How to book a holiday with

How to book a holiday with
How to book a holiday with

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Are you looking for cheap flights and accommodation for your next holiday? You might even be looking for a last-minute deals! Have you ever thought of purchasing your next trip via We use regularly for good deals on travel, and we have provided you with how to book a holiday with

In our experience, is very easy, simple and offer some good deals with holidays to a number of destinations. We want to keep things simple, and smooth, for you when you come to booking your own flight and accommodation! Read on to find out how to book your holiday with

First things first, you will need to visit website by clicking on the link.

Step 1 – Enter dates, and a destination of your holiday

The first step on purchasing your flights and accommodation with is to select the destination. In our example, we would select from a London Airport to our desired destination. We have often picked up cheap deals when flying from London Stansted or London Luton, this could be something to consider, if you have a number of airports around your local city.

Enter your departure from and arrival to, dates, number of guests and number of rooms

Once you have selected the desired destination, you will need to enter relevant dates you will want to travel from and to. To pick up cheap deals, we would strongly advise being flexible with your dates where possible. In our experience winter months can be the cheapest, followed by spring and autumn, during the summer months and the school holidays will often be the most expensive.

You will now need to select the number of passengers traveling with you, and the number of rooms.

If you do not need flights or accommodation, just select the tabs along the top to select only flights or only accommodation. You can purchase theatre tickets, and car hire through

Step 2 – Hotel selection

Once you have entered the above data, the page will upload a large list of hostels, and hotels within your search criteria. Once you have selected the hotel that you would like to stay in, select view details.

Select you hotel from the relevant list

You can choose how you would like to view the accommodation listings, for example, by recommendations, price, top rated or distance.

What we look out for in accommodation is the price, we set a budget and keep to it. It would have to be within easy access to public transport, and with good reviews. We will always check pictures of the hotel or hostel, to have a good understanding of how the hotel is represented and what we might expect from our room.

You can click on the hotel, to find out more about its facilities, review its location on a map, read reviews, look at the pictures of the hotel and more.

Once you are completely satisfied with the hostel/hotel, then select view details.

Step 3 – flight details, and room selection

We would strongly advise on checking your flight details before proceeding, you can edit your flights if the times are not convenient for you. Select change the flight, and check what times are convenient and select choose the flight.

Please note, if you alter your flight times, this is likely to alter the price of the flight and accommodation deal you are looking at, which you will need to take into account.

Change the flight if you are not satisfied with the departure times

Once you are happy with the times and flights, select choose this flight. If you are happy with the previous flight suggested then select keep this flight.

Keep an eye out for the departure and return airport. If you have a number of airports near you, you may find that selects an airport to leave from but return to a different one. You can specify that you want to fly out, and return from the same airport, by selecting the option on your left that is depart and return from the same airport.

You can keep your flight, or choose a different flight

Once you have selected your flights, scroll further down the web browser to select your room type and board. At this point you will choose if you want a twin room, double room, triple room, and in some cases family room. If the hotel offers bed and breakfast, you can select bed only or bed and breakfast.

Once you have made your selection, choose continue.

select continue, once you are satisfied with the room type at your hotel

Step 4 – enter your personal data and extras

You are so close to booking that holiday, now. The final part will be to enter your personal data and your fellow travelers (if you are traveling with other people) data. You will be required to enter your name, address, email address, telephone number etc.

Enter your personal details to make your booking

Please note, the baggage allowance with many airlines are hand luggage only. If you require checked in baggage or cabin bag, you will need to purchase this as an additional extra. To purchase the baggage option, scroll further down the web page, and select the appropriate baggage option for you.

Baggage options

If you are satisfied with only taking hand luggage on your trip, then select no checked in luggage. If of course this isn’t enough, you can select the following:

1x item with a max weight of 15kg, 20kg or 25kg

2x 15kg, or 23kg checked in bags

3x 15kg or 23kg checked in bags.

You baggage options

These may also apply for the additional travelers on your booking, with cost implications for each option you select.

If you require checked in bags, select the correct option for you.
Additional extras

You can purchase additional extras for your booking such as:

Cancellation coverage

This is at a cost per person, and is exactly as it says on the tin. This option allows you to cancel you booking in the event of an illness or injury to you, your family member or someone in your party.

Your additional extras if these are required

Lost luggage

You can purchase the tracking of lost luggage which allows you to track your luggage if it is found, or settlement of your lost luggage if it isn’t found within 4 days.

Select the relevant extra’s if there are any applicable to you, if not do not select an option.Prior to confirming your booking, you will need to select that you agree to the terms and conditions, and privacy policy. Read through both of these before ticking the box and then click next.

Step 5 – payment

Enter your payment details into this screen to purchase your holiday. We would strongly advise you to use a credit card for your purchase, this is for security reasons in the event of your card being cloned.

Step 6 – booking confirmation sent via email

You will receive an email with the booking confirmation, and will have details on how to select your seating for your flight.

Have you used for your any of your holiday bookings? How was your experience using them? Would you use them again for your future trips? We would love to hear from you, just leave a comment below.


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