the arrival’s door, the car park is located about 5-10 minutes’ drive, and on the boundaries of the airport. The car park is still in a very good location with Sixt mini bus, that shuttles you between the arrivals and the car park.  

When returning the rental vehicle, it’s very easy to navigate back to the drop off point, with plenty of signs, making the location hassle free. 


The service provided by the receptionists at the desk, to the offsite car park, to pick up the car was good. The staff were very patient with us, whilst we thought about our options, explained anything that we didn’t understand, and were just overall helpful.  

The receptionist even went out of his way to make sure we had a satnav which was built into the car, and provided us with a lovely Citroen C3, which would be no additional cost to us (although we had ordered a satnav, it is made clear from the booking that they can’t guarantee a built in satnav, and on some occasions one at all). Whilst we needed a satnav, we were not too concerned if it wasn’t built in, but was very happy that the staff are prepared to give us the best vehicle and gadgets that come with it. The staff went out of their way to ensure everything was as we wanted it, and it did feel like they gave us a personal service.  


The price is relatively reasonable for what you get and very competitive, but if you need any additional options such as additional driver, excess waiver, satnav etc., then you must pay a little extra on top of the quoted price. There are no hidden prices, and the price is very clear on the website, but you must factor in these additional options when purchasing the car hire. 

Additional extras: 

There are a number of additional extra’s that you may wish to consider needing when hiring a vehicle. These are as follows: 

  • Collision damage waiver 
  • Tire and windshield protection 
  • Personal accident protection 
  • Roadside protection 
  • Satnav  
  • additional driver 
  • Baby seat/child car seat/booster seat 
  • GPS and Wifi 

These additional extras are charged at a rate per day on top of the rental cost. Many of these additional options are important, ie the satnav, collision damage waiver etc., however we wouldn’t agree with the additional charge for the additional driver.  

The receptionist at the airport, of course tried to upsell on some of the additional extra’s, such as the collision damage waiver, and the option of returning the car with an empty tank. Whilst he was polite, and was very helpful, providing us with so much information. It can often feel he was trying to upsell us on something we may not even need ie the return the car with full tank or empty. 


The car we were given was just what we needed, and perfect. We were provided with a Citroen C3, and from the moment we drove it, you could tell the vehicle had been well maintained, in a good condition inside and outside, and of course spacious. The boot was a very good size compared to our little Hyundai i10 we drive back home. The car is given with a full tank of petrol, and was very reliable. 

Hiring a car from Sixt is very quick, easy and convenient, we would use them again. We would also recommend them as a reliable rental company, and very competitive with other rental companies in Ireland.  

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