Bellagio hotel review should you stay at this luxury hotel?

You’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, but where do you stay? You’ve heard of Bellagio Hotel, but is it really worth staying here. Or do you stay in another hotel in Las Vegas? We stayed at Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and we share our experience in this Bellagio Hotel Review. 

When planning on where to stay in Las Vegas, you need to consider the hotels location, it service, amenities, price and transportation. We cover all of this, in our review of Bellagio Hotel & Casino including any negative points we find about our stay. 

This luxury hotel has featured in several movies over the years, such as Ocean’s Eleven and Oceans Thirteen and draws thousands of visitors here year on year.  

But you don’t need to stay at Bellagio Hotel, to enjoy the entertainment, play in the casino, or make some shapes on the dance floor. So, is it really worth spending $100s to stay here? This is what we really think.

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Bellagio hotel is operated by MGM Resorts and built on the previously demolished Dunes Hotel and Casino.  

Many hotels along the strip have a theme and Bellagio Hotel & Casino theme is based on the town of Bellagio in Italy.  

Nearly 4,000 rooms between two towers, ranging between standard queen rooms, to suites and 1–2-bedroom penthouse suites. 

The interior design at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
The interior design at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Location in Las Vegas 

Centrally located on the Las Vegas strip, with easy access to and from the airport and to the main hotels and tourist spots. 

Easy walkways and bridges connect you with other hotels along the strip. Making this accessible to the traveler to enjoy the sights of Las Vegas.  

One of the best things that’s available is the free tram between Aria Hotel and Park MGM. Making it easy to get between their partner hotels.  

In our opinion, Bellagio Hotel & Casino is definitely one of the best hotels to stay in, based on location.  


This busy hotel, not only has tourists checking in and out, but also visitors for the casino’s, going to watch a Cirque du soleil show, or having a meal in one of the restaurants. So, the staff can get extremely busy. 

While they might be busy, they are always welcoming, polite, helpful and with a smile on the faces. 

The porters will look after your luggage prior to check in or check out, the receptionist has a wealth of knowledge and will be happy to help with any question or request. 

Negatives: The only thing we could pick as a negative, was the long queues waiting to check into the room. It can take up to an hour before reaching a receptionist to check in.  

So be prepared to wait a while, just to be seen at reception.  


The room we stayed in was a good size, with plenty of space and views out across the fountain. 

We had the basic amenities, such as queen beds, TV (Television), mini bar, cupboards, air-conditioning, bathroom, plus a separate shower and bath. 

The room was clean, tidy and to a very high standard.  

Travelling as a family? Bellagio offers interconnecting rooms by an interior door. The doors can be locked on your own side for a bit of privacy, or unlocked to allow family members to enter either room. 

Negatives: There’s no coffee or tea making facilities. We questioned this with the receptionist who informed us it is down to a fire risk.  

We have stayed in many hotels over the years, including hotels in the USA and never heard that having a kettle in the room as a fire risk.  

In our opinion, it is a way for them to get more money spent in the hotel either on alcohol, casino or in their restaurants and cafes.  

By making your own tea and coffee in your room, you’re not in the hotel spending money!  

If there is any other reason, then let us know in the comments below. 

Important: Do not touch that mini bar, unless of course you intend to consume the goods.  

The mini bar is weight sensitive, if you move something, you’ll be charged for it, even if you don’t consume it.  

Having a look could cost you a lot of money.  

If you require a fridge, just ask at reception, they will happily provide you one. 

The room at Bellagio in Las Vegas
The room at Bellagio in Las Vegas

Rooms available at Bellagio Hotel & Casino 

Want to stay in a standard room or a penthouse suite, here are some of the rooms available at Bellagio Hotel. 

  • Resort king 
  • Resort two queen room  
  • Fountain view king 
  • Fountain view two queen 
  • Saloon suite  
  • Bellagio suite 
  • Bellagio queen suite 
  • Two-bedroom Bellagio suite 
  • Penthouse suite 
  • Two-bedroom penthouse suite 
  • Executive Parlor suite 
  • Executive hospitality suite 

Wow, if we had the money, we would love to stay in one of the suites or the penthouse suite. But otherwise, the standard rooms offer a bed to sleep in and somewhere to wash after a long day in Las Vegas, which did us perfectly. 

The bathroom at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
The bathroom at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
The bathroom in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
The bathroom in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Food and drinks 

With fifteen different restaurants and cafes to choose from, different cuisine and budgets, you won’t go hungry when you stay at Bellagio Hotel. 

It really would be possible to eat at different restaurants and cafes for each meal. 

Don’t know which to choose, here are some of the options we tried: 


Surprisingly small Chinese restaurant in Bellagio Hotel, but with a relaxed atmosphere. 

There’s a good selection of dishes on the menu, from noodle soups, rice dishes, noodle dishes, to their specials and desserts.  

Dive into China with these delicious dishes at a reasonable price, ranging from $10.00 – $40.00. 

At certain times of the day, you can order spring rolls, dim sum and buns from the trolley.  

Noodles can get popular during peak times. To avoid the queues and disappointment, why not book a table in advance. 

The Buffet at Bellagio 

This fast-paced buffet offers a large selection of all you can eat foods.  

But with so much available, could you try everything on the menu at the buffet? We couldn’t, but we loved the variety of things we could eat. 

Both savoury and sweet options available and all you can eat.  

There’re often misconceptions when it comes to buffet food, that the quality isn’t as good. However, this isn’t so, the food was just as good, as eating a meal in a restaurant, especially the desserts. Just mouthwatering.  

In our opinion, if you can eat a lot then spending $50.00 – $60.00 per person is completely worth it. We eat small portions of food, so for us, personally it really isn’t worth going for a buffet, as we wouldn’t consume enough food to make it worth it. 


This lovely little café located near the guest lifts, offers seating inside and outside, overlooking Bellagio Pool. 

The simplicity of the café serving light snacks, hot and cold drinks.  

Enjoy a moist cake with your hot drink, order snacks before you head out to Las Vegas, or just take in the relaxed atmosphere while having your first hot cup of coffee in the mornings. 

A cup of coffee or tea can get costly of a morning, without a kettle or tea and coffee making facilities in your room.  

But, if you must have a cuppa, then Palio will be the place to enjoy the hot stuff. 


We won’t beat about the bush here, but it is expensive to stay in Bellagio Hotel and Casino!  

Although it is expensive, we loved staying in Bellagio Hotel and Casino, it’s in a prime location along the strip, it has everything we needed from a hotel. Such as, restaurants, casino, nightlife, entertainment and more.  

As mentioned above, the rooms are to a high standard. BUT there’s other hotels along the strip. Such as, Circus Circus and Luxor hotel, that offer entertainment, casino, restaurants, pools and more.  

Yes, these are either end of the strip, but are much cheaper.  

We haven’t stayed in these hotels, so can’t comment on the service and the rooms, but if you’re travelling to Las Vegas on a budget, you’ll want to stay in a good hotel that’s reasonably priced. 

With this in mind, in our opinion, it is a little over priced for what you get, especially the additional $45.00 per night for the fountain views. 

Having said this, we were celebrating our anniversary, so we are happy to pay the price. It will depend on you, if you are looking to travel on a budget, or spend a bit of money for a once in a lifetime trip and enjoy it.  

We do plan to visit Las Vegas again and will opt to stay in Luxor. Don’t worry we will provide you with an honest review of our stay.  

The fountain display from our room at Bellagio, in Las Vegas
The fountain display from our room at Bellagio, in Las Vegas


Bellagio seem to pride themselves on cleanliness as we found the hotel to be spotless.  

The slot machines were dust free; floors ware polished and the hotel looks like it is kept clean throughout the day. Although we never saw any cleaners around. 

Our room was kept to a high standard, cleaned, beds remade and towels were changed on a daily basis.  

We can’t fault Bellagio on the cleanliness. 


There is so much to see and do in Bellagio, that you could easily explore it and never get bored. 

Relax by the pool or take on a show. Did you know that Bellagio Hotel & Casino have some other facilities you might be interested in: 


Relax by the pool and soak up the Las Vegas sun with five different pools to choose from. 

Make the most of the relaxing poolside by booking a cabana, daybeds or a standard lounger. Be treated with a personal host at the Cypress loungers. You can’t get more relaxed than this. 

Well, you could if you have a spa treatment beside the pool, or why not book a treatment at the spa? 

The pool area at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
The pool area at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas


Have a different spa treatment every day and just get pampered while on holiday. 

Enjoy a massage or facial. Take a dip in the steam room, sauna or whirlpool. 

Just relax and get pampered at the Bellagio. 


Want to look your best in those pictures for your Instagram?  

The salon at Bellagio hotel offers, hair and beauty treatments. 

Bellagio seems to like to pamper their guests.


Need a bit of retail therapy, then check out the small shopping mall within Bellagio Hotel. 

If you have some money to spend, then this is the place to spend it, with high end shops selling expensive but fashionable and branded clothing and jewelry.  

What brands and stores are in the shopping mall: 

  • Alexander McQueen 
  • Bottega Veneta 
  • Breguet 
  • Chanel 
  • Capri 
  • Dior 
  • Essentials 
  • Fendi 
  • Giardini Garden Store 
  • Gucci 
  • Guerlain 
  • Harry Winston 
  • Hermes 
  • Lois Vuitton 
  • Newsstand 
  • OMEGA 
  • Optica 
  • Platino 
  • Prada 
  • Richard Macdonald 
  • SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker 
  • Tesorini 
  • Tiffany & Co 
  • Tutto 
  • Valentino 
  • Van Cleef & Arpels 

That’s a lot of shops, to keep you entertained for a few hours, unless you could spend a whole day shopping. 

But could you really spend that much money?  

Fitness center 

Have a cheeky workout in their fitness center, or take on a class that’s held on a regular basis. 

Bellagio seems to have everything covered. 

The fountain display at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
The fountain display at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

Wedding Venue 

A romantic memory of a life time, yep that’s right you can even get hitch in Las Vegas. 

To round up your whole trip, you could get married and stay at Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 


Now let’s not forget one of the main reasons people come here. Of course, that’s to gamble on the tables or in the slot machines.  

They certainly are not shy when it comes to entertaining you on your stay in Las Vegas. 

The slot machines in the casino at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
The slot machines in the casino at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas


In our experience Bellagio has everything we needed from our stay in the middle of Nevada desert.  

It ticks all the boxes, for an excellent hotel stay and a once in a lifetime experience. 

We certainly enjoyed our stay and would definitely recommend you booking your stay here at Bellagio Hotel & Casino.  

Do you need inspiration on places to visit in Las Vegas? Well, Las Vegas isn’t all about gambling and partying! How about doing some romantic things in Vegas as a couple, from a locals point of view?

Would you stay at Bellagio Hotel & Casino? Have you maybe stayed there before? How was your experience? Would you recommend staying at Bellagio Hotel or maybe you could recommend somewhere else? Let us know your story in the comments below. 

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Bellagio Hotel Review
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Bellagio Hotel
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Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

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