Grand Canyon Tour and Travel - Review

We are stood in the Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon Tour and Travel – Review

Are you planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, but don’t know what the best way is to experience it? We used Grand Canyon Tour and Travel, to take us the Grand Canyon rim on a day trip from Las Vegas, and this is what we really thought about them in our review.

The Grand Canyon is only about a 4-5-hour drive from Las Vegas, making it possible for day trips out to the Grand Canyon rim, and returning to Las Vegas within the same day. T


The service from Grand Canyon Tours is really good. They picked us up from our hotel by coach, and took us to our check in point just outside Las Vegas, where  we were transferred onto our tour bus. The check in was smooth, and very simple.

Once we were on our bus, the service was the best. Our tour guide was very helpful, entertaining, polite, and friendly. It was a long journey out to the Grand Canyon, but throughout the 5-hour journey, there and back, the tour guide, Tess, kept us entertained. She had a wealth of knowledge that she shared with us about the Grand Canyon and, most importantly, she was able to assist with any questions that we had. Tess was what really made the tour more enjoyable.

Bev & Shams with Tess our driver with Grand Canyon Tour and Travel
Bev & Shams with Tess

Food and drink

The tour provides a light breakfast, a lunch and, if purchased separately, an evening meal. The lunch break and evening meal stop is at a restaurant in a small town a couple of hours from the Grand Canyon. 

The food is reasonable for the tour, the lunch provided is a buffet style with a selection of cold dishes, hot food and a dessert. Whilst the evening meal is a choice from a menu, which is chosen earlier in the day. The evening meal was much nicer, fresher, and flavorful than the buffet lunch meal, but the evening meal is a further expense.


The price for the tour is very reasonable, the price includes pick up and drop off at your hotel, a bus out to two stops on the canyon rim, and breakfast and lunch included. The bus facilities also include a toilet, and video entertainment.

A tour can be a great way to get out of Las Vegas, but you can still sit back relax and enjoy your holiday.

A day trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas


Grand Canyon Tours are a very reliable company for a day trip to the Grand Canyon. We booked the ticket online with ease, and without a glitch. The tour was very prompt with the bus arriving at our hotel on time, at all stops along the way, we were given a time and meeting point, so we could be on our way promptly. The tour bus was always at our meeting point prior to our departure time, the only delays caused, was when certain group members returned to the bus pick up point a little late, but these delays cannot be blamed upon the driver or the tour.


A tour such as this, has good facilities, the bus we travelled on had a toilet, television, and a microphone to allow the bus driver to communicate with the entire bus.

At each of the stops, the facilities are what you would expect, such as toilets, café and restaurants in some places, etc.


The first coach that drove us to our check in point, was nice and clean, but had an unusual smell. The second coach for our tour was so much better. It was lovely, clean, tidy and certainly no horrible smells. On each seat was a map of the Grand Canyon rim, a menu for the evening meal, and more information about our trip.

The Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

If you are looking to do a day trip to the Grand Canyon, then we would highly recommend Grand Canyon Tours, especially if you have Tess as your bus driver. Every box was ticked when it comes to a great tour. The only negative was the length of time we had to spend actually on the rim of the Grand Canyon. The first stop is for 1 hour only, and the next stop is 1.5 hours, which doesn’t give much time to explore. This is ideal however for a whistle blow tour. For anyone who is looking to spend longer in the Grand Canyon, then you would need to look at alternative tour options. 

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