Little adventures – Review

Little Adventures – Review

When we travelled to Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka we used a tour guide called Little Adventures. We spent 3 days and 2 nights there, with the intentions to go whale and dolphin watching. Sadly we didn’t see whales or dolphins but this was due to the weather conditions which caused them to move. We did, however, get the chance to go to Bar Reef and do snorkelling.

In our opinion, they are a very good and very reputable company to go on adventures with. The team are very friendly, kind and entertaining. Due to the weather conditions, it meant that we could not go out on the boats for whale and dolphin watching until the last day. This meant that Little Adventures, Ashan, Vasita, and Danjaya had to entertain us during the other days, they did a great job! Ashan and Vasita are brother and sister so it has a real family feel about it, and Danjaya is a long family friend who cooked our meals. Ashan is a qualified lifeguard and was very understanding and helpful when it came to swimming and snorkelling in the sea. This is definitely a great asset, especially when his customers have to go into the water for swimming and snorkelling.

The tree house in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Vasita is great with the camera and gave us so many useful tips on how to get the best from our camera and take the best pictures. She also is very friendly, kind and helpful.

Ashan and Vasita speak English fluently and Sinhala, which comes in handy when I am unable to speak Sinhala.

Since being on this trip, we have now become good friends with the three of them, and will definitely be travelling again with them in the future as they do other adventures within Sri Lanka.

The hut in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka


The price was reasonable as we were travelling in a group of 9, this enabled us to split the cost between us. The price included accommodation, the food, our activities eg going out on the boat whale watching, dolphin watching and snorkelling.


The accommodation was lovely and spacious with beautiful views. The rooms were clean and tidy. With 9 of us staying, there were two rooms with a double bed and a single bed in each room with en-suite toilet and shower, and also an outside toilet and shower. There was also a treehouse but with two beds and two nets. Since I get bitten alive by mosquitos this was the only problem, as there weren’t enough mosquito nets for us all. Little Adventures are very accommodating with this, as Ashan had a sufficient idea, of setting up the tent in the treehouse. This provided sufficient space for us all to sleep and with no issues with mosquitoes getting us providing the tent is closed at all times. So four adults slept in the two dorms, whilst the rest of us slept in the tent in the treehouse. This was very inventive of Ashan to find a solution for our needs.

Our bed for the night, Little Adventures, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka


Wow, I have to compliment the chef Danjaya for the delicious food. The food was the traditional rice and curry. They cooked a lot of seafood which is not something we are used to, but again, gives us the chance to really get involved in the culture and eat the amazing food. If you are not used to the spices, then you may find it difficult to eat, I will be honest the only negative with the food for us was that it seemed too spicy, but then this is because we are not used to it. The rest of our travellers didn’t have a problem with the spice yet they are used to it. Yes, we requested the spices to be reduced, yet very difficult when the other traveller can eat the typical Sri Lankan spice. Our request to reduce the spice was, of course, carried out, even after this request it did have a kick of spice, but when something tastes so good, we ignored it.

Our food whilst visiting Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka
The yummy food, all these colourful curries

Whale, dolphin watching and snorkelling

The last day of our trip, we were able to get out onto the boat for whale, and dolphin watching and snorkelling. Sadly we could not find any whales or dolphins, however, Little Adventures took us to Bar Reef to do snorkelling. What an experience we had, once again this was down to Ashan, Vasita and Danjaya doing an incredible job along with the guys who drove the boat.

Our overall opinion of Little Adventures, was an excellent experience, and one which will stay with us for a lifetime. If it hadn’t been for Little Adventures team, and their friendliness we would not have had an amazing experience. We would highly recommend using them if you would like an adventure in Sri Lanka. I have included their links below should you wish to contact them directly.

Little Adventures links



Should you need any help on booking a tour with Little Adventures, or on visiting Sri Lanka, then please contact us.

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