We love visiting this small island of Sri Lanka, for two reasons. We visit annually to visit friends and family; however, there is so much we haven’t seen, and will be looking to cover each time we visit Sri Lanka. Let’s start off with Our Bucket List on Places to Visit in Sri Lanka. 

Many of these places on our bucket list on places to visit in Sri Lanka are varied, from beach locations to relax, to religious temples, and historic buildings. 

Nine Arches Bridge in Ella Sri Lanka
Nine Arches Bridge in Sri Lanka

Our Bucket List Ideas 

With so much wildlife to be found in Sri Lanka, then safaris must be on this list.

Wilpatu National Park 

If you are a lover for wildlife, such as we are, then Wilpatu National Park in Sri Lanka would be a very good choice. With any safari, it allows you to see many animals and species of animals in their own habitat. There are 100s of different bird species, elephants, leopards, and black bears to look out for.



Keeping with the theme of Wildlife, but also a beach location is Mirissa. We have heard that Mirissa is a quiet beautiful beach location, with the chance of surfing and snorkelling should the mood take you. It is also possible for an adventure of getting out onto a boat for whale and dolphin watching.  

Want to find out if Mirissa is the right beach for you? Then why not compare Mirissa, Unawatuna, and Hikkaduwa, to find out which is the best beach.

If wildlife and relaxing by the beach isn’t enough for you, then maybe hiking will be more exhilarating. 

Knuckles Range 

The name derives from the formation of the rock, which similarly represents knuckles on the hand. Once you have reached the summit, can you just imagine the amazing views across the land.

Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) 

There are a number of theories about this mountain, and one of them comes from its name sake. For some it is believe that Adam left his footprint at the summit of this mountain, when he was cast out from heaven, however others believe that Lord Buddha left the foot print on his way to paradise. There are a few people that may refer to this as butterfly mountain, the very reason is that they believe butterflies come here to die. Whichever you believe, this is a very popular and busy pilgrimage site, with many locals and travelers coming from far and wide, to climb to the top of this mountain. 

Horton Plains and World End 

The terrain here consists of grassland, forests and mountainous, but once you have endured all this, the views will be worth it. What most travelers will be seeking is the almost straight drop to the bottom at World End. 

Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka
Nanu – Oya is the closest station to Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka

Who loves the cooler weather, especially after experiencing some hot climates around Sri Lanka, then heading to the hill country, will definitely keep you cooler. 

Nuwara Eliya 

Nuwara Eliya is often nicknamed as Little England, for two main reasons. The weather conditions here, are somewhat similar to the weather we would experience back home in the UK, cooler, moist, and often unpredictable. The second thing you will notice as soon as you explore Nuwara Eliya, is the colonial buildings and atmosphere of a British Village. When the British was here overseeing and running the tea plantation’s, they brought a little bit of England to Nurwara Eliya.  

If you are visiting Nuwara Eliya, and would like to inspiration on places to visit, then check out our post on Things to do in Nuwara Eliya.

How to get to Nine Arches Bridge in Ella


This sleepy village in Ella is located in the hills with perfect walks, tea plantations, and beautiful temples. Many tourists are finding their way down to Nine Arches Bridge, just to watch a train pass over the bridge. 

Nine Arches Bridge in Ella is part of our Bucket List of Places to Visit in Sri Lanka
Nine Arches Bridge in Ella Sri Lanka

There are a number of religious buildings all over the island, from Buddhist Temples, Hindu Temples, Christian Churches, to Mosques. No visit to Sri Lanka can exclude a religious building, which is why this is on our Bucket List of Ideas. 


This is no ordinary Buddhist Temple. To enter the Buddhist Cave Temple, you will need to walk up the inclined rock into the caves which are hidden away. What you will see inside will be a surprise.  

History is a big part of Sri Lanka, so no visit to Sri Lanka can possibly miss ancient ruins. 


This was once the royal capital of the Sinhala Kingdom, large buildings, parks and the largest water tank dominating the area. 

Much of the north of Sri Lanka suffered from the terrible civil war, that plagued Sri Lanka for 30 years. Visiting the north will give a different perspective of the life, culture, history and much more in Sri Lanka. 


The area was severely affected by the civil war, and has resulted in travel to the area being restricted. Now that the war has ended, tourism has flourished due to the beautiful beaches. The clear waters around Pigeon Island is the perfect place for snorkeling. It is also known for surfing and for the party scene. 


Located in the north of the country, and another area affected by the civil war. There are many religious Kovils, markets, beaches, forts and Islands to discover. 

On every visit we make to Sri Lanka, we are slowly ticking each place off this list. You can also check out our post on the Best Places to visit in Sri Lanka.  


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Bucket List of Places to Visit in Sri Lanka
Bucket List Sri Lanka
Bucket List Sri Lanka
Bucket List
Bucket List

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