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Have you used to book your flights and accommodation? Do you know if they are a reputable company or not? You may not have used them before, and wanted to find out more information before booking a trip through them! We answer these questions, in our review.

In our Review, we tell you if they have a good service or not, about pricing, and if they are user friendly. So keep reading for more information. offer package deals which include flights and accommodation. Alternatively, you can also specify that you only want flights or just accommodation. We have used on a number of occasions for our booking!


On every purchase we have made with, we have found their service good. We have never experienced any problems with their website, there hasn’t been any downtime, or any complications. It can sometimes take a couple of seconds for the website to load hotels in the area, but we are happy to compromise, when everything else on their website works smoothly.

You can contact via telephone to book your holiday, or should you have any questions surrounding your booking. We have not experienced any problems with our booking to need to contact


The pricing on is quite reasonable, offering a variety of budgets, from cheap hostels, to luxury 5* hotels. You can filter how you see the hotels, such as, by price, distance, and recommendations. You can also filter your search further, by the number of hotel stars, eg selecting a 3* hotel or 5* hotel, board type, and facilities, which is a great aspect when searching for the best accommodation for you.

Our only issue we don’t like about booking through, is when the price alters. Not every traveler will purchase their holiday tickets on the spot, and we certainly don’t. We check prices over the coming days and weeks, and when we are finally satisfied on the hotel and price, we look to book the trip, but we have found the price has increased by this point.

User friendly is very user friendly. The website layout is easy to understand and follow.

As mentioned above, you can filter your hotel criteria to find the best deal for you, but you can also do this on the flights page. You can narrow the search down to morning, afternoon or evening flights, to leave from and return to the same airport (as some flight selection can leave from a different airport to the one you return back to), selecting which airport to leave from if there are multiple airports in your local area, and which airline to use.

We have found it so easy to follow each page, and have purchased many trips with with ease, and very quickly.


In our experience, are reliable, as soon as we have pressed the payment button, we have received a confirmation email detailing our booking, and further information.


In our experience, is flexible with the flight booking, they will suggest a flight departure and arrival time, which if you are not completely satisfied with their suggestions, you can alter this.

There is a negative, if you are not satisfied with the departure and arrival times, you can alter the flight details to a more convenient time, but you will be charged an additional fee. This can throw your budget off a little, especially if the selected flight times are not convenient for you.

We feel that definitely stacks up against the many other websites that offer travel deals, and one we would use and recommend to you.

If you would like to book your next trip with, just visit their website, you can also follow our step by step guide on how to make a booking via

Have you used before? How did you find booking your holiday with them? We would love to hear from you, simply leave a comment below.

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