If you intend to drive internationally, then you may require an International Drivers Permit! But how do you get an International Drivers Permit? How long is it valid for? How much will it cost? These might be some of the questions you’re asking yourself. You may never have even considered you needed one when driving overseas. 

Well, we answer all of these questions and provide you with information on how to get an International Drivers Permit. 

Before we get into all of that, we first need to highlight that we are no experts in the field! We do not help applicants obtain a Drivers Permit and we do not work for the governing body who authorise International Drivers Permits. We are simply travellers, who have applied for an International Drivers Permit when we have been on holiday abroad. Our aim is to pass on our own knowledge and experience onto our fellow travellers. 

Please do not take this as formal or official advice, should you require further assistance in obtaining any information we recommend you proceed via the relevant channels or governing bodies.  

Secondly, any applications we have made, are based on our own personal details, such as being British Citizens. There may be different eligibility criteria for other national driving licences, driving overseas and would recommend checking this information in your home country before you travel. 

Few, now that is out of the way, we can crack on….. 

First things first, we will answer those all-important questions before we delve into how to apply and get an international Drivers Permit. 

How long is the international drivers permit valid for? 

Depending on the country you are travelling to and the International Drivers Permit you require, will depend on how long it is valid for. 

You should also take into account, that if you are travelling through a number of countries, that you may require multiple drivers permits.  

There are three different types of permit. A 1926, 1949, and a 1968. The 1926 and 1949 permits are valid for 12 months, while the 1949 is valid for 3 years or until your driving licence expires whichever is sooner. 

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How much does it cost? 

The International Drivers Permit is surprisingly cheap for 12 months – 3 years validity.  

It costs as little as £5.50 – $7.42 US – Euro 6.09 

How to get an international driver permit 

Unfortunately, there is no online service to apply for a driver permit, you can only purchase a driver permit in your local post office that may support the application. 

When applying for your International Driver Permit, you will require some documentation in support of the application. These are: 

  • Full valid driving licence – photocard or paper licence 
  • A recent standard passport photograph 
  • Application fee 
  • If you only have a paper licence, then you’ll need to present your passport. 

You’ll complete a small, quick and easy form and the post office member will submit the application for you. When you are in the post office, a member will discuss and advise you on which class of permit you will require such as the 1926,1949, or the 1968. 

The post office member will confirm how long it will take for the application to be granted. 

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Applying for an international driver permit, is very quick, simple and easy. To ensure you have everything in order before you travel, make sure you have applied for the permit in advance, and have it ready for when you intend to travel and drive. 

Have you recently had to apply for an International Driver Permit? How was the process for you? Do you maybe have a non-UK driving licence? If so, how was the process to apply to drive overseas? We would love to hear about it, so please leave a comment below. 

How to get an International Drivers Permit
How to get an International Drivers Permit

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