The Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

This beautiful island of Sri Lanka, has the most stunning coast line that anyone would want to visit. We have visited a handful of these incredible sandy beaches, on the south coast of Sri Lanka, but there’s many more to explore. Whilst you are on holiday, you’ll want some time to sit back relax, and … More The Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

What to Pack for Sri Lanka

You might have a trip booked to Sri Lanka, but would like to know what practical things you will need to take for this trip! You may need a check list to tick off as you pack, to ensure you have everything you need! What about packing light? Making sure you only have what is necessary and not over packing! We are here to help you. We have a detailed list of what to pack for Sri Lanka, along with a free downloadable check list to help you pack. … More What to Pack for Sri Lanka

Sports in Sri Lanka

There is one main sport that Sri Lankan’s love, this, of course, this is cricket, however, Sri Lankan ’s also enjoy other sports which are played and popular such as rugby, badminton, athletics, football, basketball and tennis. We both also love cricket, and enjoy sitting at the local cricket ground supporting your local team, especially … More Sports in Sri Lanka

Staple food of Sri Lanka

Have you got a trip planned for Sri Lanka, and want to know what food you will expect to eat while you are there? Would you like to make some of your own Sri Lankan food, but not sure what their staple food is? Are you maybe a vegetarian or have allergies and want to know what you can eat whilst visiting Sri Lanka? We detail the staple food of Sri Lanka, and what else you may find as you travel around the country. … More Staple food of Sri Lanka