Bucket List of Places to Visit in Europe 

Europe is a large continent in the northern hemisphere, formed of about 50 countries. As there are so many places to visit in one continent! We have narrowed down the below countries into our bucket list ideas on places to visit in Europe. 

Bucket list 

To make our bucket list of Europe achievable, we have only included 10 countries to visit, but we are likely to visit more as we continue to travel. 


On our bucket list, we have to include France, how vastly different it can be from the capital, to the wine regions in the south. The capital would be our first stop on our tour of France. Just the idea of visiting this romantic city, taking in the sights of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame just to name a few.  

One of the places to visit on our bucket list is Paris, in France. This picture is of Notre Dame before the fire, in Paris France.
Notre Dame in Paris France

When we travel, we are not just looking to see the main attractions, we also want to experience the culture, the food, and the sights all on a budget. When it comes to food, we both have a sweet tooth, so we will be looking out for those small patisserie. But we would also have to try our hand at eating the delicacy of the frog’s legs, and do what the French do.  

We have heard the south of France is beautiful, and would be very keen to visit some of the lovely wine estates. Just learning how it’s made from start to finish and of course tasting the wine. 

Exploring Paris during Christmas

We both have an interest in World War II, so visiting such places as the D-Day Beaches, and Dunkirk to learn more about how these played a pivotal role in the fight against Germany.  

Skiing and snowboarding seem quite adventurous, which is something we must try our hands at, or should we say feet.


Austria is a small country, yet packed with adventure in mind. We would try our hand at skiing, or visit Salzburg to visit the Sound of Music film locations. 


The UK is our home, but many of us who have the passion to travel, do not visit what is on our doorstep. This is one thing we will be doing! London is the capital city of England, yet we have only seen a small area of this large city. We really must delve into its history to learn more about London. 

Visiting Halifax and Gentleman Jack House
Stonehenge in England. It is known how and why this built, it is still amazing to witness.
Stonehenge in England

Whilst the large cities are amazing to explore, however the UK have some very beautiful beaches. Such as the ones on the Dorset coast, or how about the small villages with tiny cottages and thatched roofs. The UK also have some famous castles that date back to William the Conqueror, to admire. 


This country holds a lot of history, culture, medieval castles, to the more recent history of the remains of the Berlin Wall.   

Visiting Cologne Germany

If we find that is too much to handle, then we can always take the laid back approach and explore the beautiful landscapes, and beaches on the north coast. 

The Cathedral in Cologne, Germany
Cathedral Dom in Cologne Germany


Where can we start with Greece! Well we would start in Athens to explore and learn more about its Roman History, its beautiful amphitheatre and remnants from this ancient world. We would start by following this great guide of Athens.

The northern part of Greece would be a great adventure, with mountains, forests, and lakes, to hike and explore, before heading to the Greek Islands for relaxation, sun and the beach. 


Our highlight with visiting Iceland would have to be the large waterfalls, the glaciers, black sandy beaches, and the active volcanoes. This small island is packed with adventures, to entertain our journey. If we were lucky enough, we may even get to see the Northern Lights, brightening the night sky. We believe this would have to be our highlight.  

After our adventures, we would need some relaxation, and what better way, than to relax in the many hot springs. After which, we would head out for some wildlife watching such as bird spotting or even whale watching. 

The best way for us to explore the most of what Iceland has to offer would be on the Iceland Ring Road, road trip.


Our first stop on our bucket list for Italy would have to be Rome, what draws our attention, are the many ancient ruins and monuments towering over the capital. We love getting involved in the culture of a country, and what better way than eating many of its freshly made authentic pasta, spaghetti, and who doesn’t like a good pizza. We are certain it wouldn’t be the same in the UK, as to the authentic foods made in Italy. 

Whilst Italy is famous for its sights, we also love to relax, by one of the best beaches in Italy.

Another tourist spot we would love to explore is Venice, whilst the most popular way to get around Venice might be on the canals, there’s still plenty to see in do. And its even possible to explore Venice in a day. So lets get exploring!

The Netherlands 

We both have an interest in learning more about what happened during World War II, so the place that is top of our bucket list, is Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam. Anne and her family lived in hiding for a number of years, with another family and a dentist. Unfortunately, someone tipped the authorities off. This lead the family to be sent to a Concentration Camp, resulting in all but one family member death. 

Amsterdam is surrounded by canals, and what better way to explore the city but by boat, admiring the architecture of the surrounding buildings and country around it. 


We are focused on budget travel, and Poland is definitely budget friendly. As you may already know, we are keen to learn more about World War. Poland is definitely central to many aspects of the war, namely the largest concentration camps Poland. The biggest and deadliest concentration camp was Auschwitz – Birkenau, with an estimated 1.3 million deaths. Mainly Jews, but other minorities were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, and many sent to their deaths on arrival.

The sadness we had when visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau near Krakow in Poland. The worst death camp in Europe with the most amount of deaths
Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland

During World War II, the capital Warsaw saw near on destruction, but has since been rebuilt. Whilst Krakow was once the capital with a large castle, giving residence to the monarch.  

Bev & Shams Trip to Krakow Poland


The first thing that comes to mind when we think of visiting Portugal, is the sun, sand and sea. Surprisingly, there is so much more to see such as castles and hilltop fortresses, vineyards and medieval villages to explore.  

Our bucket list consists of various countries accompanied with various things to see and do. Travel with us as we learn about different things from that country, and watch us tick each one off as we go. 

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Your say 

What countries have you visited in Europe? Which would you recommend to be on someones bucket list? Have we missed any country you think deserves to be on this list? Let us know by dropping a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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Bucket List of places to visit in Europe
Bucket List of places to visit in Europe
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