The Bellagio Hotel is a large, luxury hotel and casino located on the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. The centre piece of the hotel is that lake in the front, with the fountain that’s synchronised to music. Bellagio has been featured in several movies over the years, such as Ocean’s Eleven, and Ocean’s Thirteen. These are just a few of the reasons that drew us to stay at this fabulous hotel. This is what we really think of our stay:


Bellagio is in a perfect location, only a short distance from the airport and is directly on the Las Vegas strip. Not only does the hotel offer great facilities such as food, drink, entertainment etc., it is just a short walk away from other attractions, hotels, casinos and entertainment. The adjacent hotels are connected via an interior walk way, or an exterior bridge across the busy road.

Whilst Bellagio is in a great location, they have also made it somewhat easier and smoother for the traveller to visit other hotels along the strip, not only by connecting with the hotel next to them, but have made it easier to connect with hotels further down the strip with a free regular tram. 

The interior design at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas


The service at Bellagio is one of the best; the staff are always polite, welcoming, efficient and helpful. The porters are always prepared to look after your luggage prior to check in, and on check out, whilst the receptionist has a wealth of knowledge, and is polite and always helpful.Bellagio is a very busy hotel, especially when check-in opens, the queue is very long and can take up to an hour before you are seen by a receptionist to check you in. It is a good idea to keep this in mind, when booking your stay.  


Well what can we say about the rooms. Firstly they are massive, clean and tidy with a great view of the fountain. In our room, we had two double beds, TV, a large bathroom with a bath and separate shower, and air-conditioning. We were so pleasantly surprised at how the room looked; and how incredible it was.

The room at Bellagio in Las Vegas

If you are travelling with family, Bellagio offers rooms that are connected by an interior door. The doors are locked on your own side, but both parties can open their door to allow the free flow of family members between rooms. This is great if you have your children in the next room, it is easy access to keep an eye on them.

The bathroom at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

The only negative we can think of about the room, is there are no tea and coffee making facilities. We questioned the receptionist about this, and they simply said it is due to a fire risk. We have stayed in many hotels over the years, and in our experience, we have never heard of a fire risk with a kettle in a room. It simply comes down to the fact they want you to spend money in the hotel, be that in a restaurant, café, casino, or the entertainment. If you are making your own tea and coffee in your room, you are not spending money in the hotel. 

The bathroom in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

An important notice, do not open or touch the mini bar unless you wish to consume its goods. It is weight sensitive, if you just move something you will immediately get charged, even if you do not consume it. By having a little look, could cost you a lot of money in the long run. If you ask at reception, they can provide you with a fridge in your room, if this is something you need.

Food and drink:

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino have about 15 different restaurants and cafes to eat and drink from, all with a range of cuisine and budgets. If you really wanted to, you could visit a different restaurant or café for each meal.
Here are a variety of places to have food and drink within the hotel:

The fountain display from our room at Bellagio, in Las Vegas


This is quite a small Chinese restaurant, with a relatively good selection of dishes on the menu. At certain times of the day, a couple of ladies will bring around a trolley of starters such as spring rolls, dim sum, buns, etc. to have while you wait for the mains to arrive.There are often queues during peak times, it would be a good idea to book a table in advance, so you are not disappointed.


As it is in the name, this is a large dining space, with a large selection of savory and sweet dishes in a buffet and all you can eat. The food is quite pleasant but somewhat expensive!


This little café located near the guest lifts, is small but simple, serving light snacks and hot and cold drinks. The snacks, cake, and drinks are nice, with a great atmosphere to relax in, and relatively reasonable price


This is a luxury hotel, with a casino, restaurants and entertainment, in a prime location in Las Vegas, the price is therefore reflective of this. The hotel room on its own will cost a minimum of a couple of hundred dollars per night, but will cost more if you stay in a suite or with a fountain view.
The best way to purchase your stay at Bellagio, is via a package deal. This in the long run, may turn out to be financially beneficial. Most package deals will include flights and accommodation, with some packages offering hotel transfers. This is exactly what we did, which turned out financially beneficial for us!

The pool area at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas


The hotel cleanliness was to a very high standard, all communal areas dust free, floors polished and looking like it was cleaned throughout the day regularly.

The fountain display at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

The rooms were spotless, clean, tidy, and no horrible smells. Every day the room was cleaned, bed remade and towels were changed if you required on a daily basis.


It’s difficult to know where to start with the facilities, but for one hotel there is so much to do, that you really couldn’t get bored of Bellagio. The pool and spa are a great way to relax while soaking up the Las Vegas sun, with five different pools, and the spa offering a number of different treatments. They have retail therapy on offer with a small shopping mall, or fitness junkies can work out in the gym. How about those couples looking to get hitched, Bellagio has that covered with their own wedding venue.

Let’s not forget one of the reasons for coming to Las Vegas, and that is the gambling. Bellagio certainly has that covered, be that playing the large number of slot machines, or spending that hard-earned cash on the high rollers gambling tables. Bellagio is not shy on the entertainment front, and will keep you entertained for hours if not days.

The slot machines in the casino at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Bellagio has everything you may need from a hotel in the middle of the Nevada desert, it certainly ticks all the boxes for an amazing experience, and one we would recommend to anyone. We enjoyed our stay, and hope that when you book your stay, you enjoy the experience just as much as we did.

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