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My name is Kendra, and I am originally from Central California! I now live in Sacramento, CA. My current travel plans are to see as much of the world as I can in my life! 

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1. Where has been your best travel destination and why? 

I think Italy has been my best travel destination. I’ve wanted to go to Italy for most of my life and I kept waiting and waiting to go. The stars aligned and in June 2017 I finally got to go after waiting for at least 20 years! I went to Venice, Florence, and Rome, with day trips to Pisa and Pompeii. The trip was completely different from what I had envisioned and expected, but I loved it. I loved being able to take myself on that trip and having a dream come true! 

2. What’s your favourite thing about travelling? 

I love how much I learn. I love to learn about new places and people, but also about myself! I learn so much when I travel, and traveling feeds my curiosity.  

3. Can you tell us a travel adventure that springs to mind, be that scary, exciting, happy or sad? Etc. 

Going to Prague, Czech Republic was a big adventure. Prague wasn’t really on my “must-see” list but I had the opportunity to go for work, so I didn’t have to pay for most of the trip! I had never travelled internationally by myself before so it was a big step, and I didn’t know any of the language (I still don’t). I was very anxious about the trip, but also very exciting. I had an incredible time in Prague. It is a beautiful city and I hope that every traveller gets to see it some day. 

Flamingo A Go Go

4. If a traveller was to visit your country, what’s the one meal that shouldn’t be missed? 

The United States is such a melting pot of cultures, the food is dependent on where in the US you go! I think in my region, I wouldn’t miss the wine. I live very close to Napa Valley, which is very famous for it’s wine. Less well-known is Amador County, which is on the way to Lake Tahoe. The red wine from this region is delicious (and much cheaper than Napa!) 

5. Do you get home sick, and if so how do you overcome this?

 I don’t get homesick often, but I stay in constant contact with someone while I travel, usually one or both of my parents. I send pretty regular updates and let them know where I am, and some highlights of the day. I probably text them more while I travel than when I don’t! 

6. What is your travel style? 

I travel somewhat cheaply and efficiently. I like to maximize my time, and treat each place as if I won’t ever get to see it again. For example, I saw all the major sites in Rome in 2.5 days! I get up early and go to sleep late. I want to see everything! rarely stay in hotels, and save money by renting a room (not a full house) through AirBnB in most places. I also tend to travel solo, so what I do every day is completely up to me.   

Flamingo A Go Go

7. Do you have any tips on travelling? 

Research a place before you go, especially internationally. It’s good to know about the customs, to know if there are certain behaviors to avoid or dress requirements (for example, in Italy in the churches you cannot have bare shoulders). Some people prefer to be more spontaneous, but I think doing your research and doing your best to follow local customs shows respect to the locals for their city. And pack light! Save room in your bag for souvenirs and momentos. 

8. What inspired you to travel? 

After traveling solo several times for work, I realized how much I really enjoyed going to new places, seeing sites, and learning about the people, the culture, and the history of a place. I love how alive traveling makes me feel! 

9. What has travel taught you? 

Travel has taught me a lot about myself! Traveling solo allows for so much time of self-reflection. It has also taught me to be more open-minded and patient. There are so many wonderful people, cultures, and traditions that I’ve experienced while traveling.  

10. How does travel make you feel? 

It makes me feel alive! Traveling gives me so many opportunities for learning and growth, and I love those opportunities. It also is fun to see in person all these places I’ve seen photos of. Traveling makes me feel my most happy! 

Flamingo A Go Go

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