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I’m Rahma Khan, an engineer by profession and a writer and traveler by passion. I am a Pakistani expatriate born and grown-up in the small country on the edge of the Middle East, Oman. Traveling has always been a passion for me from a very young age. However, I think this passion was passed on to me in my genes by my father. He used to travel solo back in the days long before it was even cool. Growing up listening to his travel tales and stories behind the souvenirs he collected, the love of traveling the world was infused in me. I’m an adventure loving person and I seek adventure wherever I travel to. My love of travel, adventure, and writing compelled me to start my own travel blog called The Sane Adventure, which is an adventure travel blog bringing adventurous stories from off the beaten tracks and safe travels. I have quite a few travel plans for 2019 but the most exciting of them all is a trekking trip in the Everest region of Nepal. 

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1. Where has been your best travel destination and why? 

My favorite destination so far is the Maldives. I got the opportunity to travel to the Maldives this year and the country did not fail to surprise me every single day! Sleeping to the sound of small waves gushing into the over water villa I was staying in and waking up to beautiful turquoise Indian ocean in all of its glory was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I fell in love with the Maldives and the scenic unmatched beauty and calm it has to offer every single day. That trip to the Maldives felt like a soul rejuvenation trip to me. 

2. What’s your favorite thing about traveling? 

I love learning about new cultures, meeting new people and trying different adventures while traveling. It always fascinates me how culturally diverse this world is. I love to connect with the locals and experience my stay at a place in a local way. Being an adventure lover, I seek out to try the most adventurous thing the place has to offer. It ends up in becoming the highlight of the entire trip. 

The Sane Adventurer

3.Can you tell us a travel adventure that springs to mind, be that scary, exciting, happy or sad? Etc

The most exciting travel adventure I had was the moment when I did my first ever paragliding in the beautiful mountains of Georgia (country). The thing that made it so exciting for me was that it was my first time paragliding and after being sick for the last two days I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it or not. But when I eventually got to do it, my excitement was sky high! 

4. If a traveler was to visit your country, what’s the one meal that shouldn’t be missed? 

The one meal which I will recommend everyone coming to Oman is actually a snack called Oman Chips. The Oman Chips is a packet potato chips garnished with local spices. It is loved in Oman so much so that it has unofficially become the national food of Oman! Locals eat Oman Chips by adding them to sandwiches or with any rice meal as well. Everyone I have recommended Oman Chips has loved it, so definitely it is something to look out for. 

5. Do you get home sick, and if so how do you overcome this? 

As I am not a full-time traveler, therefore, most of my trips are usually five to ten days long. During this period, I don’t even feel like missing home at all! I think that’s the beauty of traveling for short durations of time.  

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6. What is your travel style? 

I am neither a backpacker nor a luxury traveler. My travel style is something between being a backpacker and a luxury traveler. However, most of the time, my traveling style depends on the destination I am traveling to. Like I opted to stay in a luxury resort during my trip to the Maldives because that’s what the Maldives is famous for. On the other hand, I choose to stay in a mid-priced AirBnB in Dubai because hotels are way too expensive to afford there and hostels are hard to find. 

7. Do you have any travel tips? 

The travel tips that I follow during my trips is to travel safe as much as possible. Most people tend to end up in trouble by being too excited while traveling that they do something over the board. Moreover, it is always very important to respect the local culture of the country you’re traveling to. Being a global citizen, it is our responsibility to be kind towards the places which welcome tourists like us to explore their lifestyles, therefore, always be kind, courteous and very respectful towards the local cultures and norms. 

8. What inspired you to travel? 

As I already mentioned earlier, I was inspired to travel at a very young age from my father. My father was an avid traveler and he used to tell me his travel stories and show me his collections of the Polaroid pictures to use to photograph from his old and bulky camera. I grew up listening to a lot about how different this world is which intrigued me to travel as soon as I become eligible for it.  

9. What has travel taught you? 

The number one thing travel has taught is being more responsible. As there is a famous saying, “Life starts when you step out of your comfort zone”, I feel that from the moment I started to plan my trips, did budgeting, and eventually took care of all my belongings while alone in a new country, all I have learned is to be more responsible. 

10. How does travel make you feel? 

For some traveling may be a luxury and for some a waste of money, however, I always says to the people that travel has a spiritual meaning for me. It is traveling that has pushed me way beyond my comfort zone, made me understand my strengths and weaknesses, made me do and experience things which I wouldn’t even have known if I didn’t venture out to see this beautiful world of ours.  

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