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My name is Krasen. I am from Bulgaria, but currently live in China with my wife and travel mate Ying Ying. Now China is our travel “base camp” for our trips. We have traveled mainly in some countries between China and Bulgaria (Israel, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan), as well as Vietnam and Singapore in Southeast Asia. We have a lot of travel plans for 2019, and first we will start with the Philippines. Then we are looking to more and more unexplored areas in China, as well as countries like Egypt, Jordan, Mongolia, East Russia (Siberia), and some Pacific islands too. 

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1. Where has been your best travel destination and why? 

My best travel destination was a route trip in Eastern Tibet- in the Tibetan Sichuan and Qinghai. First, it was one of my dream places to travel (it is not a secret that Tibet is incredibly beautiful place). So, when we made the trip, it was perfect, without any fails. We also made great photos and videos, which I often use until now in my blog. And we got a significant travel experience. 

2. What’s your favourite thing about travelling? 

My favourite thing is to enjoy the landscape of the places where I go. When we look photos of various places from the Earth, we are “outside”, we stay at home, enjoy the photos, but we are not there. However, when we go traveling, we enter “inside” the same photos. So, it is what I most like- to enter into the photos and freely to explore, touch and feel everything what I have seen, and everything what can’t be seen behind the photos.  

3. Can you tell us a travel adventure that springs to mind, be that scary, exciting, happy or sad? Etc 

I had a lot of exciting and happy travel adventures. So maybe better I share the scariest one. It was in 2015, when we traveled in Yunnan province of China. We were in Deqen, in a hotel near Feilai temple- I, my wife Ying Ying and my daughter Eli (at that time 5 years old). We tried to reach the magnificent Meili Snow mountain, crossing Mekong river below us. We found a steep small path, descending to the river. So, we followed the path, from 3450 m to 2100 m altitude. And the path became extremely difficult and dangerous down, near the raging river. It was almost evening and we didn’t have time to climb back, so we had to proceed down to the river. Only God protected us from falling into the abyss.  

Journey Beyond the Horizon

4. If a traveller was to visit your country, what’s the one meal that shouldn’t be missed? 

Speaking about Bulgaria- my favorite local meal is a breakfast of bread with lyutenitsa (it is a pepper jam) and white cheese. It is excellent for breakfast. Especially if the bread is slightly baked. 

5. Do you get home sick, and if so how do you overcome this? 

It is a difficult question for me, because now I have two homes (one in Bulgaria, and one in China). And my trips, out of these two homes are not enough long to feel home sick. However, in the same time, when I am in the first home too long, I miss the second home. But I am usually too busy to think too much about it, so it is not a serious problem for me.  

6. What is your travel style? 

We love backpacking adventures. We prefer traveling on land (avoiding airplanes as much as possible- they are expensive, you can’t see almost anything from the window and you skip amazing lands below), and we aim at the route and destinations. Hotels and vehicles are only tools to reach a destination, not destinations themselves, so we don’t have any pretention.. 

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7. Do you have any travel tips? 

Yes, a lot. But what I most recommend is: before you go to some travel destination, learn as more as possible about this destination. Many people go to visit the Tower of Eiffel, Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, without even a basic idea what actually are these places. Thus, they actually don’t know where are they going. So, if you really want to make a valuable and meaningful trip, prepare in advance. Believe me, if you prepare, the experience is not the same, it would be much richer! 

I would like to add also: when you go to a trip, look to the place where you go. For example I see many people going to a beach, but swim in a swimming pool of a luxury hotel beside the beach, instead of the sea water. Or go to an ancient town, but don’t have any idea about this town, just enjoy the bars and night clubs. Hey, you can do these things in your home city, why should you spend a lot of money to do the same things thousands of miles away? Yes, I know many of you would enjoy such “travel”, but you really don’t know what you miss. 

8. What inspired you to travel? 

The beauty of our planet and everything (good and bad) what is on its surface. It is really worth to be explored. When I was a kid, I have read some old geographical encyclopedia, I enjoyed to watch geographical maps and to recognize the real landscape in the map.  

9. What has travel taught you? 

Actually, not travel itself, but the world that I have explored taught me a lot- about the people’s life, about the nature, about many things of the life. Travel is only a tool, an instrument to explore the world.  

10. How does travel make you feel? 

It depends of the travel. If the travel is “low quality” and I didn’t have enough opportunities to experience everything that is there, in the destination that I travel, it makes me feel like I wasted my time and money (for example- to travel to a mountain, but to not have an opportunity to climb it, or something like this).  But if the travel is meaningful and valuable- if I can see, feel and touch everything that is specific there, if I learn something new, even if I can give something to the locals or to the people who would traveled there, then I feel really satisfied, and full of joy.  

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