Step by Step guide on hiring a rental via Sixt

Step by step guide on how to hire a rental car from Sixt

It can sometimes be confusing when it comes to booking a rental vehicle, there are so many options to select, you don’t know what some of the options are, and if you have selected the correct ones, this is why we have provided you with a step by step guide on how to book a hire vehicle via Sixt Car Rental.

Step 1: selecting the location, dates and times

The first step is to select the location you will be picking the hire vehicle up from, this is done by typing in the town/airport you intend to collect it from, as you start to type, the location will auto populate with car rental branches in or near that area. If the town or village isn’t loading an option, this means they do not have a branch in that area. You will need to select an alternative town/airport to obtain a rental vehicle.

Location, date and time of collection and drop off

Once you have the location, next enter the start date of the rental and the end date, before selecting the orange button with the white arrow to the right.

Step 2: select the vehicle

The next step is selecting the relevant vehicle to hire, you can choose filters such as vehicle type, transmission, to narrow down the search.

Next, choose the vehicle you would like to hire

Once you have seen the type of vehicle you would like to hire, click either pay now or pay later. As you will notice the vast difference in price for the two, the pay now option is the cheapest method but you are unable to cancel the reservation, yet the pay later option, allows for free cancellation. Either option would have to depend on you, if you can guarantee you will be using the hire vehicle, then you will want to select pay now, if you are still unsure, it might be in your interest to select pay later. Never look just at the price and select the cheapest option, as this may not turn out to be the best option for you later in the reservation. Now select either pay now or pay later.

Select Pay no or Pay later

Step 3: additional extras

This next page, is where you would select the additional extras that are specific to you. Have a look through the extras, and select each one if any is applicable to you. We would strongly suggest you to consider the excess option, whilst this increases the hire rental price, yet you will pay less if in the event of an accident. Another option to consider is the satnav, if you don’t know where you are going, then it would be a good idea to take this with the hire vehicle, to aid you in navigating to your destinations. A further option to consider is the additional driver, certainly if there is more than one driver with you, it will allow you to break up the driving.

If you are not sure on which option is best for you, check out our post on tips on hiring a rental car.

Additional Extras

At the bottom of the page under all the additional options is the price you will pay, followed by accept rates and extras.

Further additional extras and your final balance
Select Accept Rates and Extras

Step 4: log in, or enter your details to book the rental

If you have an account with Sixt, just log in and carry on with the reservation. Assuming you are not already a customer of Sixt, select if you are a private customer, or a company, before entering your data such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, your card details. If you are booking the car from an airport, the hire company may require your flight details, to aid them with getting the car ready for your arrival.

Enter your personal details

Make sure you read all the T&Cs, before accepting them and clicking book now.

Step 5: booking confirmation

Once you have booked your reservation, you will receive your booking confirmation via email. Print this out and take it with you, the rental company may ask you to present the reservation documents.
Just by following these simple steps, should help you with hiring a rental with little stress or confusion.

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