If you’re planning a trip to Paris, Disneyland Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels or London! You’ll want to use a reputable company to transport you, at a reasonable price. In our Eurostar review, we share our experience, tips and opinion of them, so you can make the right decision for your next travel adventures. 

The Eurostar connects the UK via London St Pancras and Ashford International, with Paris, Disneyland Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels. Taking only 2 hours from London to Paris, making it a quick and easy way to connect to Europe. 


The service with the Eurostar is quite pleasant, with staff on hand to help where needed, are friendly, polite, and multilingual.   

On our first journey to Paris, we had purchased premium seats, and return journey with standard seating. On our second journey to Paris, we had selected the standard seating on both outward and return.  

St Pancras Departures for Eurostar
St Pancras Departures for Eurostar

The staff in the premium seating, were friendly, and provided us with complimentary breakfast. Whilst in standard class, there were no staff on hand in the carriage.  


In our opinion, the price is ok for what you get. It works out to be about the same price to travel via Eurostar as it would be to fly. Our ticket price included the Eurostar and accommodation.  

Having said this, we have researched using the Eurostar to take us to Amsterdam, but the price is not reasonable. It works out cheaper to fly to Amsterdam compared to travelling via the Eurostar.  

If we were to recommend the Eurostar, we certainly wouldn’t recommend them based on price alone, but would only comment, that you should shop around to find the best price for you and your needs. 


The cleanliness was good. On our first journey out to Paris, the premium seating was in a good, clean order, including the toilets.  

On our return journey, it wasn’t quite so pleasant. The area seemed clean, but noticed chewing gum stuck to my foot rest which isn’t so pleasant. 

On our more recent and second trip however, the cleanliness was good, the food cart was to a high standard, and in a reasonable order.  


The Premium seats really wowed us. There was plenty of space for the two of us to sit, and our tables extended out, with a light breakfast served once we had left the station. 

On our return journey, we were seated in the economy class. It was a little more cramped, and no complimentary food.  

If you do feel hungry, there are a couple of food carts located on the train, providing light snacks and drinks.  


In our opinion, the Eurostar is reliable and a good alternative to flying to Paris. The boarding and departure of the trains seemed to be on time, and if there were any delays, we didn’t notice it.  

On our first visit, we found it a little difficult to locate the Eurostar, immigration and departure gates. After sometime of looking around, with no signage, we had to ask someone to point us in the direction of the Eurostar departures. To enter the Eurostar immigration, you need to take the lift to the first floor and then follow this to immigration.  

Food and Drink 

Our breakfast on the way out to Paris was very nice. It was light, simple, tasted very good and filling. We were served a couple of croissants, a bread role, butter, jam, yoghurt, orange juice, and tea.  

Our light breakfast, in Premier class, on the Eurostar - Eurostar review
Our light breakfast, in Premier class, on the Eurostar

As mentioned before, the food cart on the Eurostar, provide snacks and drinks but at an additional fee. We personally didn’t purchase any snacks or drinks from the cart, because we didn’t feel hungry or needed food or drink.  

Eurostar from London to Paris

Whilst the journey between London and Paris is quite short, it is still great to have the food cart facilities on the train, in the event that you want a light snack. 

Overall, our review on the Eurostar is very good. Whilst we are not always happy with the price, this doesn’t prevent us from booking with them. We’ll always research and shop around before making our booking. This is telling, especially since we have booked with them a second time for a trip we made to Paris and would book with them again, if the price is right. If we look at it collectively, then the Eurostar are a good way of connecting with the UK and Europe and would recommend them to you. 

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Eurostar Review
Eurostar Review

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