Are you planning a trip in Europe, and want to know which airline to use? You’ll be looking to use a reputable company, with a good service and one that’s reliable!  We definitely won’t be holding back on our review on Ryanair.  

Ryanir is just one of the airlines that have regular chartered flights in Europe. We use Ryanair quite frequently for many of our European flights, simply because they are a budget airline. But whilst we use them a lot, are they really the best airline? Here is what we think of Ryanair in this review.. 


The service is quite reasonable for a budget airline, the staff on the ground are always friendly, helpful and polite. The cabin crew, have always given us a good level of service on such short flights. We certainly can’t pinpoint any negatives with their service. 


We personally have mix feeling surrounding the price with Ryanair. As mentioned above, they are a budget airline, therefore, Ryanair are often a very cheap airline to travel with. However, the thing to watch for are the additional extras! The more extras you include, the more expensive the airfare becomes. 


  • Please note, if you are flying as part of a family, many of the budget airlines including Ryanair, will charge you additional fees for choosing your own seat. Ryanair make it clear that should you not purchase your seating option, you will be separated from family members. 
  • You can pay as little as £2.00 per person, to allocate your seats, however, other seating options are more expensive. 
  • If you need to bring luggage on board a flight with Ryanair, even if it’s to be a cabin bag, you must pay an additional fee.  
  • If you require refreshments on board your flight, you will have to purchase these from the cabin crew. You can pay by cash or card for the refreshments. We would advise to purchase something inside the airport, and bring it on board the plane. 

We have been on many long-haul flights, so flying with a budget airline on such a short flight for the first time, was a real shock. Whilst there are some negatives with the price and the additional extras, this has not put us off from flying with Ryanair again in the future. 


The cleanliness on board the plane was to a very good standard. Before boarding, the aircraft, the cabin is cleaned including our seating and foot well area. We feel this is an important factor, as it is a representation of Ryanair, and left a good impression. 


Unfortunately, the facilities on board are limited. There’s no in flight entertainment, complimentary snacks or meals, just a seat on the plane. Whilst there is the basics, you are only on this flight for a short period of time, so can’t expect to be flying in luxury. 

You can purchase light refreshment, and basic bathroom facilities are available during the flight.


We felt that Ryanair was very reliable, the flight left on time, and on some occasions, we arrived at our destination prior to our scheduled arrival time. 

As you would expect, there’s always long queues at boarding, which can often become frustrating, especially when waiting at the gate for a while ready to board. 

We would say that Ryanair are a relatively good airline to use, there are of course the negatives, such as the additional extras to pay, ie paying for your seat selection, or priority boarding, etc., Having said this, this is what you may expect from a budget airline, and in reality, costs if chosen correctly can be very cheap. Ryanair are also competing against the many other budget airlines in Europe, which include many of the same policies as Ryanair. We have used them many times in the past, and will continue to use Ryanair in the future, and we would recommend Ryanair as an airline to fly with. 

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Have you used Ryanair before to travel around Europe? If so, what did you think of them? What was your highlight, or low point of using them? We would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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