My Own Way to Travel

I’m Nafisa Habib and a solo traveler from Bangladesh in South Asia. I enjoy exploring the natural beauty around us. I share my solo travel adventures with my travel blog My Own Way To Travel readers. I found even not so popular and honeymoon destinations also possible to explore solo. It’s all about enjoying the journey and collecting moments. My blog is to inspire and guide you to travel even it means to be alone and also motivate all through the journey.  

Now I’m from Dhaka and planning for my upcoming tours. Probably this year first I’m going to visit once again my favorite beach destination the Maldives.  

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My Own Way to Travel

1.    Where has been your best travel destination and why? 

It is tough to select just one best travel destination as I consider me every trip the special one. Every destination is uniquely beautiful and carries a lot of cultural values.  

The last year 2018 my best travel destination was Jammu and Kashmir in North India. I’ve always wanted to visit this beautiful destination. Jammu and Kashmir is not famous as a solo travel destination but found it worth and also possible to explore solo.  

I loved to do many new adventurous things for the first time during my trip to Jammu and Kashmir. Boating on Dal Lake, staying in a houseboat, snow skiing in Gulmarg, enjoying the worlds highest cable car ride with Gondola, pony riding to explore many beautiful valleys in Pahalgam, and having a lot of Kashmiri dry foods was some of my top and favorite activities in Jammu and Kashmir. 

2.    What’s your favourite thing about traveling? 

I love meeting new peoples, knowing new culture and tradition, trying local food and fruits. Most importantly I enjoy collecting moments from every new destination. 

My Own Way to Travel

3.    Can you tell us a travel adventure that springs to mind, be that scary, exciting, happy or sad? Etc 

I love adventure, so there are many travel adventures to recall. However, the scary and adventurous one was white water rafting on Trishuli river in Nepal. At the last stage, I felt like I’m drowning in water. I completely forgot I’m with a life jacket, lol. The recent snow skiing in Gulmarg was the funny and the happiest one. I found I enjoy in a real sense any beautiful road trip. Moreover, I was super excited when the first time I visited the Maldives, the turquoise waters have my heart.  

4.    If a traveller was to visit your country, what’s the one meal that shouldn’t be missed? 

Hilsha fish curry with plain rice and different yummy Bengali sweets.  

5.    Do you get home sick, and if so how do you overcome this? 

Not really, I enjoy the short trip, 15 to 30 days trips are perfect for me.  

6.    What is your travel style? 

I enjoy traveling solo and exploring unique, beautiful destinations.  

7.    Do you have any tips on travelling? 

Don’t always listen to others, travel, explore, and enjoy yourself.  

My Own Way to Travel

8.    What inspired you to travel? 

Any new unplanned adventures on the road inspired me to travel  

9.    What has travel taught you? 

Travel taught me to open my inner eyes and happily came out from my comfort zone. Travel helps me to motivate, build up self-confidence, and smile big even in a crucial time.  

10.    How does travel make you feel? 

Travel makes me happy and gives me the chance to discover me in a new way. Every time I travel I feel like I’m the happiest kid in the world.  

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