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Tell us a little about yourself such as your name? Where you are from? What are your travel plans? Where you are in the world? Etc

My name is Bryan Tighe, and I am from North Carolina where I currently live. Together with my wife, we founded as a resource for travelers to find out how much stuff costs around the world. It’s part blog, part data, and all about saving money while you travel. Our travels have taken us to over 50 countries, although today we are a little more sedentary with our family life. Our current travel plans are to visit Europe this coming summer for a few months. Although we are currently in a spousal disagreement over which countries to actually visit.

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1. Where has been your best travel destination and why?

One of the best places we’ve ever visited is Ethiopia. This east African nation is not the starving stereotype that you’ve heard of in the news. On the contrary, it is lush and beautiful, rich in culture, and full of amazing historical sights. We visited both the north and the south, which are vastly different. The north is mountainous with an interesting Christian history, while the south is more like the Savannah and home to many diverse tribal groups with their own culture and heritage. I highly recommend it for any traveler!

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2. What’s your favourite thing about travelling?

Personally, I enjoy getting to meet the local people who live authentic lives in societies that are very different from our own. I also love photography, a passion I my wife and I share together. Photos are the best souvenirs in my opinion, and it goes hand-in-hand with travel.

3. Can you tell us a travel adventure that springs to mind, be that scary, exciting, happy or sad? Etc

One of my favorite travel memories was visiting Mongolia. We drove around the steppes in an old Russian army van for more than a week while staying with local nomads in their gers (yurts). The experience was amazing, but the food was sometimes far from amazing. We were fed some very authentic yogurt made from camel milk that had sat in a bowl on the shelf for about 2 weeks. It tasted worse than it sounds, but in the end it was a cultural experience that was worth every moment.

Get to know more from Budget Your Trip

4. If a traveler was to visit your country, what’s the one meal that shouldn’t be missed?

Being from the Southern region of the U.S., I would have to say barbeque! With so many varieties and different methods of slowly cooking meat over a fire, a person can eat barbeque in the south for weeks and never taste the same meal twice. In North Carolina, there is a very heated debate over whether barbeque sauce should be tomato-based or vinegar-based.

5. Do you get home sick, and if so how do you overcome this?

I don’t really get home sick except for certain foods. While I’m normally a foodie who loves to eat all of the food that a place has to offer, sometimes it can become just too much. In these situations, I try to find some American food such as a classic hamburger or pizza.

6. What is your travel style?

My wife and I have always been budget travelers, staying in hostels, riding the chicken buses, and eating street food most of the time. We prefer to maximise our budget to stay on the road as long as possible over spending money on luxury experiences that last a short period of time. However, in recent years after starting a family, it has become a necessary evil to stay at nicer hotels. You gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

7. Do you have any travel tips?

My biggest travel tip for anyone is to choose a destination that works for both your budget and your travel style. If you don’t like art museums, for example, then don’t waste your time and money. Instead, visit cheaper locations and stay in places that are comfortable for you instead of visiting places that everyone says you must visit. There will always be trendy destinations, but you don’t have to go just because everyone else is going.

8. What inspired you to travel?

As a child, some of my best memories were from travel and seeing new places. I think my inner curiosity is what drives me to keep finding that new, elusive place where I can feel enriched from my experiences. And I like taking photos, too.

9. What has travel taught you?

Travel has taught me about myself and about the culture I come from. By learning more about the world, we learn that our way of life is only one of many different ways to live, and none of them are wrong. Also, I’ve learned how to deal with stress, pressure, and uncomfortable situations in ways that I never thought were possible before traveling. By putting yourself into difficult and new situations, you also learn to overcome your fears and learn new skills.

10. How does travel make you feel?

So many words come to mind here. Travel makes me feel inspired, humble, confident, courageous, knowledgeable yet uneducated, excited, relaxed, and hungry. While some of these feelings are contradictory, so is travel!

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